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CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 3/26/2018

Meeting start:  approx. 6:30pm


Board Members in attendance:
J.J. Gentry, O’Neill Gilliam, Larry Newton, Jan Talkish, Jeremy Catoe

Attendees:  9 Residents
Review of last month’s minutes to update all in attendance.

SCE&G – continued discussions with SCE&G regarding lights to be added to Coxfield Court cul-de-sac and stretch of Lost Creek Drive between The Grove and Grove 3 – estimated cost approximately $18,000, due to infrastructure updates and additions needed before lights can be erected.  JJ Gentry has asked to meet with SCE&G representatives at the sites to discuss costs and needed work.

Pool – due to cracks and chips, the pool needs resurfacing.  This must be done, otherwise the pool is not considered safe by DHEC (Department of Health and Environment Control), and will not be allowed to open.  Estimated cost for resurfacing the pool and deck (more below) is $31,000.  The board is in discussion with Carolina Pools (pool management company) and is awaiting additional quotes for the repairs.  If the current proposal of $31,000 is accepted, the pool will open on time, however, there may be an opening delay as additional quotes are awaited.

The grass section at the right hand side of the pool needs to be resurfaced with concrete.  DHEC has pointed out to the Board that pool chair placement along this side of the pool comes too close to the required 4-5 foot unobstructed safety zone needed around the perimeter of the pool itself.  Chairs placed on the grass meet the safety zone requirements, and should not be moved, however, residents have been removing the chairs from the grass to bring them on to the concrete.  Last year, lifeguards attempted to keep chairs in place, but it seemed to be a losing battle.  Technically, the lifeguards can close the pool if chairs are moved (safety issue), but have not done so – DHEC will not be as forgiving.  Resurfacing the area with concrete is included in the above mentioned $31,000 quote.  The questions arising tonight:  do we resurface the grass area with concrete in order to move chairs back, or seek a less expensive alternative – such as painting a mandatorysafety zone around the pool perimeter – and having lifeguards enforce pool closure if that zone is breeched?  Board discussions will continue as they wait for additional quotes for the resurfacing.

Tennis Courts – all previously cut chains have been replaced and trash concerns have been addressed.  CAMS has been made aware of lighting issues and is sending an electrician to make repairs.

Communications Committee – the committee has been working diligently to revamp and update the community website, and anticipates that the new site will go live on May 1st.  The new site will offer information for current CHP residents, as well as be used as a marketing tool to attract future residents.  As the site will be accessible by all members of the Communications Committee, we should have no delays in providing timely updates and important information.

Trails – lots of work has been done during the past few weeks, and the maintenance on some of the trails is ahead of schedule.  The Board needs to check county maps to verify property lines with surrounding neighbors, as the long range plan is to extend the trails to the property lines.  One neighbor (outside CHP) has plowed a drainage ditch from his farm land on to CHP land, and DHEC is looking into possible violations (worries about flooding, pesticides, etc.).

Trail Committee members report finding a sign on one of the trails expressing the displeasure of one resident with the trail system (he or she is concerned about the ‘murder’ of trees).  The Trail Committee and HOA Board – while recognizing the right of the anonymous resident’s freedom of speech – respectfully agree that the trail system is a benefit to the community as a whole, as evidenced by the increased number of residents who are using the trails.  Both Boards would like to remind residents that our trail system is built upon conservation land, which is overseen by the Conservation Committee.  The Trail Committee and HOA Board are happy to report that the state Conservation Committee gives the CHP trail systems high marks, both for compliance and maintenance.

The Trail Committee would like to remind residents that motorized vehicles (including dirt bikes) are NOT allowed on the hiking paths as they cause damage to the trails.  Finally, more signage will be added to all trails (currently on order), and new maps will be drawn up (and will be available to download off the community website at some point).

Social Committee – the Social Committee has been hard at work planning events for the upcoming year.  In lieu of an Easter Egg hunt, there will be a Nature Day Event on April 21st, from 1pm to 4pm, on the great field at the clubhouse (Note: the clubhouse itself is rented for the day by another party).  The event will feature presentations by members of the State Forestry Commission, guided trial hikes, a firefighting bulldozer, a fire truck, canoes and kayaks on the ponds for residents to try out, fishing, and other activities for kids.  It promises to be another fun-filled day!  The Social Committee is trying to get a rough headcount of attendees, so they request that you please visit the unofficial Facebook page, and fill out an RSVP for the event.

As stated, there will be NO Easter Egg hunt this year.  It is felt that the surrounding area offers so many between the various churches and other organizations.  Nature Day will be the big Spring event for CHP.

Upcoming events in the works with more info coming at a later date:
June 30 – Community Picnic, featuring a BBQ – RSVPs will be required.
July 4 – Independence Day fun and games at the Pool (a new annual favorite!)
September 8 – Family Movie Night on the great field (moved to early fall for cooler weather and fewer bugs)
December – Breakfast with Santa (date to be announced)

Landscaping – DHEC has initiated new requirements following the flooding of 2015, and has stated that we need to make some adjustments and additional maintenance to 2 dams in the community.  The dam at the retention pond behind Grove Hall Lane and the dam on the Gauley Lake need plant and tree trimming, as well as additional rocks placed, in order to meet compliance.  There is no problem that will affect homes or neighbors – but we must meet the new standards.  There will be a bit of extra traffic at the Gauley Lake location as removed trees and branches will be rough mulched.  This is dependent upon upcoming rains.

Mowing of all public spaces will begin next week, as well as continued tree maintenance.

O’Neill (Landscaping Chair) will be reviewing the insecticides used within the community, and possibly making changes to such.  New insecticides are available that may offer a better result as far as red ants and other pests.  The great field at the clubhouse, especially, will be sprayed in the next couple of weeks in anticipation of the upcoming Nature Day event.

O’Neill and JJ are currently talking with the landscaping contractors about the possible removal of sod from the side of the pool area (as previously mentioned), and using it elsewhere in the community.  Also, they will speak to landscapers about plantings that are blocking the lights on main entrance and neighborhood signs, and fixing that issue.  Addition lights may be added to the main entrance signs to make them more visible at night.

Signs at The Bluff and Cedar Ridge are in need of cleaning as they are not only dirty, but moldy.  The signs are made of composite foam, and as such, cannot be cleaned via conventional methods.  The Board and David Peterson (head of CAMS) are currently attempting to contact the maker of the signs to learn the proper cleaning techniques.

CAMS – the Board will be meeting tonight (following HOA meeting) with David Peterson, owner of CAMS, to discuss recent concerns with CAMS regarding their daily operations, change of billing, overturn of staff, office relocation, etc.  CAMS has been the CHP managing company for 20+ years, however – due to all the recent changes and issues with CAMS – the Board is reviewing our working relationship with CAMS.  Further information to come.

Safety – the Board is currently researching additional security cameras for the pool, parking lot, tennis court, and boat ramp areas, to prevent after hours misuse.

New Business – the Board has been contacted regarding its stance on the recent news surrounding the opening of a ‘gentleman’s club’ on Piney Grove Road, in the general vicinity of Costco and the Quality Inn.  Neighborhood residents have expressed concern that the club will attract negative attention and bring down property values, and have requested that the Board protest the development of the club.

The Board has reached the decision that – as the proposed club is approximately 6-7 miles away from CHP – it does NOT have a DIRECT impact upon the quality of life within the community, nor should it impact property values.

The Board recognizes the rights of individual residents of CHP to protest against, or support, the proposed club.  HOWEVER – theBoard itself WILL NOT take a moral or political stance on the proposed business.  The Board recognizes that people have differing opinions on the matter, therefore, the board will remain NEUTRAL.

No other concerns or new issues from those in attendance.  Questions proposed were addressed during meeting discussions.
Meeting Ended at approximately 7:40pm


Next Meeting: Monday May 30, 6:30pm


rmc/Comm. Comm.

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