2021 April HOA
Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance:  David Bergeron, JJ Gentry, Karen Sipos, John Wallace, Jan Talkish

                                                            David Peterson from CAMS

Attendees:  11 residents



  • Irrigation inspection and repairs almost complete. Pond pump is on and working fine.
  • Fire ant control has been applied.
  • Some grass near the clubhouse has been damaged by fungus and might have to be replaced. We’re keeping an eye on it.
  • Pinestraw and mulch is scheduled for May.

Pool – Karen and John:

  • All pre-opening work and cleaning has been done.
    • Broken chairs will be fixed or removed by opening.
  • We’re meeting this week about rules
    • Covid restrictions will most likely be relaxed
  • We will talk to CPD about off-duty officers patrolling irregularly


Clubhouse – Jan:

  • Roof and eve repair will happen next week.
  • We’ll need to find a way to clean up the nests in the rafters
  • Covid restrictions are being relaxed; maybe 50-60 people will be allowed, prefer indoor/outdoor events to reduce contact.
  • Reservations are picking up: more reservations for May, every weekend in June is booked.


Lakes, Pond, Trails – Ward, Trail committee:

  • Trails are drying out nicely.
  • We would like the landscapers to mow all the trails
    • David said that O’Neil reported some trails mowed. He will contact O’Neil to make sure they all get done.


Social Committee – :

  • Report on Nature Day
    • Families seemed to have a good time.
    • We had canoes and kayaks, fishing, scavenger hunt, recycle wizard, and the police with some giveaways.
    • Ward gave trail tours, kids planted flowers to take home.
    • Chillin Cow was there.
    • Children who completed the scavenger hunt were entered into a drawing, and we gave away six fishing poles.


  • The following Saturday, The Blood Connection collected about 20 donations. This was enough to justify the visit.
  • Next event is the outdoor movie, Tom & Jerry, on June 12.


Other Business

  • JJ mentioned that some residents have complained on the unofficial Facebook page that CAMS has not been available in the office, on the phone or by email.
  • David P from CAMS replied that they are open 9am – 4pm every day.
    • They usually work through lunch so Christa should be at the front desk all the time. She is often on the phone, so it will go to voice mail. Voice mails are returned.
    • Emails are returned, although to make sure the information is correct it may take a business day.
    • We have lots of walk-in traffic from CHP: placards, keys, etc.
  • One resident in attendance said he has had no trouble contacting CAMS.
  • Another resident said he had some delay in response but it turned out to be because his real estate agent had not sent the closing documents to CAMS.
  • Another resident said he thinks sometimes people will call one time, get voice mail, NOT leave a message, then complain that they could not make contact.
  • Another resident pointed out that Google lists the hours as 9am – 5pm. If they come by after work between 4:00 and 5:00 and find them closed, they believe they closed early. CAMS should make sure Google has the correct office hours.


Meeting adjourned at 6:25.

Due to Memorial Day, the next meeting is moved up to May 24.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212