CHP HOA Meeting Agenda

Meeting start: 6:35

Board Members in Attendance:, John, David (no quorum)
Board Members Absent: Karen, Jan, JJ

Attendees: David Peterson from CAMS
O’Neil Gilliam, landscape manager
Phil & Norma Case, Tennis Committee

Landscape: We’ve delayed turning on the irrigation because there’s been some cold weather. Once there are consistent warmer days, we’ll fertilize and begin to irrigate.
Homeowners are encouraged to report leaks or malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Note the number of the white light pole the problem is nearest, and call CAMS at 803-732-9644, or you can report it on the web site David B will get this reminder on both Faceboook pages.

Pool: The committee met to finalize the rules, which have been sent to the Board. Covid restrictions have been removed, but otherwise there were very few changes. Rules will be sent to all homeowners soon.
The pool management company is having trouble finding people to work as attendants.

Homeowner mentioned that there was a problem last year with keeping the bathrooms clean, and would like the Pool Committee to meet with the attendants to be sure they are clear on their responsibilities.

The pool and deck are being prepared and will be ready on time. Furniture has been checked and we don’t seem to need any repairs at the moment.

Tennis: The tennis court repairs should have started by now. There was some confusion with the contractor about the colors, but we think that has been settled. We’ll get an update on a starting date.
A homeowner asked if they were adding pickleball. David B said he thinks so, but it will just be lines on one court. They will leave the net at tennis height.

Other: David P mentioned that the next meeting is scheduled for May 30, which is Memorial Day. David B will reschedule for May 23.

A homeowner mentioned that a violation she reported last month still exists. David B asked CAMS to follow up.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55.

Next HOA meeting May 23


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212