CHP HOA Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: JJ, Jan, John, David, Karen


Attendees: many homeowners were here tonight, the biggest turnout in at least a year.


  • Plan to have the irrigation running May 1. Gearing up for Spring.
  • O’Neal has talked to the contractor for The Point about landscaping and the irrigation lines. If they cut a main irrigation line during their digging, he has to know immediately. The pumps can’t handle a wide open line for long.
  • We’ve agreed that the contractor will re-sod whatever they damage once the work is done. No need to keep repairing it over and over again. However, O’Neal needs to be notified immediately of any new damage because it might affect irrigation (see above).
  • A homeowner pointed out what seems to be a leak in the irrigation near the Hollingshed entrance. He was asked to send a picture next time he sees it.

Lake boat ramp:

  • David has obtained the curb ramps and is working to get a volunteer to help install them.
  • Two homeowners offered the use of hammer drills and generators. David will be in touch.


  • Crappie Tournament is this Saturday.
  • Movie Night is the following Saturday.


  • We’ve identified a few projects he wants to introduce at the next budget cycle. But some might be appropriate for Eagle Scout candidates, and we’re in touch with a Scout Master who wants to hear about them.
  • Can the Board approve these expenses?
  • After review, the board approved all expenses presented.
  • David will send the list to the scout master, as well as to Karen who can pass it to girl scouts.


  • A homeowner noted that the car on the grass at a certain house is gone but now the lawn is getting out of control. Is there any enforcement?
    • We haven’t yet started regular patrols, but if homeowners have concerns about violations they should email pictures and details to We will continue to address issues as they come to our attention.
    • As to that particular house, we can continue to notify and fine the homeowner. We have the option to do the work ourselves and bill them for it.
  • A homeowner asked about an area on Gauley that is just red clay. Can’t we make that into parking?
    • We’ve tried planting various things there but with the poor soil and no irrigation everything dies.
    • It’s part of the conservation easement so developing it is not allowed.
    • We do have a problem with an outsider parking there to hunt on adjacent land. He is on trespass notice, so if you see that, feel free to call the police.
  • A homeowner pointed out that on the sidewalk just North-West of The Bluff, where it curves to cross the road, there is a buildup of mold. This makes it slippery when wet.
    • We will have that cleaned.
  • A homeowner asked about a second pool.
    • When the area was developed there was originally hope of that, across from the parking for the big lake.
    • These days that would cost well over a million dollars, just to build it, then the cost of maintenance and operations. This means a special assessment plus a substantial increase in dues. We’re not going to propose that.


  • David thanked those concerned homeowners who are here today. He noted that this turnout must mean they think there is a crisis, probably about the monitors. He reminded the attendees that we meet every month, and the minutes are posted on the web site. We’re been talking about limiting the monitors for months; it’s only news now because so few people pay attention on a regular basis. He invited homeowners to be more involved.
  • The retainer has finally been paid to the engineering company for the no impact study so we can start on the pool storage extension. The contractor says they can do most of the work while the pool is in operation, but may have to close for a day here and there.
  • Still on track to open May 13.
  • Rules have been updated.
  • We will have attendants Friday 3:00 – 8:30, Sat, Sun and holidays 10:00 – 8:30
  • As little as the attendants did, we’re wasting money having them here all the time. Maybe with fewer, we can press to have the better ones here more.
  • The attendants have the authority to enforce our rules, tell people to leave, and call police if they refuse to leave. It’s in the rules, and we tell the attendants that, too.
  • Pool regulars know who the troublemakers are. Please tell us names, ties, and behaviors. We can check the recordings and turn off fobs. Email
  • There was discussion about how to get the monitors to enforce the rules. Some years ago we were having this problem, so we changed pool companies. It got better for a while but is back to the same situation now.
    • It’s harder and harder to find people to do this job.
    • The teens we can get are often reluctant to approach people misbehaving, particularly with the way people go off on them sometimes.
    • There is only one other pool company available, so it’s hard to threaten the current company that we’ll leave.
    • One monitor we had last year lives in the neighborhood, and she did a good job. We’re asking to have her here as much as possible this year. We’ll also see what we can do to recruit more monitors from the neighborhood.
  • We’re aware of the community’s concerns and are doing what we can to address them.


Next HOA meeting May 22 (last Monday of May is Memorial Day).


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212