CHP HOA Meeting Agenda

CHP HOA Meeting
Meeting start: 6:33pm

Board Members in Attendance: JJ, Jan, Karen, David
Board Members Absent: John O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Ward, trails committee chair
Phil & Norma Case, Richard, Joe Logan, concerned homeowners

We’re dealing with an irrigation leak that is running into a homeowner’s yard. The homeowner says they called CAMS, but neither O’Neil nor the board heard anything from CAMS about it. O’Neil will talk to CAMS about the reporting process.
We’re considering changing the company we use for pond maintenance. We’re looking into ways to aerate the small pond to prevent algae.
JJ brought up a pine straw migration problem around the Oak Haven sign. O’Neil will look into it.

Jan met with Sage, our community representative at CAMS. This is a corporation, with bureaucracy. For instance, expense reimbursements must go through Sage, then an accounting department, before a check is cut at the headquarters in NC and mailed out. Also, they’re working on getting our regular vendors approved by their standards and put on the list so they can get paid. One requirement CAMS has is that all vendors must have their own workers comp insurance. We can exempt some of them one at a time but that involves a document saying that the HOA accepts liability for these people and exempts CAMS.

CAMS does not have a better system for clubhouse rentals, so that will stay the same. There is now a way to check homeowner status online rather than relying on paper records that might be outdated.
With holidays coming, clubhouse rentals are picking up.
There is a folding table missing. We’ll have to replace that.
There is still a piece of trim hanging off the top of the front of the clubhouse. Jan will get with CAMS to replace that.
We’re about to wash the outside of the clubhouse and the concrete around it. We’re looking at sprucing up the inside as well.

We finally have a quote to replace the spinnie chair thing at the playground. It looks reasonable. A homeowner has offered to help with it so we’ll talk to her and then order it.

The calendar has the October meeting on Halloween and the December meeting the day after Christmas. We decided on October 24 for that month, and December 12 for the annual meeting.
David needs to check the web site; the front page still lists past activities.

It’s budget time. We need to solicit homeowner input on budget and project priorities before the next meeting. David needs to make sure Sage is starting on the process.

The pool is closing Sept 25. The Pool Committee should have an end-of-season meeting to talk about how to close, store furniture, etc, as well as priorities for nest year.
Septic repair is in process, should be done any day.

Other business:
There were questions about changes under the new management. We noted that CAMS has a call center, as well as a contact link in the Owners’ Portal. Since it is a corporation, response times may not be as quick as we were used to under CAMS.
There was a question about the follow-up on rules violations that were reported before the transition. We’ll get back on top of those but right now we’re still working things out in transition.
There was a question about future enforcement. CAMS is ready to start patrols. We will communicate before making big changes.
It was suggested that the outside of the clubhouse looks weathered and should be treated. We use a clear protectant so it’s supposed to look weathered. However, we should see if we can discover when it was last done and keep up with maintenance.

Meeting adjourned around 7:45.

Next HOA meeting Sep 26.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212