CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 8/27/2018

CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 8/27/2018

Meeting start: 6:32pm

Board Members in Attendance:  J.J. Gentry, Jeremy Catoe, Larry Newton, O’Neil Gilliam

Board Members Absent:  Jan Talkish

Attendees:  17 Residents

AT&T Discussion –   AT&T recently announced that they would be coming back into the neighborhood to lay more fiber optic cable.  The Board reached out to AT&T to request that a representative attend tonight’s HOA Meeting to discuss the upcoming installments, and give neighbors some idea of when AT&T would be available on their streets.  Unfortunately, AT&T sent a sales representative, who had no info about when installation would begin again, or what sections of CHP would receive the service next.  The Board will reach out again to AT&T, with hopes of them either setting up a resident’s Q&A meeting, attending the next HOA meeting, or possibly attending the upcoming Movie Night, where they could have an information table for prospective customers and residents with questions.

Recreational Opportunity –  The possibility of a new exclusive perk for the CHP community was proposed this evening by CHP resident Keith Sarto and his friend, Matt Williams.  Matt is the owner of the Riverside Golf Center, located just outside of downtown Columbia, on the Broad River.  With the permission of the Board, Keith would like to offer an exclusive outdoor opportunity to residents of CHP who enjoy kayaking, golf, or both!  Matt’s company would offer discount packages on activities at the Riverside Golf Center, as well as guided trips down the Broad River from CHP to the Riverside facility – approximately a 2 hour trip.  Once participants reach the Riverside Golf Center, they can either golf on the 9 hole, par 3 course (with free golf clubs!), or they can visit the center’s water sports area and try stand-up paddle boarding.  RGC would also offer a shuttle bus ($10.00 fee) back to CHP.  Residents are invited to use their own kayaks for this trip, or Matt can shuttle kayaks up to CHP for those who need them.

Again – this would be an exclusive offer to CHP residents and their guests ONLY as participants would be launching off from the CHP boat ramp on the Broad River.  If residents are interested, please let the Board know of your support (or concerns).  For more information about Riverside Golf Center, please visit their website at: .

Clubhouse –   The Board would like to remind residents that the clubhouse is about to hit peak rental season.  If you are interested in booking space for holiday parties or other events, please do so as soon as possible, as the weekends (especially) will fill up fast!  Please check the calendar on the CHP website to be sure your desired date is available:

Pool –  We are coming to the end of the pool season, and we are sorry to report that there have been issues this year with the management of the pool area.  Complaints range from cleanliness issues at the tables and immediate pool area, dirty restrooms (which have also produced an unpleasant odor), lifeguards not doing their jobs, etc.  The Board is trying to determine exactly what went wrong, as this is the first year we have had so many issues and complaints.  At this point, the Board feels it would be in the best interest of the community to not only reestablish a Pool Committee to handle smaller issues, but to also let the manager of Carolina Pool Management know of our dissatisfaction and that we will probably begin talking to other pool management companies this Fall.  Residents question whether Keith, the Carolina Pools manager for our neighborhood, even comes to check on things and why – if he has been – these issues are not being resolved?  The Board acknowledges their concerns, and has the same questions as well.  It has been suggested that instead of a pool management company, the HOA instead employ three smaller companies – one to do pool daily maintenance only, another to clean only, and a third to provide skilled lifeguards.  The Board will take this suggestion, and others, under consideration.

In other pool news – once the pool closes this year, per DHEC orders, we will be looking into companies who can do the much needed pool resurfacing and repairs.  This past spring, DHEC gave us an extension to this Fall, but repairs MUST be made before the pool opens again next Summer.  Next month, the Board will be getting quotes, and will set up a repair date for early Spring of 2019.

Vender Issues –  There have been a number of complaints this summer regarding the vendors servicing CHP.  CAMS, US Lawns, and Carolina Pool Management have either not been meeting their contractual obligations, or are skirting in the gray areas to take short cuts.  This has resulted in much dissatisfaction, not only with residents of CHP, but with the Board as well.

CAMS, in particular, has been the subject of a great many complaints.  Residents report not getting HOA fee bills despite numerous calls to CAMS’s office to remedy the situation.  Emails to CAMS are often ignored, phones calls to the office are not answered, the office is occasionally closed when it should be open, office staff is untrained in their duties, etc.  One new resident – who had been on the HOA board of his prior neighborhood – questioned why the CHP Board seems to be handling all the issues and complaints that should be the responsibility of CAMS?  Why exactly is CAMS shirking it’s duties, and are they breaking their contract with the HOA?  Another resident, who has complaints about an unkempt house near her home, wonders why CAMS reps have not been out to look at this house, despite her 4 months of complaints and emails.  The big question seems to be – what exactly is CAMS doing for us?  Why, in the past year especially, are they dropping the ball?

The Board members are sympathetic to the complaints of residents, and JJ (Board President) has spoken to David, the CAMS manager, and told him that he needs to come to CHP, set up a question and answer meeting with residents, and hear our complaints firsthand.  This meeting will take place in September (date to be announced). People are losing faith in CAMS as a managing entity, and a public forum will give everyone the opportunity to get answers.  The Board says that there have been a lot of changes to – and within – CAMS in the past 2 years, and that, unfortunately, those changes have not been for the better.

Residents question if it is time to have our own in-house management person who would work out of the clubhouse, even if only on a part-time basis,.  The Board reports that they looked into this possibility many years ago, and it was extremely expensive, but they would be willing to look into it again and see if it is feasible.

Carolina Pool Management issues were outlined above in the pool section.

US Lawns has also been a source of complaints – neighbors report that public greenways have been ‘scalped’ in recent weeks, that weeding is not done, that field areas need to be better mowed, dog waste bag stations have not been refilled, and that mowing around gate areas needs improvement. One area of contention has been the HOA area surrounding the pond at the top of Grove Hall Lane.  Residents near the pond report that – for the longest time – the landscapers had not been mowing the property, despite O’Neil addressing the issue previously with US Lawns.  Residents near the pond have been mowing the area themselves to maintain neatness, and question why CHP is paying US Lawns for a service they are not providing. The Board thanks the neighbors for taking an initiative and doing the mowing themselves, however – for liability reasons – the Board would prefer that US Lawns maintain the property.  O’Neil will speak to US Lawns again and stress that they are not living up to their contractual agreements.

The Board would like residents of CHP to know that they (the Board) are just as frustrated as residents.  JJ has personally followed up with David at CAMS and Keith at Carolina Pools numerous times, and each vendor continues to drop the ball.  O’Neil oversees all the community landscaping, and has had numerous conversations with the current landscaping vender – US Lawns – about shoddy and missed work.  The vendors are saying that their ‘quality services’ are not what they used to be due to lack of staff, high turnover, and employees who show up ‘just to get a paycheck’ without making much of a work effort.  But, as the Board reminded tonight’s meeting attendees, all vendors are under contract, and MUST meet their contractual obligations.  All current vendor contracts expire in January, and the Board will be letting vendor companies know that they need to ‘step up’ or they will be replaced.  That said, the Board will be looking into other possible vendors this fall.

A side note from the Board:  the Board members would like CHP residents to know that this vendor issue is not exclusive to CHP.   Our Board members have been contacted by board members of OTHER area neighborhoods, asking if CHP is experiencing problems with different lawn services, management companies, etc.  This is apparently a regional issue at this time.  The CHP Board has spoken to some of the other local neighborhoods boards, and has received some recommendations for possible replacement vendors.

The Board would also like residents to know that their input and emails about issues within the community have greatly helped the Board become aware of problems and allowed them to address all issues in a timely manner.  If you see something that needs to be fixed, addressed, or looked into, please don’t hesitate to contact the Board via the website:

Boat Docks –  A reminder from the Board that anyone wanting to put a boat dock on the lake must submit a Home Improvement Form/Request, as found on the website, for the Architectural Review Board.  The ARB has specific rules regarding the type of boat docks that may be installed.

The Board would also like to remind residents that any improvements or additions to homes, any fences, large plantings, tree removals, extensive landscaping, additional driveway pads, etc. must also have approval.  If you are unsure if your project requires approval, please contact the Board via the email form on the website.

Community Speed Limits –  Speeding cars continue to be a problem on Lost Creek Drive, where the posted speed limit is 30mph.  Please be aware that our neighborhood has City of Columbia streets (not private roads) and that these speed limits are determined by the City, and are patrolled by the Columbia Police Department.  If you see somebody speeding, please call the City of Columbia Police Department’s NON-emergency line to report it:  803-252-2911

When requested, the City has been very good about establishing a greater police presence in the neighborhood to catch speeders.  Residents were also advised to mention the speeding to the officers who are present at the frequent Front Porch Role Calls that take place in the community.

Our neighborhood streets are shared by cars, bikes, and golf carts.  They are crossed by many pedestrians, pets, and wildlife.  Please keep everyone safe and slow down.

Road Work –  The Board has received word from the City of Columbia that a contractor has been approved for the upcoming road work on Lost Creek Drive.  Prior to beginning the road repairs and resurfacing, the City will set up a meeting for CHP residents to discuss the project and address any questions or concerns.  The meeting will be announced as soon as a date is set.

Street Light Update –  SCE&G has informed the Board that it will begin the instillation of streetlights on Lost Creek Drive between Gauley Drive and Grove Hall Lane very soon.  SCE&G hopes to have the project completed before daylight savings time change this Fall.

Cameras –  For the past couple of months, we have had a City of Columbia security camera mounted at the entrance near the clubhouse.  An additional camera was requested for the Hollingshed entrance, and the Board reports that the City will be installing cameras at all 4 entrances/exits to the neighborhood.  We are taking a bite out of crime!

Pond Access –  At a previous meeting, neighbors questioned how they could access the small pond behind Grove Hall Lane, without crossing private property.  At one time, it was thought that there was an area of public access, but all property markers in the area have either disappeared, or are lost in vegetation.  The Board requested that a survey team some out to determine the actual HOA property boundaries around the pond, and a team from Cox and Dinkins Surveyors will be in the Grove Hall Lane area either this or next week.  The team will access the pond area via the wood off Lost Creek Drive, so neighbors need not worry about them walking through yards.  The survey will mark only the back boundary of neighbor’s properties where the HOA land meets their private yards.  Neighbors who have been voluntarily mowing the pond area are asked to stop, and only mow their properties, as this will help the surveyors determine a rough boundary line as they begin their process.  Neighbors are kindly asked to let the surveyors do their job, and not ask them questions at this time.  Once a final report has been handed in to the Board, the Board will meet with neighbors who live near the pond to discuss the boundary findings, whether or not a possible access point exists between property lines (or if a path through the wood from Lost creek Drive will have to be cleared), maintenance of the area (mowing, repairs, keeping the area clean and trash free, etc.), and to answer any other questions Grove hall lane residents may have.

Other Issues/New Business –  A few discussions this evening took additional time as residents had questions and suggestion on the various subjects.  No new business was addressed.

Again, the Board thanks all the residents who attend the monthly HOA meetings, and are pleased to see more people attending each month – your input is valuable and much appreciated!


Meeting Ended  – 8:37pm

Next Meeting – Monday, September 24, 2018. 6:30pm

rmc/Comm. Comm.


— Approved – Larry Newton, 8-29-18 —

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