CHP HOA Meeting Agenda

Meeting Start: 6:35pm

Board Members in Attendance: Karen, Jan, Dave, John
Board Members Absent: JJ

Attendees: O’Neil, Four Residents, David Peterson from CAMS

Landscape: Biggest thing is metal plate in pump house must be replaced; it is unsavable. Once we removed all the rust, it is not safe. It is functional but has areas that are thin. They are marked with orange spray paint. Rusted completely out in some places. We have to remove the pumphouse roof, remove the pump, install new plate, and put it all back together. Could be as little as $10,000, but expect $15,000. Hopefully we don’t have any problems with the pump itself. We do preventive maintenance on it every year, usually comes back fine. Hoping we do not have issues with pump after we replace house. Discussion on if we switched to City Water. We use the pump to water most of the common areas in the neighborhood. Would it be cheaper to pay the city for our water instead of replacing pump? Discussion on this. Do not think the cost for the monthly bill would save us money on a replacement, it would add up after 1st year.

New light poles for in front of the clubhouse should be in this week!

Rules: We submitted the rule enforcement policy to Richland County Register of Deeds. Waiting for confirmation that it has been accepted. David Peterson confirmed it was mailed to the county. Once it’s back we need to put on Facebook and the website so people can see the updates.

Security: The Arlo issue with recording the cameras seems to be resolved.

Social Committee: This year’s activities have been posted:

  • 3/26-CHP chili cook off
  • 3/27-Spring Market (vendor event being held by residents)
  • 4/3-Easter egg hunt brought to you by Ashley McKee
  • 4/30-CHP Crappie fishing tournament with cash prizes from our awesome property management company, CAMS, and accompanying crappie hour refreshments and fun brought to you by Trina F Winde.
  • 7/2-Summer celebration and BBQ
  • 10/22-Pumpkin patch brought to you by Sarah Lewis  get your free pumpkin for the following week’s contest at the
  • 10/29-CHP fall festival
  • 12/3-CHP holiday drop in

Clubhouse: Jan had HVAC serviced and they come every 6 months. Received quotes for renew of this year. She also collected over $1,000 in past due HOA fees this month because someone wanted to rent the clubhouse.

Pool: Received call with management company asking how many attendants we will need this year. No need to make changes, we are at bare minimum currently as it is. We will probably open second weekend in May.

All lounge chairs are back and re-strapped. Need shed to store chairs, so they do not get damage from weather. Need quote for shed. Want it enclosed with a door on it. Would like it to match current design. David P will contact a contractor he is using who seems reliable. Once we have plans we can apply for permits from the City.

Other: Discussion of possible farmer’s market. Would be more than just fruit and veggies stand. Would be fun, but would they be willing to pay for the fee for the clubhouse?  This is based on what we have decide in the past for outside businesses using our community. John’s wife is in contact with the farmer’s market lady. She will see if they want to pay the $100 that residents pay when they have markets here.


Pond discussion, it sure would be nice to figure out how to get a fountain in the pound across the clubhouse. Treatment of the ponds will be done early this year. David P and O’Neil will talk about using the current supply pipe as an aerator.

Next HOA meeting Mar 28

Meeting Ends 7:10pm.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212