2021 February HOA
Monthly Meeting

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: David Bergeron, JJ Gentry, Karen Sipos, John Wallace
David Peterson from CAMS

Attendees: Nine residents


Landscaping – O’Neil Gilliam, Landscape Contractor:

  • Trying to do some disease prevention since it was such a warm wet winter.
  • We’ll be taking the landscape company supervisor around the trails to make sure that maintenance gets done as well as possible.

Communications – Tammy Hartford, volunteer CommComm member:

  • Maintaining the web site. Need to update the calendar
  • Trying to keep up with the sign boards.

Social Committee – Tammy Hartford, volunteer Social Committee member:

  • Ashley McKee Thompson is hosting an Easter Egg hunt March 21. She is doing this out of her own generosity and community spirit.
  • The Committee is meeting tomorrow to talk about the Spring Celebration event in April.

Clubhouse – JJ Gentry:

  • Still restricted to 20 people by city and DHEC guidelines.

Pool – JJ Gentry:

  • John and Karen are working with JJ to form this year’s Pool Committee.
  • If anyone is interested in having their input heard, please let the Board know.

Lakes, Pond, Trails – Ward, volunteer Trail Committee chair:

  • Beavers have been damaging the pond dam. We have to keep an eye on it. We’re still trying to trap them.
  • Cormorants have been feasting on fish in the ponds and lake. We need a fish count and to consider restocking.
    • David Peterson: this can be pretty expensive depending on the method.
    • Jeremy Catoe: we allowed DNR access to our boat ramp for their river fish surveys. Maybe we can get them to return the favor.
  • Jeremy Catoe: There are way too many crappie. We should think about a crappie tournament to reduce the population.

Other Business – Chip Land, resident since 1995

  • The court has ruled that most of Columbia’s PUDs (Planned Unit Development) are illegal because they are not “mixed-use.” So the City will be moving to more traditional zoning. This changes Stable Ridge, which the PUD says must be townhouses.
  • They may demand as much as an acre per house, and a limit on how many houses per cul-de-sac.
  • We know Stable Ridge is for sale. We should also meet with the City to make them aware of our concerns about drainage and run-off if this area is developed
  • Discussion among the Board and attendees brought to light:
    • We should get a relationship with the realtor to stay abreast of potential sales and development.
    • This area, as well as the area on the big lake accessed from Lost Creek, are still owned by Seaboard Flour. The original developer, Cliff Kenner, has passed. Seaboard is now under control of the Breske (sp?) family, with Paul Squires managing this area.
    • JJ will call Sam (our representative on City council who also lives in the neighborhood) to see what he can find out.

Other Business

  • Joe Logan reported an algae bloom in the pond in The Grove. David Peterson will see about having it treated.
  • Norman reported light post 31 is out. David will report it to the electrician.
  • Trees still need to be trimmed on Paso Fino. O’Neil will address this.
  • There is a neighborhood boy (possibly special needs) who is hauling a great deal of trash out of the woods and putting it on the street to get picked up. This is great but he sometimes puts it in inappropriate places. Someone said he knows the boy’s dad and will talk to him.

Meeting End: 8:00pm


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212