CHP HOA Meeting

Meeting start: 6:35

Board Members in Attendance: JJ, Jan, David
Board Members Absent: John, Karen

Sage Ingerson, CAMS representative


  • We have discussed removing the bushes along the pool fence and that will get started soon.
  • Looks like repairs on the pump house will be done a little at a time all year.


  • Internet is back. Turns out we have two accounts with AT&T but only one got transferred to CAMS.
  • Still waiting for more estimates for the stain.
  • One A/C was replaced about two years ago. We just contracted for the other to be replaced.
  • JJ still looking at new camera system.


  • Have a signed contract for the storage shed and have paid a deposit. Work should begin any time.
  • JJ will get a quote from Mike for the fence.

Pending Projects:

  • Sage is in touch with the electrician to fix more of the white light poles, the one light out at the pool, the “do not touch” switch at the pool, and the outside lights at the clubhouse.
  • Sage will get a plumber to fix the water fountain at the pool that froze.


  • The boat ramp on the lake has a lip where the concrete doesn’t meet. What can we do about this?
    • Sage will research options that are more durable than a concrete wedge. There must be a rubber curb or something.
  • The gazebo and dock on that lake need cleaning and probably staining.
  • The culvert that feeds the lake is getting clogged. Who is responsible for this?
    • Probably the City. David will see what he can do.
  • JJ will take over the Rules Committee and call a meeting to get that underway.
  • The little library at the lake keeps getting vandalized and the books thrown into the lake. Can we move it to more public location, away from water?
    • David will talk to the volunteer who maintains the library.
  • Let’s invite people to remove Bradford Pears. Now that they are in bloom is a great time to take a picture so folks can know what we’re talking about.
    • Would be more effective if we include why they are bad and the link to get them replaced with a native tree.


Next HOA meeting Mar 27.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212