CHP HOA Meeting Agenda

Meeting Start: 6:35pm

Board Members in Attendance: Karen, Jan, John, David, JJ
Board Members Absent: none
David Peterson from CAMS unable to attend

Attendees: 6 residents 

Landscape: O’Neil discussed the steel plate in pump house which is having bad rust. He is getting some anti rust to help prevent damage, but it is turning into a big job.
Planning for fertilizer and herbicide. Increased costs of chemicals, O’Neil is trying to help us not see drastic increases due to covid.

Question on tire ruts in grass from the tree cutters. O’Neil is aware and doesn’t think we will have permanent damage.

Area down by pump station, where the trail that cuts down to the pond, there is a hill that is overgrown, and vegetation is cutting off the sidewalk. Also, the pine straw ends up in the road. Can we hide the sewage pump and help hid the smell? O’Neil stated we cut the bushes around years ago and that we can plant less aggressive trees that go straight up, low maintenance. On the sidewalk side, the guys are requested to blow it back on the dirt.

Now is the time to get the brush cleared from near the river, but need to reach out to the land conservation trust for approval.

Clubhouse: 9 rentals in January and 8 in February. Working on past due HOA fees, as people cannot rent if they have overdue fees. Often this results in people paying overdue fees.

Security: Somehow Arlo was unable to process the payment method that CAMS gave them for the monitoring subscription. David Peterson is not here but will be able to address more when he gets back. Discussion whether it’s better to pay by card or ACH. David and John know from experience that ACH (directly from a checking account) is less vulnerable to compromise than a card.

Have we ever talked about the HOA having its own debit or credit card? This might help this situation, as well as give us a way to make purchases without having to use our personal money and be reimbursed later. No one wants the responsibility of a debit card, and agreed that it’s better the way it is, so CAMS is the only one who has to worry about tracking it.

JJ is looking at a camera system with eight 4K cameras and on-site storage for about $800, with an additional $400 for a better router, total about $1200. This will give us 24 hour recording, and secure access any time.

The current system has 6 cameras and we pay $4.99 a month for the recoding services, but only records when it is triggered by a big enough movement.

Rules: We are ready to submit the rule enforcement policy to Richland County Register of Deeds, as outlined in the SC Homeowners Association Act of 2018. The policy we are about to file includes fines for non-compliance.

The Register of Deeds wants original signatures. All board members signed two originals: one for filing with the county and one to keep.

Once submitted, we will publish them on the web page and the Facebook page, with a note on the sign boards to check the web page for an important update.

Supplies: We once talked about buying a laminator. David and Tammy now own one which the HOA is welcome to use any time.

Other: The Pointe (new townhome development in what has been called Stable Ridge) has finished all the preliminary inspections and approvals. 10 to 12 months until they break ground. Tier Builders has committed to submit plans for approval as in compliance with the Covenants. There was a question about what happens if the plans are not in compliance. We will work with Tier until they are. They can not build without developer approval, as well as city approval.

Jeremy Catoe will coordinate the beaver trapping for this year. All approved if we need it.

Resident Questions: Can I trim grass and brush a strip of HOA property that adjoins mine? This is land conservation area, so no, homeowners may not maintain it. Please ask O’Neil to look at it, get the proper permission, and have the HOA maintain it. Cannot cut down trees on the land conservation areas without approval.

Resident Question: What can I do on my own property such as sheds, fences, solar panels, trees, etc? Short answer: use the Home Improvement Request Form for anything you want to change or add, to be sure there are no issues. Please make sure to follow all instructions so it can be processed quickly.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

Next HOA meeting Feb 28


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212