June 2021 Meeting Minutes

CHP HOA Meeting Minutes
Meeting start: 6:34 pm

Board Members in Attendance: David Bergeron, Karen Sipos, John Warren, Jan Talkish, JJ Gentry
Board Members Absent: none
Attendees: 5 Residents and David Peterson of CAMS Residential Services, O’Neil Gilliam, Landscaping Contractor
Dave started the meeting and introduced the board members.


Residents asking questions about how to book the clubhouse. Per the resident, the process is very confusing, Jan prefers everyone to contact her, not her backup Becky Jones. The form didn’t work for her 3 times. Cynthia agrees to check the form with her and clean up the acknowledgement that shows once submitted so people know to check their email.

JJ asked about the birds coming into the clubhouse. David Peterson says it appears there are no more issues with falling debris. We do not have a ladder tall enough to access the top roof.

JJ asked about the clubhouse COVID restrictions. Jan says they have been lifted and need to be on the website and facebook. Dave says it is on Facebook and Website. Jan also stated people seem to think they can remove furniture from the clubhouse. It cannot be removed from the clubhouse. Max inside is 80 per the fire department, this will be checked for accuracy. Residents state we should have a plaque.

Question from Resident: Has anyone one thought about automating the booking calendar? It is too complex for us at this time. Jan is also going on vacation for 4 days.


O’Neil has noticed more weeds than he would like so he has requested the company come. back out and treat that. They had a meeting recently, we did get massive amounts of rain, we do not mow when too wet, so they are doing other things during this time.

The next project we will have is in the curve on the hill on Lost Creek between Gauly Drive and Grove Hall Lane. The trees are too high for people to see. A resident complained that the ditch on Hollingshed has weeds too high to see over when turning off of Lost Creek. Should be cut right away.

Residents asking about the trash being collected on the corner near the clubhouse. We have another resident that lives within the community who goes and collects the garbage from around the wooded areas. Other residents go and clean it up if the town misses it. John knows the individual and will speak with him and have him move it to a location where the city can better see it.

Resident asks a question about fire exit for the new development, we will be losing magnolia trees. Will we be able to transplant them? They are too big for that. JJ requested, can we ask if they will replace them once done since we planted them. O’Neil stated we need to schedule a meeting to discuss with the developers, the irrigation that is existing and if they will be providing a contractor to fix/ move the irrigation in place. Some people are removing the survey lines, people should be noted that is against the law. You will be prosecuted if you remove them.


Movie Night went all right, despite the rain and the mud. Thank you to the family that provided the screen and to Trey who helped with the electronics and let us use his projector.

JJ recommended we look at the cost to get our own projector and screens for events like movie night. David will have something for the next budget meeting.
Next event is the Fall Festival on Oct 23rd.

Linda will have an unofficial social event at the pool on the 4th of July. Games and fun!

Fireworks at the clubhouse, People may gather if they wish too. All fireworks must be done by 11pm. The Columbia PD will be patrolling the parking lot after midnight. We ask everyone to clean up their trash. Also if people have complaints about Fireworks, please call Columbia Police Department, we as the board cannot do anything about it.

Pool Committee:

Residents and board members noted that the attendants don’t always seem to be eager to do their jobs. There was discussion about the youth of the people willing to take this position, and the challenges of motivating them. We will speak with the pool company about it.

Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Swim at your own risk.

No update on the chairs we sent to be fixed. But we haven’t really needed them.

Karen asked about vacuuming, a person in a truck came and only vacuumed half the pool? Another resident stated that we need a checklist on what everyone is supposed to do, we are dealing with 20 year old employees. The pool deck is not being cleaned well, we would like to have that done at least once a week. The Pool Management company has a checklist, they are supposed to follow the checklist when working. They are supposed to clean the chairs, take the trash out. But they are young and hiring is difficult at this time, harder than it normally is.

When people do not listen to the pool attendant they can and will be removed. If the attendant has an incident they send an email to John and Karen. We want David at CAMS to send an official letter to the residents involved as well.

Resident asked about lights, did they get an email from another resident? We have many light poles not working.

John asked if we can get the pool light poles numbered like the rest.


David has nothing at this time.

Residents asked a question about issues with homes that do not follow the HOA rules. John states they have a meeting tonight to discuss a modified system for enforcement.

Meeting Ended at 7:35pm

Next meeting: July 26


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212