Board Members in Attendance: David, John, Karen, JJ, David Peterson
Board Members Absent: Jan

Attendees: 4 plus Cynthia


Next event is Summer Splash at the pool, July 2. There will be pool games, the huge Slip-n-Slide into the lake, and a food truck.

Next one after that will be Fall Festival in October.


HVAC getting repaired.

Pasa Fina trees were not trimmed. Blocking the lights and it’s dark at night. David B will ask O’Neil to see that this is done.

Disciplinary issues. Attendants need to enforce. Hanna and Jada are great, Heather seems shy. We had a poop incident. Multiple plumbing issues, had a septic pump replaced. DHEC came, most things were corrected during the visit, but they still put on the report. We have a broken tile in the kiddie pool. A light fell out the other day but was repaired.

Issues with people under 18 not leaving at 8:30pm. Discussion on if we should change the age needed to enter without an adult. Many feel the 14 year olds are not mature enough to watch themselves and guests. All the pool attendant has to do is give John names and addresses when a household violates the pool rules. We have and will continue to turn off fobs for not following the rules.
People are asking what the attendants do? They are not checking people in, they are not enforcing the rules. Just sit in the corner on their phone. Not walking the pool.
Light is still out in the ladies room.


The Richland County Register of Deeds says they never received the rules addendum we sent. The Board re-signed two originals which David P took to get hand delivered.


Progress is happening with the light poles in front of the clubhouse. Conduits have been installed underground. The electrician will be out here after the 4th to continue the project.


Tier Homes confirmed they did buy the development we called Stable Ridge. Next step is they need to submit plans. We have some leverage as they need an easement across some property. David B is trying to stay in touch and see that things go as smoothly as possible.

Tract on the dark hill across the dam on Lost Creek. This is 7 lots. Not the lake side, the left side of the road as you go up hill. They have submitted a set of plans, David B sent it back for more detail, and we haven’t yet heard back. Looked like there was no set back. Set back requirement is 20 or 30 feet. The lot line is 10 feet back from your curb. Big thing we need to do is make sure the builder works with Dominion to get the lights up there that never got put up. We need the builder to work with the City so we can ensure those lights get in without issue.

Tennis Courts:

The courts are done!! Right after they were done we had locks and chains stolen.

We have a resident that never locks the gates after him. Request to change the combos so this resident will not have access to the tennis courts anymore.

Need to put signs up to prevent people from using the tennis courts for anything not tennis. Encouraging a $25 or $50 fine for violating this.

Next HOA meeting July 25.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212