2021 May HOA
Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: David Bergeron, Karen Sipos, John Wallace, Jan Talkish

Board Members Absent: J.J. Gentry
Attendees: 10 Residents, David Peterson of CAMS Residential Services, O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Communication Committee met last week. Website is well maintained and up to date.
Signs are great. People complimented the signs. Dave keeps them up to date.
Tammy used to take the notes, but Cynthia has volunteered to take the minutes.

Social Committee: Tom and Jerry is the movie on June 12. We need volunteers and door prizes (sponsor possibilities) We have cotton candy, popcorn.

Pool Committee: Opening went smooth. First day issue with Key fob, reset the router and it fixed it. Chairs were sent to get repaired. No other issues reported.

Residents asked about kids sneaking into the pool under age. Attendant is allowing people in and out using Key fobs. Kids as young as 11 are being allowed in without adults. It is not the attendant’s responsibility to allow people in the pool. People ensure you have your key fobs when entering and leaving.

John will have a word with the pool company to correct the attendants’ behavior.

We have faded signs. David from CAMS will print. Karen sent the updated rules to him.

Police will be patrolling the parking lot, randomly after hours.

Clubhouse: Jan would really like to clean the ceiling and the high up windows. We discussed a really large ladder, and volunteers will be needed to clean it up. Jan no longer has a limitation of 20 people in the club house for rentals. We will need to update the website.

Question for Jan: WiFi password for Clubhouse. Is there a guest WiFi? David Peterson sent it to the entire board last year. We should post it inside or make it part of the rules everyone signs when they rent the clubhouse.

Landscaping: O’Neil reports, the current state of landscaping supplies, it is becoming a problem. Issues of shortages this summer, so people are bulk buying and it is creating a shortage of supplies now. We had a leak here and it took about 4 hours to find a part. O’Neil has been hesitant to fertilize until we could get the system fixed. So hopefully we can have it all done next week and we have no issues with getting the fertilizer.

Question: When will they be doing the trails again?
O’Neil answered they do it periodically. People responded it needed to be done at the boat ramp and the trailing leading back along the river. Grass is a little tall.

Architecture Committee:
Tier Homes is planning to build. We attended the city planning meeting, we did manage to get the city to make Tier homes pave the emergency access road. The landing clearing was not 100% understood and David will have to clarify and bring it up again.

The next step, there are a number of approvals that Tier homes need to move forward. We will find them out and keep a close eye on the process.

There are at least 2 undeveloped lots, do they pay dues?
No, there is nothing there to pay dues.

There are a lot of owners who do pay dues, she has a lot no house is on the land, but because she pays dues she is allowed to rent the clubhouse and use the facilities.

Do we know what the exterior is going to be on the units?
Not yet. There will be 2, 3 and 4 unit buildings so they may not all look the same.

Did they discuss price points?
$200K-300K. They will have to pay our HOA and then have to pay one for their own common areas.

There will be a nice undeveloped area between homes and the townhomes. A nice almost 70 feet buffer.

Where will the emergency road be? Off LostCreek.

Development is good for the neighborhoods. It helps keep the cost down.

Concerns people have is the additional traffic and the size of the public resources including the pool and tennis courts. Tier is not going to add any amenities. They do not have the room to do it.

No trails will be affected according to Ward at this time. This may change for one trail, 30 acres up on the ridge.

Tier stated they have no intention to blast or use burn pits. They will be hauling everything off.

Residents asked if they can rent the clubhouse for a candidate that is running for the Mayoral race in Columbia. If a resident rents the clubhouse there is no limit to what someone can do with the clubhouse once it is rented. We do not know if we could advertise. You can post it on the Unofficial Facebook Page.

What is the turn around for a date to rent the clubhouse?
If you use the form on the website Jan gets it immediately and will respond when she has the calendar with her.

Crystal Williams asked to speak. She is running for Columbia City Council District One. Current Councilman is retiring and she is getting a head start. One of the most important things to her is communication, she wants to bring more communication to the table. She would like to get in contact with the Board Chair to set up a day for questions and concerns.

Resident question: Tennis Courts budget sent request but no response?
We have not forgotten the Tennis courts, it is a huge budget item and we had to push for a year.

We are concerned for safety. There are lots of cracks and it does need to be redone. We will talk about that at the next budget meeting.

Meeting ends at 7:28pm. On time.

Minutes edited and approved by David Bergeron, board chair







851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212