CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 09/28/2020

Due to the recent COVID-19, all attendees practiced social distancing and the use of masks.
Meeting start: 6:32 pm

Board Members in Attendance: J.J. Gentry, Jeremy Catoe, David Bergeron, and John Wallace

Board Members Absent: Jan Talkish
Attendees: 10 residents and David Peterson of CAMS Residential Services

Board Announcements: The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of new Board member, John Wallace. John and his family have been residents of CHP since 2005, and John is the owner of three Mellow Mushroom restaurants in the area. John and his family are familiar faces at many of the CHP social events.

As previously announced, Jeremy Catoe will be stepping down from his position as interim HOA Board President on December 31st. This will leave 4 active members. As most boards work best with an odd number of members, it has been decided that (for the first time in CHP history), residents may apply for the open position. Applicants must be homeowners in good standing (up to date on HOA dues and not under any restrictions as a result of rules violations), willing to volunteer their time, comfortable participating in sometimes difficult decisions, and must be willing to help work to better the neighborhood. Information about the application and interviewing process will be posted soon to the CHP website.

O’Neil Gilliam, former Board President, may have stepped down from the Board, but will still participate in an advisory capacity. O’Neil will also continue to supervise landscaping services within the community.

Landscaping: O’Neil reports that there have been few changes regarding general landscaping services. Recently, the pump that fills the ponds was replaced, and all necessary upgrades to that system were completed. All is working well.

The fertilizer and weed killer that was placed in the common areas a couple of months ago is kicking in, and as cooler weather is upon us, the irrigation system throughout the neighborhood is being reduced to conserve water.

Ward Squires, Chair of the Trails Committee, has requested that the trails be mowed – this will take place within the next week.

Leftover sod was placed on Gauley Drive, over the small bridge and up the hill on the left, filling in areas where dirt had eroded away – O’Neil may possibly put up orange flags to keep folks from parking on that side of the road.

In the upcoming weeks, O’Neil plans to tour the neighborhood to make sure all current landscaping needs have been met and to make plans for winter.

CAMS: David Peterson reports that he recently sent out about 25 letters to residents who have violations that need to be corrected. Most violations were simple fixes – pressure washing, moving of boats and trailers to back yards, garbage issues, etc. There has already been compliance of some of the issues, according to residents living near those particular homes. Otherwise, David stated that he needed to discuss some issues in the executive session (HOA Board Directors only).

J.J. added that Board members are interested in attending a special program being offered to help HOA directors understand the new laws and rules pertaining to the running of HOA communities. He adds that a program-based law student will be assisting HOA directors with the paperwork that will ultimately need to be filed with the state. This will clarify rules and enforcement.

Clubhouse: No new clubhouse news this month, other than reminding residents that the clubhouse is still available for rentals, with Covid capacity restrictions.

Communications Committee: The Comm. Comm. has been frequently updating information on the neighborhood signs, found at the Hollingshed exit and the intersection at Lost Creek and Pond Oak. The Comm. Comm. is also continuing to streamline the website, bringing more information to residents.

Social Committee: On Saturday, October 10, the Social Committee will be running a pumpkin patch, sponsored by realtor Sarah Lewis. All households are invited to pick out a pumpkin, and are encouraged to carve/decorate them for the Fall Festival, which will be held the following week.
Saturday, October 17 will see the Fall Festival! There will be games, costumes, a Nerf gun war (sponsored by Boyd Webb), a BBQ truck, and a frozen treats truck (which includes frozen treats for adults!). Hand sanitizing stations will be set up, and attendees are asked to please social distance and wear masks. No RSVP is needed.

Anyone who would like to volunteer is asked to please contact the Social Committee via the CHP website at:

Halloween: Halloween WILL be held within the neighborhood this year, on Saturday, October 31. Trick-or-treating will take place between 6pm and 9pm. Residents who do not wish to pass out treats are asked to keep their porch lights off during those hours.

There will also be a haunted house contest this year, with the winning home receiving a $100 gift card.

Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

Pool: The pool is now closed for the season. In the upcoming weeks, Palmetto Pool Company will be by to put away furniture and do a pre-winter clean up of the area. The Pool Committee will also hold one last after season committee meeting.

There were few problems at the pool this season – cameras helped with discouraging trespassing, there were few complaints about the loosening of the Covid rules, and there were no known or reported cases of Covid transmission between pool attendees.

The Board will soon be discussing how to make the pool area bathrooms accessible again for residents using the tennis courts and playground. With Covid-19, additional cleaning is needed on a more regular basis, so budget concerns must be taken into consideration. An announcement will be forthcoming.
After experiencing a season of problems with the electronic gate to the pool, The Board will also be looking into alternatives to the current gate company, Sonitrol.

Budget Season: The annual budget renewal is coming up for January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021. The Board will be making decisions about the spending of HOA funds in October and November, and will be presenting their final report in December.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions of projects you would like to see funded within the neighborhood, the Board wants to hear from you! Please contact the Board via the CHP website at:
Please send all correspondence and requests PRIOR TO November 30……don’t wait until the annual meeting in December to speak up!

On a related note, David Peterson reports that the Covid-19 crisis has not greatly affected either billing practices or HOA dues payments into CAMS. The incoming budget for next year is stable.

Street Lights: The frequently discussed project of getting street lights installed on the hill on Lost Creek Drive (Between The Grove and Grove 3) is still a work in progress. Originally, according to J.J., SCE&G/SCANA was supposed to take charge of the installation, and then it was passed on to the City of Columbia. When Covid-19 hit, all talks stalled. J.J. is again pursuing the project, and has spoken to Sam Davis (City Council), letting him know that the lights are needed.

J.J. also asks residents to let him know of any other places in the neighborhood that need lighting (he is aware of the lack of streetlights in the cul-du-sac at Coxfield Court). Please contact J.J. at:
Reminder to residents: If you see a BLACK street light that is not working, please contact Dominion Energy. Give the pole number and location for repair. WHITE lamp posts are HOA owned – please contact CAMS if one needs repairs.

CoCPD: Captain Yates of the Columbia Police Department is still following leads regarding the recent rash of car break-ins. Currently, there is no new information on suspects.

Jeremy reports that a resident is looking into a neighborhood crime watch program, and is hoping to establish one within CHP. More info to come.

Jeremy also inquired into having additional City of Columbia traffic/safety cameras – similar to the one already in place near the clubhouse – installed at the Hollingshed entrance and along Paso Fina Drive, however, the city says they currently do not have the budget to do so. The Board will continue to make the request.

Amenities: The Board would like to remind residents that all guests using CHP amenities MUST be accompanied by a resident! Please do not hand out keys, fobs, or codes to anyone who does not live in CHP. Residents who do so may have their amenities privileges revoked. Unaccompanied guests are subject to penalties for trespassing.

Attendee Questions:

Q: “Are the landscapers planning on trimming the trees on Pasa Fino? They are blocking the street lights.”

A: Yes – they are on the list to be trimmed.

Q: The city has marked the roads in Whitehall for repairs, but that was quite a while ago, and the markings are now practically faded away…are the streets ever going to be fixed?

A: When Covid hit, city repairs slowed down. Jeremy will check into the plans to repair the roads in Whitehall. He pointed out that there are other streets in the neighborhood that need repairs as well. Another resident recommended that the questioning resident go to the City of Columbia Public works page and keep posting about his street – he reported that he has had success getting repairs done in his section with repeated reminders to the city.

Q: Will the dam areas be bush-hogged (clearing land of trees and brush) before winter?
A: The HOA will probably rent equipment to clear away overgrowth, weeds, brush, etc., later in the season. Due to conservation restrictions, the HOA cannot remove trees, but can clean up the area around them.

Q: Many of the HOA owned light poles (white) are filthy – can they be cleaned?

A: Light poles can be pressure washed. The HOA will contact Boyd Webb, who owns a new pressure wash company in the neighborhood.


Meeting End: 7:08pm

Minutes reviewed and authorized by: David Bergeron, HOA Board Member

Renée Cabaup / Comm. Comm.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212