CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 10/26/2020

Board members attending:
Jeremy Catoe (chair), JJ Gentry, John Wallace, David Bergeron, Jan Talkish
About eight residents attended

Landscape Report

  • Most things are going as planned
  • Will soon start winterizing the grass, bush hog certain areas, and spread pine straw
  • Continuing to reduce watering
  • Have noticed an increase in litter
  • JJ has mentioned to the city that garbage frequently drops to the street as the arm dumps the cans into the truck

Pool Report

  • Pool is closed and covered
  • We had planned to leave the bathrooms open until it got so cold we had to turn off the water, but we may have to close them
  • since we don’t have a cleaning service
  • We’re considering what to do about the furniture. It tends to mildew when we stack it up so we may just leave it out in the sun.

Communications Committee Report

  • We have started using a new function on the web site: a pop-up with timely news and announcements
  • We’re trying to keep the sign boards current and pertinent

Social Committee Report

  • The Fall For All Festival was a success. We had a decent number of volunteers and families seemed to enjoy themselves. The three hour time window was just right.
  • We probably won’t do the traditional winter celebration since it’s inside with lots of people and dozens of children on Santa’s lap.
  • Residents at the meeting suggested a golf cart parade with Santa in the last cart. We will bring this to the Social Committee.
  • Little spending on events this year means we haven’t spent the entertainment budget. The silver lining is this can offset the lack of revenue from the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Report

  • The door has been fixed.
  • With few rentals this year we have had little income.
  • A resident suggested we consider relaxing the restrictions. There was some discussion in the meeting, but many of us are hesitant to relax restrictions since Covid is on the rise in the state right now. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and discuss the restrictions.

New Business

  • We have hired a contractor to clean the white light poles.
  • We have an application form on the web site to invite residents to join the Board. We will start marketing that soon. Deadline for applications is 5:00pm November 20.
  • Trick-or-treating has been announced as 6:00-9:00pm on Halloween night. We are encouraging social distancing and masks. If you don’t want trick-or-treaters be sure that your porch light is off.
  • JJ will take a group around Halloween night to judge the decorations. Winner gets a $100 gift card. Contact the Board to make sure your house gets seen. Use the contact link on the web site.
  • It’s budget season. Suggestions for projects are due to the Board by November 11. Use the contact link on the web site.
  • We’ve moved the next HOA meeting to November 23 to have it before Thanksgiving rather than after.
  • We are thinking of decorating the neighborhood signs with wreaths and lights on November 22.

At this point the meeting was opened to resident questions.

Resident concern:

  • The Cedar Ridge sign needs repair.

Resident question: any news on the Seaboard property sales?

  • The 1.8 acre property on Lost Creek has been sold, but we haven’t heard from the buyer what they plan to do with it. They will have to get any development approved by the HOA. We suspect they will make it 5-6 lots.
  • The other two larger properties are still listed.

Resident concern:

  • At the entrance to Highland Creek there should be less pine straw and more grass.
  • Several trees should be trimmed around light poles.
  • Can something can be done about the pine straw moving from around trees onto the sidewalks?
  • We will talk to the landscape contractor about these issues.

Resident concern:

  • We need to finish repairs to the overlook and figure out what to do with the old benches.
  • One big tree still needs to be removed from a trail. It’s too much for volunteers; we need to hire someone.

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned on time at 7:30.

Minutes reviewed and authorized by: Jeremy Catoe, HOA Board Member

David Bergeron / HOA Board / Comm. Comm.




851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212