HOA May 2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: David, JJ, Karen
Board Members Absent: John, Jan, John Harrison, Town & Country

About 9 members attended


  • We’re just a little ahead of where we should be in spending so far this year.
  • But we’re also a little ahead in income. Town & Country and Law Firm Carolinas have done a good job collecting delinquent assessments.
    • At this pace there should be less delinquent assessments next year, so income should be closer to what we expect.
  • JJ reminded us that we can use reserves for new repairs, such as the parking lot.

Old Business:

  • We can all start putting parking warnings on cars.
    • Warnings have gone out by email and Facebook.
  • JJ will have warnings printed.
  • David will create yard signs that say No Placard, No Parking
  • Karen will create a Google Doc we can all use to log warnings. Then we can see if a vehicle has been warned before, and move on to towing.
  • We are under no obligation to leave warnings before towing.


  • The letter board in the sign closer to the clubhouse is heat damaged and the letters don’t stay well any more. The board voted to spend up to $550 to replace.
  • JJ is meeting with the welder tomorrow to fix the gate again.
    • He’s thinking of adding a wheel to support the far end of the gate and take some of the strain off the hinges.
  • Board allowed him to spend that extra if it looks like it’ll work.
  • Gate codes haven’t changed in a while. Let’s change them Aug 1. Remember to tell emergency services.


  • Carpenter bee activity has slowed way down.
  • Three trash cans on order. Two tables on order.
  • Ordering three replacement chairs will leave us $1,000 to spend (moved some money from another line item that doesn’t need it)
  • Jeff gave Karen the name of someone local who may be able to re-strap the chairs.
  • Septic lift station malfunctioning again. Should be under warranty. Calling Apple about it.


  • Here is an edit to the clubhouse rules as we discussed at the last meeting.
    • The board approved. We’ll start using these right away.
  • David will get details from Town & Country on having them start handling clubhouse reservations.


  • We think the fault in the tennis lighting is fixed. We’ve added locks so no one can mess with the breakers etc.
  • Waiting for a quote to repair the lights that don’t work.

Next HOA meeting June 24

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