HOA February 2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Jan, David, JJ
Board Members Absent: Karen, John

John Harrison, Town & Country not able to make it today
O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Attendees: about a dozen homeowners

Old Business:

  • We’re applying for the credit card. They want board meeting minutes specifying each of our roles. Let’s send them this:
    • David Bergeron, President, Treasurer, Secretary (exp 12/31/2024)
    • JJ Gentry, Senior Board Member
    • Jan Talkish, Board Member, Clubhouse Coordinator
    • Karen Sipos, Board Member, Pool Coordinator
    • John Wallace, Board Member
  • We’ve applied for a Neighborhood Enrichment Grant for a new Little Library. Won’t know until July 15.
  • We’ve signed with Law Firm Carolinas to handle our collections.
    • The first right to cure letters went out this week.


  • Walking path lights: the contractor installing internet cut a power line while boring under Lost Creek. It’s taking quite some time to get it fixed.
  • They’ve also cut at least one irrigation line. O’Neil is working with them on this
  • JJ suggested clearing some underbrush along the riverside trail for better views. Ward agreed to coordinate volunteers for this.


  • Pool house expansion has begun. Could be finished in two weeks.
    • Discussed getting into the pump room. The lock isn’t working.
    • After the meeting JJ and David got the lock removed so work can proceed.
  • We have a quote for changing the pool lights $600.
    • The board approved.


  • The kitchen sink has been repaired, and both bathroom faucets replaced.
  • A leak at the water heater was reported, and the water heater was turned off. Jan and Jeremy re-energized it to see if they could find the leak. It was not found yet. Considering having a plumber look at it. It may just be the emergency relief valve.


  • Sign board letters are wearing out and breaking. Would like to spend $40 on two new sets.
    • The board approved.
  • Homeowner asking for a metal building.
  • The board denied. This is not in “harmony of external design in relation to surrounding structures” as specified in the covenants.
  • The home improvement request feature on the portal is working now.
  • When will the Rules Committee be ready to make recommendations?
    • JJ and David will work out the language and meet with the rest of the committee for final approval. Then we can make recommendations to the board.
  • The first covenant inspections by Town & Country will be on Friday March 1. JJ will ride with John to be sure T&C is not over-zealous in enforcement.


Next HOA meeting Mar 25.

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