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New Rules and Enforcement Policy

Chestnut Hill Plantation is ready to begin inspections for rule and covenant violations. In accordance with the South Carolina Homeowners Association Act, CHP has a policy for covenant enforcement, which includes possible fines for continued violations.

In short, if a rule violation is found, here is the procedure:
1. Reminder letter – please correct
2. Not corrected in 20 days: $25 fine – still have to correct
3. Not corrected in another 20 days: additional $50 fine – still have to correct
4. Not corrected in another 20 days: Notice that we will correct for you, estimate of what it will cost. If we have to correct it for you, the cost will be added to your bill, plus $100 administrative fee. All previous fines still due.

If you wish to appeal a finding or propose a new timeline for correction, you may do so in writing. Information on how to do this will be included with the reminder letter.

Payments will be due 30 days from notice. Late payments will incur a late fee plus interest. Far overdue payments may result in a lien, plus attorney fees for the lien filing, plus $100 administrative fee.

Details are available in the administrative ruling as filed with Richland County, available here.

Rent The Clubhouse

Need to rent the clubhouse for your next birthday party or special event? We have a page to help answer all the most frequently asked questions. You can also find all the clubhouse rules to help you keep your deposit!

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Local Calendar Of Events

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Check Out The Amenities

Want to know more about the amenities you are paying for? Need help finding a local utility or our school districts? Check out the CHP amenities page for detailed information about all the resources your HOA provides.

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Check Out Our Trails

Review the trails we have or check out the photos shared by residents here at Chestnut Hill Plantations, or submit your own photos to have them featured on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a very comprehensive list of questions the board and the communication committee has received over time. This is great way to answer any questions you may have as a possible future resident.

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Bylaws And Meeting Minutes

If you need to see the minutes from the last HOA monthly meetings you can find them here.

Being a resident in the Chestnut Hill Plantation HOA means you live in a community with bylaws, covenants and restrictions. You can see the full PDF here.

More HOA Rules, Guidelines And Forms

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