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CHP Updates:


With the new government restrictions, we have seen an increase in trespassing on CHP ponds and amenities. To deal with this, we are now aggressively enforcing the rules.

— If you are on CHP COMMON property, you must have picture ID showing your CHP address. Without this you are subject to fine or arrest. ***If you are renting a CHP property, you need to have a license that shows your CHP address. If your license does not show your current place of residence, you may be mistaken for a trespasser.

— COMMON PROPERTY is defined as the clubhouse (currently closed), clubhouse parking lot, clubhouse ponds, tennis courts, playground (currently closed), hiking trails, Broad River boat ramp area, Lake access area (inside the gate), and the small lake off of Grove Hall.

— The CHP common areas are CLOSED from dusk to dawn. This means no one is allowed to be on CHP common areas after dark, ***EXCEPT residents using the tennis courts. Residents must be actively playing tennis, and not hanging around. During this time, the Board asks that tennis courts be closed by 10pm.

— If you allow non-residents to use our amenities, your privileges will be revoked. This means you will be subject to fines or arrest in the future if caught on any CHP common areas.

— If your vehicle is on CHP COMMON property, it must display a parking placard. Without this, it will be subject to towing and impound. Placards are usually exchanged at home closings. If you did not receive a placard, they are available from Halcyon. Renters may get placards from their landlords or – with proper proof of residence in CHP – directly from Halcyon.

— The towing company will be instructed as of April 7, 2020 to patrol the COMMON areas and impound any vehicle without a placard.


If violations continue, we will be forced to close all ponds and common areas to everyone.

If you have further questions, please contact the Board by clicking here.

From The HOA Board Of Directors:

Due to state and federal Covid-19 ordinances prohibiting group meetings and events, all CLUBHOUSE RESERVATIONS for the month of APRIL have been cancelled.

Please contact Jan Talkish, Clubhouse Chair, if you need to reschedule your reservation. Click here to contact Jan. Please also be advised that – as the Covid situation evolves – MAY reservations may be subject to change.

Residents Need to Know:

►Cameras up in the clubhouse, recording 24/7. Please be aware you are being recorded.

►Placards are required for all residents parking in common areas. To avoid tickets or tows, use placards.

► Police are enforcing stop signs and speed. We have undercover cops enforcing traffic laws, this is your fair warning.

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If you want all the benefits of sublime country living, close to the city then Chestnut Hill Plantation is the community for you.

Located near the Harbison State Forest and the Broad River, this outstanding Homeowners’ Association in Columbia, South Carolina is the perfect location to raise your family. Teach your children to fish in one of our many ponds. Go for a hike on the community trails, or have a picnic on the stunning clubhouse grounds. Hop on your boat or kayak at our private boat ramp and take in our breathtaking views. Live in a community that gathers for family events and respects your privacy. Love where you make your home, see more of what we have to offer today.

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