Information on the proposed development at Stable Ridge

On April 7, 2021, the CHP Board met with Dawson Yandle,
Head of Land Development for Tier Homes.
Here is some information we gleaned from that meeting.

What we know

Tier Homes has a contract to buy the property we know as Stable Ridge. They will not close the sale until they know the City will allow them to develop. This means autumn at the earliest. They have to get approval at the Planning Commission meeting May 4. Then they need approvals from many different departments for many different aspects of the project. Once they are sure they can proceed, they will buy the property and hope to break ground in December.
The PUD-R (Planned Unit Development – Residential) approved by Columbia at the beginning of development of CHP in 1995 calls for 216 attached dwelling units in this area. Tier Homes is proposing 127 townhomes, in buildings of 2, 3 and 4, plus 16 acres of common area. The plan is for units 1250-1800sf, $199,999.

This will be a price around $115+ per square foot. Pre-existing homes in CHP are selling for about $100+ per square foot. Tier believes that this price point will attract buyers would be interested in brand new homes that promise low maintenance for 4-5 years.
The Point will have a secondary HOA, subservient to the CHP HOA. This means they will pay dues to CHP and have access to amenities and common areas, and also pay a separate assessment to The Point to facilitate exterior and roof maintenance of the attached dwellings, as well as lawn maintenance between the street and the building. Interior and back yard maintenance will be the responsibility of each homeowner. There will be very little landscaped common area; most will be left natural.

Tier will maintain control of The Point HOA until the area is 100% developed. After that, the sub-association will have its own Board. It will probably want to hire a service to manage its responsibilities and finances, much as CHP has hired CAMS. The Point HOA will be subordinate to the CHP HOA. CHP will have the right to approve or deny any action The Point wants to take.

There will be one road to the top of the hill terminating in a cul-de-sac (Winding Chestnut Drive). Another much shorter cul-de-sac will branch off this road near the bottom (name to be determined). There will be sidewalk on both sides of both roads. The roads will be deeded to the City of Columbia once built.
Units will have enough garage and/or driveway to park at least two cars. Not every unit will have a garage. There will be a small front yard, maintained by The Point HOA, and a small back yard for each unit. Back yards can be fenced if the owner chooses. Fences will have to comply with CHP rules. There will be a 30 foot buffer behind each back yard; the rest of the property will be deeded to CHP HOA once the area is 100% developed and sold.
Clearing and grading will happen in one phase, all the way to the top of the hill. Hopefully this can begin by December 2021. Building is planned to be in two phases.

Phase 1 will be 60-65 units, beginning as soon as the land is cleared, and scheduled to be complete in 2022. Sales should begin early in 2022.
Phase 2 will begin as the market dictates. Once Phase 1 sells out, Phase 2 can begin. The entire thing could be done as early as 2025.

Questions Asked and Answers Given

Q: What about the noise of construction?
A: Columbia prohibits construction between 11:00pm and 6:00am.

Q: What about runoff?
A: During development, silt fences will be installed to prevent erosion, and storm drains will be installed in the road. Additional drainage will be installed behind the homes as needed.

Q: How will this affect Lost Creek?
A: There will be construction traffic on Lost Creek. Tier and its contractors will be responsible for any damage done by their equipment to curbs and HOA property.

Q: What if they never finish?
A: A bond will be paid to the City in case infrastructure is not completed. There is no guarantee that all proposed homes will be built.

Q: Can the current utilities handle the extra homes?
A: Theoretically the City and County built the water and sewer facilities to handle the full build-out of CHP, including over 200 units in this area. If the system becomes overloaded, the City and County are responsible for upgrades.
Other utilities such as power, gas, and communications will be installed by Tier and the appropriate providers. Each provider will be responsible for maintenance once the service is installed.

Q: Will units be owner occupied?
A: No way to tell, and it can’t be mandated.

Q: Will Tier meet with the current homeowners to explain the plans?
A: Dawson will hold a formal question/comment format by email.

Tier Homes will receive questions about the proposed development of The Point at Chestnut Hill Plantation.
The question period is Thursday April 22 through Wednesday April 28.
This extended time will allow for more complete answers than a one-evening meeting with multiple homeowners.
The hope is to answer each question the next business day, but there may be a backlog. All answers will be made by end of business Friday April 30.
The CHP Board of Directors will be copied on all questions and answers. We will try to make the most pertinent of these available to all residents.
This forum must be polite and professional. Questions, concerns, and constructive suggestions are welcome. Communications containing offensive language, insults, or other rude behavior will be deleted without reply.
Please email to:


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212