Annual Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: David, JJ, Karen
Board Members Absent: Jan, John

John Harrison, Town & Country not able to come tonight
O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Attendees: fewer than 10 homeowners

Old Business:
More people are getting on payment plans now that intent to lien letters have gone out.

Stable Ridge / The Point:

  • Erica Lybrand, lawyer and Dawson Yandle, developer, are here to discuss the sub-HOA.
    • Owners will be full members of CHP HOA.
      • The Point CCRs must clearly state that CHP HOA is primary.
    • They will pay full dues
    • They will be subject to all covenants, restrictions, and rules
    • If in good standing, they will have access to all amenities
    • This means other HOA members will have access to any common area in The Point
  • CHP will bill these owners just like current owners.
  • The Point will bill separately.
    • There was discussion that to avoid confusion, it might be best if The Point HOA did not use the same management company as CHP.
  • Our understanding is that The Point assessments are for external maintenance.
    • So for external maintenance issues (need washing, missing shutters, damaged garage door) do we send letters to The Point HOA?
      • NO: send them to the homeowner as with other CHP properties
  • Common areas will be deeded to CHP once construction is complete. There are small spaces between buildings that the board must discuss taking over.
    • We need to talk to Dawson about the nature of the common areas: grass, trees, structures such as playground, gazebo, picnic tables.


  • Still working with electrician to finish getting the lights back on. Making progress. Will bill Spectrum once done.
  • Spectrum has paid for some irrigation repairs. Others are not their fault.
  • Another tree was hit by a car in the median on the parkway. Decided not to replace it; there’s actually better symmetry without it. O’Neil will put sod there.
  • Ponds are good. Wells are working.
  • O’Neil is talking to US Lawns about the quality of their work.
  • Tree trimming will be done again soon.


  • JJ met with the pool management company about what we need to get open this season.
  • There is an electrical issue with the main pump. The pool company is dealing with this.
  • Plumbing is done except for the water fountains. Part is on order.
  • The board voted to spend $500 on pressure washing the pool deck.
  • JJ is working to get some furniture repaired and/or re-strapped. May use the pool company’s suggested repair service.
  • The fence needs maintenance. The pool committee volunteered to wash and re-paint.
  • The pool shed extension is finished.
  • Need to finish retrofitting the lights, re-install the light sensor, and have Sonitrol install a camera to monitor the parking lot.


  • The hose bib is fixed.
  • One toilet in the ladies room has a sign saying do not use. David will make sure Jan knows about this.
  • Cobwebs are gathering in the rafters again. David will ask Becky to tend to them.

Architectural Review:

  • Violation for solar panels. She had an approval, but panels can still be seen from road.
    • The approval is valid so the violation will be voided.
    • Had an extended discussion on changing the rule about front-facing solar panels. The tree of us did not reach consensus so we’ll have to get the entire board to talk about this.
  • Violation for metal shed. Submitted an application for (retroactive) approval.
    • Denied. Has to have same siding and roof as house.
  • Application for large shed.
    • Denied. Maximum size is 10 X 12.



  • Crappie tournament postponed to April 13
  • Next event: Easter egg hunt. Then spring gathering April 20.
  • Trash Cans: many trash cans are visible, in violation of covenants, but at least they’re neatly placed beside the house.
    • This is a covenant rule and cannot be changed.
    • We agreed to send out guidelines on how to hide trash cans, and give a deadline for when we will start enforcing this rule.
  • No rule against sports equipment yet, but there is a rule about keeping thing in good repair.
    • Several mail boxes have gotten violations for damage and unsightliness.
    • Rusted, broken, and poorly maintained sports equipment (BB goals, soccer nets, etc) will be getting notices as well.
    • Rules about sports equipment are in process.

Next HOA meeting Apr 29.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212