Annual Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: Jan, John, David, Karen
Board Members Absent: JJ

John Harrison, Town & Country
O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Attendees: many homeowners, including representative from the newly formed retirees’ organization The Elderberrys


  • Finishing up the winter projects
  • Walking path lights: the contractor installing internet cut a power line while boring under Lost Creek. Will fix it in the next day or two.


  • We set some meeting dates for 2024
    • Feb 26, Mar 25, Apr 29
    • May 27 is Memorial Day. May’s meeting is the 20th
    • Jun 24, Jul 29, Aug 26
    • Sep 30
    • Budget meeting Nov 11
    • We did not set meetings for Oct, Nov, Dec because there is some debate on the by-laws. The annual meeting is supposed to be 60-120 days prior to the end of the year. Its purpose is to elect board members. We’re not sure yet if development had reached the point where this can begin.
    • If not, we might go back to having the annual meeting in December, where we present the budget.
    • We’ll be taking a closer look at the by-laws in coming months.

Credit card:

  • We agreed with 4 votes to get a credit card with a $2000 limit. Jan and David will be authorized users.
  • Board approval is needed prior to any use of the card.
  • Will be set to auto-pay so we’ll never pay interest. No annual fee, so no cost.


  • We agreed to apply for a Neighborhood Enrichment Grant for a new Little Library.


  • Town & Country has everything now.
  • We’re working on some procedures.
  • Need to talk about covenant enforcement.
  • Need to talk about collections.


  • McCabe Trotter doesn’t want to be our law firm any more.
  • Agreed to sign with Law Firm Carolinas?
    • This would put all the collections in one place.
    • McCabe Trotter still has some accounts. We should move them to LFC.
    • This is not an exclusive agreement. We can still use Gene for other things.
  • Here is a homeowner $5,850 behind.
    • Typically we offer a 4 month repayment plan, but that would be almost $1,500 a month.
    • $511 a month would have him caught up at the end of the year.
    • Or we can send it to collections and they will rack up the fees at no benefit to the HOA.
  • Agreed to offer an 11 month payment plan, but a single missed payment automatically refers to attorney for collections.


  • Construction on the pool house should begin any minute now. We’ll be in compliance with DHEC this season.
  • We signed a new pool contract. It’s more than budgeted so we’ll have to save money somewhere else. But we think we’ll get better service.
  • Still looking at changing the pool lights. It’s a special fixture, need to replace the whole thing.
    • John will have an electrician look at it.
    • David will, too.


  • Agreed that certain neighborhood groups may use the clubhouse with no fee, with the following conditions:
    • Open only to CHP residents.
    • If a paid reservation conflict with a date, the free group will be bumped.
    • They bring their own cleaning supplies and leave the clubhouse immaculate. Failure to do so will mean they pay the $75 cleaning fee each time.
    • Need prior approval from the HOA.


  • Social Committee just met. Here are the events for this year:
    • March 23: Crappie Tournament (Trina Winde, not an HOA event)
    • March 30: Easter Egg Hunt (Ashley McKee, not an HOA event)
    • April 20: Spring Celebration 1:00 – 4:00: Earth Day related stuff
    • May 4: Community yard sale (several families, not an HOA event)
    • June 29: Summer Splash
    • Oct 19: Pumpkin Patch (Sarah Lewis, not an HOA event)
    • Oct 26: Fall Festival
    • Dec 7: Holiday Gathering


  • We should start looking at the bylaws to see if we have graduated from developer control and need to start holding elections.

The Elderberries: A new community group dedicated to helping retirees get together, including doing community projects.

  • Deb O’Connor leads the committee, which has been working for over a month.
  • Want regular senior drop-ins at the clubhouse. Agree to all the conditions above.
  • Hope to spawn a number of other groups, some of which might ask for clubhouse use, too.
  • Asking for the HOA to post some announcements on the sign boards.
  • Asking for the HOA to e-mail blast an announcement about how to get more information.
  • Presentation attached.

Next HOA meeting Feb 26.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212