CHP HOA Pool Rules and Info!


Welcome to the 2019 pool season.  The HOA has implemented several significant changes to the pool operations this year.  Please pay close attention.


The pool opens May 18th and closes September 29th.


5:00 am - 8:00 am         Morning Swim for Adults Only (18 or older)

8:00 am - 8:30 pm        Regular Pool Hours

8:30 - 11:00 pm              Evening Swim for Adults Only (18 or older)


Pool attendants are on duty Monday-Saturday from 10 am - 8:30 pm and Sunday from 12-8:30 pm.  Lifeguards are on duty Saturday from 10 am - 8:30 pm and Sunday from 12-8:30 pm.  Staff take a 10 minute break every hour.  A person under 15 shall not be in the pool during a break.  A person swims at his or her own risk at all times.  On heavily rainy days staff may leave earlier than 8:30 pm.  A person isn’t allowed in the pool area, if there is thunder or lightning.  From September 3rd - 29th, no staff will be on duty.  Please straighten up furniture and dispose of trash and recycling.  If homeowners do not keep the pool area clean or organized, the HOA reserves the right to close the pool earlier in September.  Also, off duty City of Columbia police officers monitor the pool area at night.  The officers have the authority to enforce HOA rules, arrest persons, and run license plate tags on vehicles for towing.


Only a homeowner and accompanying guest are allowed in the pool area.  A homeowner shall use his or her HOA fob to open the gate for himself or herself and accompanying guest only.  A person shall not open the gate or hold the gate open for another person even if the person has a fob.  Please check to make sure the gate closes and locks.  If a fob doesn’t unlock the gate, check the bulletin board outside the pool to see if the homeowner’s name is on the list.  If the homeowner’s name is or isn’t on the list, contact Halcyon (732-9644).  A homeowner shall present his or her fob to staff upon entering the pool area.  A homeowner shall not give his or her fob to anyone outside the household to use to enter the pool area.  If a homeowner loses a fob, the homeowner shall immediately report the lost fob to Halcyon.  Please note that the gate will automatically lock at 11:01 p.m.  If a person doesn’t exit by 11:00 p.m., the person’s fob will not work and the person will be locked in the pool area.


A person under 15 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult to access the pool area.  Staff aren’t babysitters.  The parent, guardian, or adult shall supervise the child at all times.  A homeowner is responsible for the conduct of his or her child and accompanying guests’ child.  A person must be 5 or younger to use the baby pool.


A homeowner may have up to 5 guests per household in the pool area at any one time.  The limit is per household not per person in the household.  A person 15-17 living in a homeowners’ household may have up to 2 guests in the pool area at any one time when not accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult.  A guest must be accompanied by a homeowner at all times.  A homeowner is responsible for the conduct of his or her guest.


A person may have food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages, in the pool area; however, a person shall not have food or drinks in the pool or near the pool’s edge, and shall not have glass items in the pool area.  Staff will contact law enforcement to immediately remove a person showing signs of drunkenness.  Please clean up and dispose of trash and recycling.


A person shall not smoke, vape, or otherwise inhale any tobacco or similar product in the pool area.  If a person exits the pool area to smoke, vape, or inhale, the person shall not leave a person under 15 unattended in the pool area.  Smoking urns have been placed in designated smoking areas outside the pool area.  A person shall not move the smoking urns.


A person shall not have a party or party decorations in the pool area.  Renting the clubhouse for a party doesn’t include renting the pool area.  A person attending a party at the clubhouse isn’t allowed in the pool area unless he or she is a homeowner or accompanying guest within the 5 guest limit per household.      


A person shall wear proper swimwear while swimming.  A person in diapers or being potty trained shall wear swimwear designed to prevent contamination of the pools.


A person shall not use profanity in the pool area.


A person shall not run inside the pool area nor participate in rough play in the pool or pool area.


A person may use a small personal flotation device in the pool.  However, staff reserves the right to refuse the use of a float for safety or other reasons.  A person shall not jump into, onto, or off of a float.  Please be considerate of others.


A person may use a small music player or speaker in the pool area; however, the music must be appropriate for a family environment and the volume must be kept at a minimum hearing level.  Staff reserves the right to refuse the use of a music player or speaker for safety or other reasons.  Please be considerate of others.


A person shall not move pool furniture within 5 feet of the pool’s edge.  A person who moves pool furniture, shall return the furniture to its original location before exiting the pool area.


A person shall not bring an animal into the pool area.  A person shall not feed wildlife in or near the pool area.


A homeowner shall display a valid CHP HOA placard on his or her rear view mirror while parked in the clubhouse parking lot.  If a homeowner doesn’t have a placard, contact Halcyon (732-9644).  Guests aren’t permitted to park in the clubhouse parking lot and shall ride with homeowners.  If a vehicle doesn’t display a placard, the vehicle is subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.  If a vehicle is towed, contact Schroeder’s Towing Company (772-7930).  A person shall park a golf cart in parking spaces, not on grass or the concrete area in front of the steps.


A homeowner, homeowner’s household member, or guest who violates a HOA rule will result in the entire household’s pool privileges being suspended.  The HOA reserves the right to refuse admittance to a person or request the removal of a person because of misbehavior or failure to comply with HOA rules.  The HOA will not tolerate rude and disobedient behavior towards staff or other homeowners.  Staff  has been instructed to contact law enforcement and the HOA to report inappropriate behavior.


Please be aware that the pool area has 24 hour security cameras.  The cameras will monitor and record all persons entering, exiting, and using the pool area.


Please check regularly for updates regarding the pool.


Palmetto Pool Management is responsible for overseeing the pool’s operation.  Please direct all questions, comments, concerns, or complaints regarding the pool to Palmetto Pool Management (622-5474) or Halcyon (732-9644).