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Want To Rent The Clubhouse?

The Chestnut Hill Plantation is available for rentals from residents that live within the HOA. The clubhouse address is: 851 Lost Creek Drive, Columbia, SC 29212. The inside of the clubhouse has furniture that is not allowed to be removed and can only comfortably seat about 40 people, give or take. You can put up tents on the grounds around the clubhouse to comfortably seat 100+ people. You are responsible for all tents, tables, chairs and any other items placed outside for your event. Many party equipment rental companies will not pick up on weekends, you must ensure that all exposed equipment is safe, we are not responsible.

To rent the clubhouse you must be a resident of the Chestnut Hill Plantation HOA. If you would like to request to reserve the clubhouse for your event please follow these steps.

Check the rules. If your event will not apply to the rules, you will need to find another venue. If you are not willing to follow the rules, please find another venue.

To check availability and arrange for clubhouse rental, email

Questions? We have answered some frequently asked questions to help you plan your event!

Clubhouse Rental Rules

Rules for the Clubhouse

Frequently Asked Questions For Chestnut Hill Plantation Clubhouse

What are the fees to rent the Clubhouse? It is $150 for the rental fee.

What forms of payment are acceptable? The only forms of payment for rental is a Personal Check with Name of Homeowner On It or Cashiers Check from Bank with name and address on it. Credit cards are not accepted.

Can I get my family to pay for the rental of the Clubhouse? All personal checks must come from the Chestnut Hill Plantation homeowner/renter.

Can I move the furniture out to the Clubhouse for my event? You may not move any furniture out of the clubhouse. The furniture may be moved around but cannot be placed outside or moved out of the clubhouse. If you do move out the furniture, then there will be a charge.

Can I rent the clubhouse for a friend? You as the homeowner must be present at the event. You may not rent for outsiders who are not residents of Chestnut Hill Plantation.

What type of tables are provided? There are 2 oval wooden tables and 2 six-foot folding tables that are stored in the coat closet.

How many chairs are in the clubhouse? There are 2 leather sofas, 4 high back chairs, 8 wooden chairs that match the oval tables, and about 30 folding chairs.

What is in the kitchen? There is refrigerator/freezer, a stove with oven and a microwave. There are no utensils in the kitchen. You must provide everything you will need for your event.

What do I do with my trash? You are responsible for all trash from your event. You will need to haul off your trash and all personal belongings. DO NOT put your trash in the pool trash cans. If you do your security deposit will be forfeited.

Can I bring a BBQ grill to the clubhouse? You are welcome to bring a gas grill on property. You may not drive on the grass around the clubhouse to bring the grill on property. Please be responsible and clean up any grease from the grill.

Can I rent a tent and chairs for my event? You are welcome to rent a tent, tables and chairs for your event. You are responsible for the care of these rented items and they cannot be stored in the clubhouse unless you have rented it for that day.

Can I rent a bounce house or water slide for my event? You are welcome to rent inflatables for your event. You are responsible for the all rentals.

Can I rent the Clubhouse for more than one day in a row? You are welcome to rent the clubhouse for consecutive days, but the fee is $100 per day you rent even if your event is not that day.

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851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212