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Our management company is Town & Country Property Management. They handle the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and billing necessary to keep our community running. To contact them click here.

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When is the pool open?

The pool opens May 14th. For more information on pool hours and rules click here.

How do I get a pool key?

As long as you are current on HOA dues, you can get a coded key fob our management company.

Can I reserve the pool for a party?

Since the pool is open to all community members in good standing, it may not be reserved for any event.

How do I get a key to the gates for the pond and the boat ramp?

As long as you are current on HOA dues, you can get a key from our management company. There is a $50 deposit for the key, fully refundable if you leave the community. Please be familiar with the rules for use of the key and the facilities. Click here for the rules and key request form. Remember, if you fish on the river you need a license. Visit the SC DNR page for more information.

How do I reserve the clubhouse?

Find out all the details on how to reserve the clubhouse here.

Can I use any community space for any purpose?

Green spaces are meant to be enjoyed by all, but parties and events in green spaces must be approved by the Board. Please no wheeled vehicles on the grass. To avoid damage and keep the spaces well maintained for all, generally only HOA sponsored events are allowed. Please contact the board for further information.

Is it okay to fish in the ponds?

Yes! We try to keep the ponds stocked for the enjoyment of our community, but since they are part of Nature, our success is varied. Since the ponds are private property, any community member in good standing may fish in them without a license. You do need a license to fish in the river. Visit the SC DNR page for more information.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

Yes, you can! And we hear that they are delicious! But you must follow the catch limits so future generations can fish here as well.

To see all the rules for fishing in Chestnut Hill click here

Where are the nature trails?

Click here for the trail map. The main trailhead is located next to the tennis courts. Note: if you find a trail in the woods that is not on the map, that trail is not on HOA property.

When is the next neighborhood activity?

Please see the calendar of events here.

Are there any regular social club meetings in the neighborhood?

The community currently has several informal social gatherings, as well as planned events and committees dedicated to maintaining and improving amenities and quality of life for the CHP community. Please see the calendar of events here. Also feel free to talk to your neighbors on the Official CHP Facebook group or the unofficial Facebook group.

Is it okay to have a block party?

There is no rule against neighborhood gatherings, as long as no covenants or laws are violated. Please contact all of your neighbors who may be affected and respect their right to a quiet, comfortable community. Remember to keep the streets open to emergency vehicles.

Is hunting allowed in the HOA woods?

No. Hunting is not allowed anywhere within the HOA, including the conservation lands (the trail areas, woods) of which we have access. The S.C. Department of Natural Resources frequents the neighborhood to make sure all wildlife and fishing laws are being upheld. The DNR asks that you please notify them immediately if you should see hunters or evidence of poaching on CHP property.

The DNR Can Be Reached At:

Poaching Hotline: 1-800-922-5431

Anonymous online tip submission site:

Mobile phone text tip line: Text tips to keyword SCDNR along with your tip to 847411 (tip411)

The SC DNR Also Has A Free Smartphone App, Available From ITunes Or Google Play.

When Submitting A Tip – Be Prepared To Give The Fullest Possible Account Of The Incident Including The Name, Address, Age And Description Of The Suspect, Vehicle Description, Direction Of Travel, License Number, Type Of Violation And When And Where It Occurred. You Do Not Have To Give Your Name.

Community Involvement

When are the HOA Board meetings?

Board meetings are scheduled for the last Monday of each month, 6:30pm, in the clubhouse, with occasional exceptions. Please see the schedule here.

Do you post the minutes from Board meetings?

Minutes from the latest Board meeting can be found here.

Does each neighborhood have a representative on the Board?

That would be wonderful! If you are interested in representing your neighborhood, please contact your neighbors to organize regular communication, so you can bring your neighborhood’s input to board meetings.

How can I contact the Board of Directors?

Please email, and we will route your message to the appropriate board member or committee chair.

Is the HOA on social media?

We do have an Official Facebook group you can join to get updates in real time.

How can I get more involved with the community?

We have great neighbors in this community, and the more we are all involved, the better we can make the community for all of us. Please attend Board meetings, volunteer for events, and join committees. You can become your neighborhood representative. If you have an idea but are unable to attend a Board meeting, you can submit it here.

What is a Front Porch Roll Call?

As part of the Community Policing Initiative, Columbia Police squads regularly meet with residents of many communities to update the neighbors and hear concerns. There is no set schedule for these meetings, so watch for fliers. If you hear of a Front Porch Roll Call, please contact the Communications Committee or post about it on the Unofficial Facebook Page.

Click here for more information, or to request a Front Porch Roll Call in your neighborhood.

Is there a local teen to walk my dog, cut my lawn, babysit, etc?

Unfortunately we are not able to make recommendations on this page. Feel free to consult your neighbors for recommendations.


How can I contact the board members?

Please email, and we will route your message to the appropriate board member or committee chair.

How do I contact my utility providers?

Please see the Amenities page for more local services.

Dominion Energy: 1-800-251-7234

City of Columbia: 803-545-3300

Water Service: 803-545-3300

Solid Waste: 803-545-3800

Police: 911 or 803-252-2911

Richland County Sewer: 803-401-0050

SC Dept of Natural Resources: 803-734-4002

Looking for a special City of Columbia Phone Number?

When do they pick up trash? Lawn Waste? Recycling?

This is all handled by the City of Columbia Solid Waste Division, (803) 545-3800. The regular schedule is:

Lawn Waste: Mondays. Click here for details on yard waste.

Bulk Items: Mondays. Click here for details on bulk items.

Garbage: Tuesdays. Click here details on garbage collection.

Recycling: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month. See below for details on recycling.

If your pickup is missed, call (803) 545-3800 to reschedule. Click here to get a customized calendar and notifications of schedule changes for holidays, etc.

How do I know what to recycle?

Thank you for recycling! Many items can be recycled, but even if you just recycle food and drink containers you can keep your trash can from getting over full, and reduce the burden on our landfills. Click here for a full list of recyclables.

How do I get a pothole fixed?

You can submit a request with the City of Columbia here, or call 803-545-3790.

Who do I call about street lights out?

For the white metal lights with hoods, please call our management company at (803) 667-3763, and be sure to include the light number (located on the pole).

For the taller black streetlights, please get all the information from the plaque on the pole and call 1-800-251-7234.

How do I contact the police/fire dept for a non-emergency?

You can call the City of Columbia Communication center at 803-252-2911.

Where’s the nearest urgent care?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, see the Amenities page.

What do I do about this suspicious car / person in my neighborhood?

Please call 911. Be vigilant and keep your neighbors safe!

What do I do about this stray dog?

Most of the time neighbors are not aware that their dog is loose. The best remedy is to have contact with your nearest neighbors, so you can call or visit to tell them. Some people have had good luck politely posting a picture on the unofficial CHP Facebook group.

If a dog becomes a danger or an unreasonable nuisance, you can contact Columbia Animal Control at 803-776-7387. Here is a link to the City’s Animal services, including animal ordinances and information on licensing.

My neighbor’s dog barks constantly. What can I do?

Dogs bark for a number of reasons: boredom, fear, socialization with other dogs, or because they are protecting you from the UPS/postal/garbage man or a squirrel. Politely mention the barking to the dog’s owner, explain how it impacts you (not sleeping, unable to enjoy back yard, etc.) and see if a mutual solution can be found. If a solution cannot be reached, or the problem persists, please contact the Board, and they will speak to the owner. If all else fails, contact the city’s Animal Services.

Who do I tell about covenant violations?

Please contact our management company at (803) 667-3763 or email to (you can attach pictures). Remember that it may take some time to research, contact the homeowner, and resolve the situation. Please do not engage in social meeting shaming. The police have no jurisdiction over HOA covenants or restrictions.

Do I need flood insurance?

Unfortunately, the flood maps were redrawn after the Great Flood of 2015. Click here to check the official FEMA flood maps. Please contact your mortgage holder and your insurance agent for a personal consultation on this matter.

Should I have flood insurance even if it’s not required?

More protection is generally better, but please contact your insurance agent for a personal consultation.

What are those booming sounds?

There is a private hunting area just to the East of our community. There is also a quarry nearby which occasionally uses explosives, and sometimes allows law enforcement to practice bomb squad techniques.

What is that smell?

The Richland Wastewater Treatment Facility lies just northeast of CHP. There should not be unpleasant aromas coming from that direction, but in the event of odor, please call the City of Columbia at: 803-545-3300. The more people that call, the sooner it can be addressed.


What are the HOA dues, when are they due?

Currently HOA dues are $275 each six months. They are due January 1 and July 1 of each year. You should receive a bill in the mail each December and June, which will include payment options. If you do not receive your bill, please contact our management company at (803) 667-3763.

Why are our dues so high?

Considering the amenities, common areas, organized events, and use of the pool, CHP dues are very reasonable compared to other communities in the area. Similar neighborhoods can cost twice as much without pool access. The Board is dedicated to keeping our dues as low as possible while maintaining our amenities and quality of life.

What are the restrictions on fences, solar panels, satellite dishes, etc?

Click here to see the covenants and restrictions. Click here to see the Fence Guidelines – Architectural Review Document. You can contact the Board for prior approval here. Please be aware that covenants are enforced through the HOA and the Magistrate’s Office.

Who do I tell about covenant violations?

Please contact our management company at (803) 667-3763 or email to (you can attach pictures). Remember that it may take some time to research, contact the homeowner, and resolve the situation. Please do not engage in social meeting shaming. The police have no jurisdiction over HOA covenants or restrictions.

Why are there restrictions on street parking?

This is not an HOA rule, this is a Columbia ordinance. According to CPD, there was an incident some years ago in which emergency vehicles could not reach a house fire because of cars parked on the road. After exploring many options, City Council instituted the parking ban in the interest of public safety.

How do I get an exception to the parking ban?

Since this is a public safety issue, CPD does not issue exceptions.

But I’m having visitors from out of town. Where can they park?

If you do not have additional spaces in your driveway, perhaps a neighbor would be willing to offer some of their free space? Please contact the Board for options.

How do I stop these door-to-door salesmen?

Despite the ‘No Solicitation’ signs posted at the entrances of the community, salesmen are legally allowed to enter the HOA and go door to door. The only way for a resident to completely and legally prevent solicitation on their property is to post a ‘no solicitations’ sign. Simple signs can be purchased at the local Lowes and Home Depot, or the Internet is filled with a variety of more aesthetically pleasing – and humorous – versions (including those what welcome Girl Scouts selling cookies and neighborhood kids doing fundraisers).

If a solicitor ignores your signs, or refuses to leave your property after being told to do so, just close the door on them and call the Columbia Police Department, using the regular business line: (803) 749-5830 Please give the name of the company soliciting, the name of the solicitor (if you have it), and a description of their vehicle.

If a solicitor becomes unruly, aggressive, or makes you uncomfortable in any way, call 911.

Sometimes these “salesmen” are scouting for criminal opportunities. so be vigilant and keep your neighbors safe! If you suspect a ‘salesman’ is not who he claims to be, feel free to call 911.

What are the rules for golf carts in the community?

Golf carts are allowed in CHP, and may only be driven by individuals with a valid driver’s license. Like all vehicles on public city streets (CHP streets are not private), golf carts must follow the rules of the road. Click here for more information. If you see underage drivers, or people driving erratically, please call the police department.

Can I take my golf cart, mini bike, or go cart on the hiking trails or common grounds?

No. For the safety of all hikers, walking and pedal bikes only are allowed on the hiking trails.

Motorized vehicles cannot be used on the grassy areas as they cause extensive damage and destroy natural resources enjoyed by all neighbors.

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