Back to School: Neighborhood Bus Stop Safety Tips

Back to School: Neighborhood Bus Stop Safety Tips By Renée Cabaup, Comm. Comm. In a few days, hundreds of kids of all ages in the neighborhood will be heading back to school.  During the rush to fill out all the school paperwork, amass all the necessary supplies, and find the perfect backpack, parents and students […]

Southern Favorite Potluck Recipes

Southern Favorite Potluck Recipes Intro By Cynthia Giles *Comm Comm   To me, summer means gathering with friends and family near the lake, river or a pool and enjoying the day. Yet, one thing I have learned since I moved to Columbia, is that no gathering is complete without a large spread of food to […]

Living In A Forest

Living In A Forest   In our neighborhood of over 700 homes, we have a very diverse group of residents, but did you know you have many more neighbors than pay HOA dues? No, I am not ranting about delinquent homeowners, but calling attention to our furry friends calling our backyards home. You see, we […]

Let’s Be Careful Out There

Let’s be Careful Out There By David Bergeron Comm Comm In a close, comfortable and safe neighborhood such as ours, it’s wonderful that we can walk on sidewalks, bike on roads and paths, and that the pool, clubhouse and our neighbors are all close enough to get to by golf cart. Golf carts are convenient […]

Spring Camp Options 2019

Spring Camp Options 2019 Compiled and Edited by Tammy Hartford and Renée Cabaup, Comm. Comm Lexington-Richland District 5 schools will be closed for Spring Break April 15-19th.  There are lots of fun things to do if you’ll be home with your children, but what if you have to work and need child care?  Here are […]

Anyone seen my cat / Who’s cat is this?

Anyone seen my cat / Who’s cat is this? By Eric Nagy Comm Comm First off, let me preface this by saying I am an ANIMAL LOVER!  I have had many pets through my lifetime, including dogs, cats, snakes, iguana, rats, fish, and probably some others I have left off that list.  All of my […]

Taking advantage of our amenities

Taking advantage of our amenities By David Bergeron Comm Comm CHP is a great place to live. For an average HOA fee, we enjoy an uncommon array of neighborhood amenities. Why not take full advantage of them? Our most popular feature, the pool is undergoing a number of upgrades, and should be open from mid-May […]

Neighborhood Vs. Community

Neighborhood Vs. Community By Trina Winde CHP Resident As I’ve gotten older my perceptions have shifted and changed.  I guess that is part of living all of life’s beautiful ups and downs. I see more gray area now.  In my job as a Realtor though, it can be a bit more black and white at […]

What’s In a Name

What’s In A Name? By : Renée Cabaup, 2019   Communications Committee When I moved to Chestnut Hill Plantation from New England four years ago, I was intrigued by the name of our community.  As a history buff, I wondered:  were we built on a site known for an abundance of chestnut trees?  Was there a […]

Have the “Tech Talk” With Your Teens

Rethink Cyber Safety Rules and the “Tech Talk” with Your Teens This information is from StaySafeOnline.Org   Teens connect to the online world much differently than their parents do – thanks in part to our rapidly advancing technologies. Today more than ever, teens lead complex online lives and are faced with real-world problems online. In […]