Annual Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: David, JJ, Karen, Jan
Board Members Absent: John
John Harrison, Town & Country


  • All lights are back on. The Spectrum contractor who damaged them is paying the bills.
  • Irrigation repairs are done, ready for spring.


  • Opening May 11
  • Lights are all repaired and bright
  • Need to protect water fountains from carpenter bees.
    • There was much discussion on shielding the water fountains from the bees’ sawdust, as well as eliminating the bees.
    • Any volunteer who wants to work on expelling the bees should talk to Karen to prevent duplication of effort. If various people want to try various things, that’s fine.
  • Several signs required by DHEC have deteriorated and need replacement. They are cheaper on Amazon than the pool company wants to charge. David will order them.
  • The trash cans are in poor shape. Need to replace.
  • The rules mention a smoking urn. We should get one.
  • We discussed not having umbrellas at all this year. We end up replacing the entire set every year and it gets expensive. We settled on buying enough to use all the umbrella bases and have a couple of spares. Karen will take care of that.
  • JJ will try to find the contact info for someone who has re-strapped the chairs in the past.
  • Several of the tables have come apart. JJ and Karen will look at possible repairs. We’ll think about buying new one in steel or Trex for next season.
  • The baby pool needs to be re-surfaced. No budget for it this year; we’ll talk about it next season.
  • Volunteers still intend to wash and paint the fence.
  • David edited the rules for clarity. After some discussion they were approved and will be posted shortly.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212