October 2021 Meeting Minutes​

CHP HOA Meeting Agenda
Meeting start: 6:35

Board Members in Attendance: David Bergeron, Karen Sipos, JJ Gentry
Board Members Absent: John Wallace, Jan Talkish

Attendees: 2 Residents and David Peterson of CAMS Residential Services

Social Committee:
Fall festival went well.
Next event: Winter Holiday December 4.


  • No word to report on landscaping.
  • Mess on Lost Creek from the car has been cleaned up. Discussion on if we should file with insurance. David Peterson stated the easiest thing is to get an invoice of expenses and add to the homeowners account as an expense. We do know who it is and have it in the police report.


  • Reservation form was tested by David on computer and mobile. The form makes it clear when it has missing information. It must be user error when Jan doesn’t get it. People are either not hitting “submit,” or are not paying attention to the red sections when they hit “submit” on an incomplete form.
  • Jan has set up a dedicated email for the clubhouse: CHPClubhouse@yahoo.com.
  • It was suggested that we set up a Gmail that forwards to Jan’s yahoo so there are no more issues. Cynthia will set that up. This may allow us to automate a Google Calendar
  • David Peterson followed up with a quote for new light poles, requesting they be ordered this week. Provider believes we can have new poles this year.
  • Discussion about automatic lights in the clubhouse and why there seems to be days they do not turn on. They are on a sundown sensor. If we have more problems they will update it.


  • Signs are up in the bathroom saying call CAMS if there are problems.
  • No word back on cleaning in bathrooms, John will follow up on that.
    Chairs are still out, they need to be put up. But we are waiting to hear what is going on with the shed.
  • David got an email from Casey Craft, who would gladly build it for us, would look around for what he had, and warned about the price of the materials. He can look at old estimates and be updated, and could be ready to start by Dec.
  • JJ spoke within the city and they said should be good with a proper permit. Need to ensure it is not seen as brand new but is an addition, already has the foundation: all we will be doing is adding two walls and extending the roofline.
  • David Peterson will request for Casey to go back and request again as the pool house is not in a flood plain, just an addition to the existing structure.


  • Little pond is knee deep in algae. The water is so clear it catches the sun and the weeds grow like crazy. Discussion on if we should shock it or dye it to prevent the plant growth. It is not really an emergency.
  • We have been recommended to look at a fountain for oxygen for the fish. This will not really help the algae problem.
  • Discussion on fertilizing the ponds and if it is worth it. JJ stated we stopped stocking after the 2015 flood. As fishing is not a major draw to people considering buying in CHP, we can table this for now.

Tennis Courts:

  • Keith, chair of the Tennis Committee got some quotes last year.
    • $21,900 for a short-term repair that we think is not worth doing
    • $48,000 for a resurface
    • $68,000 for a resurface that comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Last time we had the courts done was in 2010; it lasted about eight years before they started to need work.
  • The courts are in a flood zone. Would the warranty cover a flood? Do we have insurance for that? Do any options give a better outcome if there is a flood?


  • David Peterson: We have $92, 927 in Operating Account. $87,079 in Reserve Account. We anticipate collection for the last two months to be $25,000. Anticipated expense for next two months $40,000.
  • There was a question about the next two month’s expenses bringing so much more than income. Income spikes twice a year when the fees are due, but expenses are pretty much spread across the year, so this is normal.
    Available Year End based on Projections:
    • $77,927 Operating Account
    • $87,079 Reserve Account
  • If we get the invoice for the new lighting, Operating will decrease by $23,300. Still great to end the year with a surplus.
  • Working hard on reducing bad debt. Discussion on foreclosures and if we get paid during them, we have had multiple bankruptcies in the neighborhood. Since we are the second or third lien holder, we generally get nothing from a foreclosure or bankruptcy. However, we have several homeowners on payment plans that should help us collect past dues and help them avoid further financial hardships.
  • Question on if we can put the reserve money in an account that can earn more money? We can talk to accountants about it to ensure it meets regulations, stays liquid, and has a better return. Cynthia believes her contact Mason Hardy may have some ideas.


  • JJ asked if we can update the message board tomorrow to define date and time for trick or treating. David will take care of it.
  • Public discussion on property violation and what we do for illegal structures and vehicles parked in the backyard. Neighbors are free to call code enforcement. Fines have been approved by the board so letters will be sent to houses in violation with fines. Fine will start to accumulate and it will go to their account.

Meeting Called to an End at 7:41pm.

Next HOA meeting Nov 29


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212