September 2021 Meeting Minutes​

CHP HOA Monthly Meeting
Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: David Bergeron, JJ Gentry, Jan Talkish, John Wallace
David Peterson of CAMS
Karen Sipos arrived around 7:00
Attendees: O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor; Keith Sato, chair of the tennis committee
Ward Squires, chair of the trails committee; Two other residents

Clubhouse – Jan Talkish, board member

  • Bookings are picking up. There are no Saturdays left this year.
  • Jan is not getting all the requests from the web site.
  • She was out of town and out of cell service for several days; when she got service, she received many messages, but some residents say they used the web site form and she never received the requests.
  • David questioned if it was because of her Yahoo address, which has had problems in the past. Jan said that Cynthia forwards requests and she gets them, and that the ones Cynthia sends she has already gotten automatically from the web site, so it works sometimes.
  • David suggested some users might not be completing the form or clicking “Submit.”
  • It was suggested we take the form off and have people email Jan directly.
  • It was suggested that Jan get a gmail account just for this purpose, which would keep her in-box from filling up as well as eliminate any Yahoo glitches. Jan is willing.
  • A resident suggested that the system could update a calendar automatically with a pending reservation, which Jan could then confirm or deny. Jan expressed discomfort with having to edit an online calendar.
  • It was suggested we add to the form a message saying if you don’t get an email, the form was not submitted.

Pool – John Wallace, Board Member

  • The pool is closed. There were no big issues this season.
  • We need to pay for some chair repairs and have them delivered.
  • We are scheduling a Pool Committee meeting to discuss the season, winterizing, and storing the chairs for the winter.
  • The Board agreed that covering the poll and draining the kiddie pool is still the best idea for safety reasons, and while it is a little more trouble to get it ready in the Spring, it’s not any more money.
    We want to keep the bathrooms open, until there is threat of freezing pipes, for tennis and playground users.
  • John will talk to a service he knows about weekly cleaning. If that works out, we will close the bathrooms Dec 1 to Feb 28, unless we have to shut the water off earlier for threat of freeze.
  • We discussed signs for the bathrooms urging users to report problems to CAMS.
  • A resident asked about lengthening the season next year.
  • We have already closed later two years in a row. There is a problem getting staff while schools are in session. There is a cost. But we will look at staffing and budget with an eye on opening earlier next year.

Landscape – O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

  • Things look good. We’ve started getting quotes for things we will need next year.
  • David mentioned that a resident was interested in putting a bench on the dam to honor her mother. What are the DHEC regulations on that?
  • Don’t think DHEC would have a problem with it as long as it doesn’t interfere with the structure of the dam. But we have to move equipment on that dam regularly, and we have to mow.
  • The bench can’t interfere with that, and it will have to be on a pad so we can mow around it; we won’t be trimming under it. There is also a danger that others will want to start putting things there and that will get out of hand.
  • Don’t let the homeowner do it herself. Allow her to pay for it but have the HOA do it.
  • A resident asked about removing the silt at the mouth of the big lake.
  • We looked into that a long time ago and it’s ridiculously expensive, in the rage of $70,000 up.
  • It was suggested we just dredge around what is becoming an island and leave the island there. Much joking was made about renting equipment with insurance and allowing it just sink in the muck.

Tennis – Keith Sarto, chair of tennis committee

  • Keith had some question about his status. The Board has always considered him the chair of the Tennis Committee, and we officially declared him as such.
  • We discussed violations.
  • The HOA encourages Keith to call the police if there are trespassers. He doesn’t even have to stay.
  • He is also encouraged to notify CAMS of other violations, such as refusing to lock the gates. Rules violations can result in loss of amenities privileges.
  • The Board asked Keith to get us updated quotes on tennis court repairs or resurfacing. We may be able to actually do that in next year’s budget.

Social Committee – Tammy Hartford, volunteer Social Committee member

  • The Fall Festival is Oct 23, 4:00 – 7:00. It will look a lot like last year; games, children’s costume parade, pumpkin carving contest, a food truck if possible.
  • JJ suggested we have a Halloween decorating contest like last year.
  • Jan is happy to judge again.
  • The HOA will provide prizes. John will donate from Mellow Mushroom as well.
  • David will find the information from last year and re-post it.
  • JJ asked if we can do a Holiday decorating contest for December.
  • We agreed that this would be fine, as long as the Halloween winners are not allowed to win both contests.
  • David will come up with a post for that, too.

Other business

  • A resident asked about the new development, The Pointe at Chestnut Hill (Stable Ridge).
  • Karen heard through the grapevine that there was a problem with the sewer capacity.
  • David will contact the developer for an official update.
  • The lighting project has made progress.
  • The lights on the outside of the clubhouse have been updated and look good.
  • On saying this, we all noticed that they were not on. David P will call the electrician to look into this.
  • We have a quote to put lights on poles in front of the clubhouse. This includes all new wiring because the old wiring is too far gone to repair. So it’s pretty expensive.
  • A resident mentioned that the steps were the main problem. The lights on poles will address this.
  • The Board voted to approve the work, to start as soon as possible. This will be paid for with reserve funds.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212