2020 November HOA
Annual Budget Meeting

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members Present: Jeremy Catoe, David Bergeron, JJ Gentry, John Wallace (Jan Talkish Board Members Absent: Jan Talkish
Others Present: David Peterson from CAMS, O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor
Three residents

Committee Reports:

Trails: Ward Squires, volunteer trail committee chair

  • We’re waiting on weather to clear out debris (leaves, etc.)

Rules / Covenants: JJ Gentry, board member

  • We’re working with volunteer law students and expect a report soon.

Social: Tammy Hartford, volunteer social committee member

  • Halloween decoration awards distributed. We’re planning the same thing for “Holiday” décor for December.
  • Sing-along with Santa is planned for Dec. 5. Santa will be on the steps of the Clubhouse so residents can utilize social distancing while participating. Masks are encouraged.

Communications: Tammy Hartford, volunteer communications committee member

  • Renee Cabaup has resigned from the Communications Committee to spend time on other commitments. We are looking for someone to join the committee.
  • Rene also took minutes for the monthly HOA meetings. We would love for someone to volunteer for this important task. They wouldn’t have to be on a Committee, just take notes at the HOA meetings.
  • We are getting better at using the sign boards at the two main entrances to keep residents informed of upcoming events

Pool: JJ Gentry, board member

  • Discussing when to shut off water, furniture storage and next year’s contract
  • Pool bathrooms will have to close due to cleaning issues complicated by extra cleaning needed for Covid-19. We’ll go ahead and turn off the water to prevent freezing.

Landscaping: O’Neal Gilliam, landscape contractor

  • We had a fungus issue, probably due to warm weather from the hurricane and extra moisture. We sprayed once and will need to spray again. It may be necessary to spray again in Spring.
  • Pine straw laid this week, landscaping projects planned after leaves drop
  • Blue Line Pressure Washing has completed cleaning of the light poles throughout the neighborhood.
  • A resident brought up sidewalks on Lost Creek – lots of limb overgrowth and debris. We will address that.

Other Discussions:

  • We’re still watching the potential sales of neighborhood properties still owned by the developer Seaboard.
  • We’re still pursuing getting the City and Dominion Energy to install street lights on the dark hill on Lost Creek. Some of that property has been sold, so we may have more influence once there are houses there.
  • The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Dec. 14, CAMS will be sending notices out.
  • HOA dues: bills go out December 15
  • New Board Member applicant Karen Sipos (18-year resident) is here and will be speaking with the Board after the general meeting.



851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212