CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 4/25/2019


CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 4/25/2019

Meeting start: 6:30pm


Board Members in Attendance:  J.J. Gentry, Jeremy Catoe, Jan Talkish, O’Neill Gilliam

Board Members Absent: 0

Attendees: 10 Residents and David Peterson, CEO of CAMS Services


General Update: J.J. reports that this has been a very productive month here in the neighborhood. Since
the last HOA meeting, the signboard by the river has been repaired, the light pillars (bollards) on the
walkway to the clubhouse have been replaced, the pool repairs are moving along nicely, the new
clubhouse office blinds have been installed, and security cameras at the clubhouse have been wired for 24
hour access (accessible by the Board only). Also, subdivision signs have been inspected, and those that
require more than simple cleaning will be removed and sent off-site for repainting.


Road Work: The majority of the Lost Creek Drive road work is completed, and the city plans on doing a
final cleanup of debris tomorrow (Tuesday, April 30). The city reports that they still have a little bit of
work to do on some of the side streets, and they also need to finish painting stop lines within the
neighborhood. It is anticipated that when all the work is done, the City of Columbia may hold a
neighborhood meeting for residents to discuss the project and ask questions (or voice complaints). It is
also anticipated that once the road work and cleanup is finished to the city’s satisfaction, they will address
the project of erecting street lights along Lost Creek Drive, on the hill between Gauley Road and Grove
Hall Lane.


Traffic Violations: Now that the roads are finished, we are seeing an increase in speeding and failure to
stop at stop signs. Police presence in the neighborhood has increased in response to these violations. A
couple of things to keep in mind:
— According to J.J., the police have both marked and unmarked vehicles patrolling the neighborhood.
—All cars must come to a FULL STOP at all stop signs – no exceptions. Slowly rolling through the sign
does not count.

— When approaching an intersection with a stop sign, drivers must stop behind the white line, BEFORE
the stop sign. Officers have been very particular regarding the specific rule, and have been known to give
out tickets if you stop on the line past the stop sign or make your stop over the line. Believe it or not, both
are considered a ‘failure to stop’ violation, which could earn you a ticket (usually over $200) and three
points on your license.
This stopping rule applies to all stop signs within the community. For individuals who use the
Hollingshed entrance, you must first stop at the white line and stop sign, then proceed slowly to the
intersection of Hollingshed and wait to turn.


Clubhouse: Jan reports that the HOA is now employing an HVAC company to do regular maintenance
every six months on the heating and air-conditioning system, after unexpected failures last year. The
system was recently checked, and the air-conditioning should be running smoothly over the summer.
There is a question as to whether or not the recent AT&T fiber optics installation in the neighborhood was
extended to the clubhouse. Fiber optics would greatly improve our current internet/wifi connections, thus
making clubhouse/pool phones, internet, etc., more reliable. The Board will check with AT&T to see if
the lines were laid, and if not, see what it would take to make it possible.
The Board would like to again remind residents that there is a security camera located within the
clubhouse that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The camera system not only has audio, but also
has night vision. This reminder is being sent out again because Board members have seen some
‘interesting’ activity at the clubhouse during events…so keep in mind that everything IS being recorded!


Clubhouse Parking Lot: The Board is planning to repaint the parking lot lines this spring. Also on their
agenda: dealing with the persistent pothole that keeps reforming at the front of the parking lot. The
pothole is caused by a depression in the road base that continues to reopen despite refilling. After The
parking lot lines are repainted, the Board will review the budget and deal with the pothole as soon as


Landscaping: O’Neill reports that he is making progress with the landscaping company regarding
maintaining all common areas. He has also requested – if possible – that the same crew work within the
community every week. Currently, seeding in progress within the neighborhood, and O’Neill has spoken
with city manager about irrigation heads on Lost Creek Drive that were accidentally broken during
construction (they will be replaced). The sidewalk near West Way will also be finished soon.
The Bollards along the clubhouse steps have been completed, and will have new lights installed soon.
O’Neill also reports that the irrigation pump system is doing well, with no problems.
If residents have any issues or concerns, O’Neill requested that residents please contact CAMS directly,
and they will forward the information to him.


Grove Hall Pond Access: Residents who want to fish at the Grove Hall Pond must access the pond
using the new trail that was built off of Lost Creek Drive, behind the Grove Hall neighborhood sign.

Parking is located across the street, in the semi-circle in front of the neighborhood lake gate. Like all
trails in the neighborhood, the new path is built only for hiking and pedal bicycles only – posts have been
placed at the trailhead to prevent golf carts and other motorized vehicles from accessing the path.
Please do not try to access the pond from the cul-de-sac at the end of Grove Hall Lane. Residents who
live in the cul-de-sac have told the Board that people are ignoring their no trespassing signs and property
fences, and are still illegally crossing their property to get to the pond. Please be a respectful neighbor, or
you may find yourself talking with the police!

Trespassing In The Community:  With the arrival of good weather, we are seeing an increase in the
number of trespassing incidents, especially at the Clubhouse complex. The police were recently called to
the complex after a resident witnessed a driver (who could not get the Broad River gate open) forcing his
car between the guideposts next to the gate in order to access the boat ramp. While the damage to the
posts was slight and not worth the trouble of pursuing legally, the culprit was given a $637.50 trespassing
ticket, along with a warning to stay out of the community. There have been trespassers illegally fishing in
our ponds as well. Most have voluntarily left after a verbal warning from Board members or after the
police have been called.

O’Neill and Jeremy have also recently met with owner of the undeveloped property next door to the
clubhouse complex, and he reports an increase of people trespassing on his property – many of whom
have been parking in the clubhouse parking lot. His attempts to figure out who the trespassers are have
been thwarted, as the individuals have destroyed the outdoor cameras he had placed on the property.
Per the Board: people found to be trespassing will receive a verbal warning the first time and will be
asked to leave the property. Second offenders will have their car towed, and will be subject to tickets and

We have also seen an increase in individuals using CHP amenities under the explanation that, “My friend
lives here and said that I could use the tennis courts / boat ramp / pool…” Please remember that
individuals who live outside of the community CANNOT use our facilities unless the homeowner is
ACCOMPANYING them! Please do not place your friends in an embarrassing and costly situation!
Trespassing tickets are very expensive ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Also, any resident who gives gate keys, tennis court codes, pool fobs, etc. to individuals from outside
CHP may lose their amenity privileges!

Car Placards: The Board would like to remind neighbors to always use their parking placards when
parking throughout the common areas, such as at the boat ramp at the lake, the clubhouse complex,
trailheads, and when parking at the Broad River boat ramp. Each household is allowed two parking
placards, however if you have teenaged or additional drivers, additional placards may be requested from
CAMS. Cars found parked in HOA common areas without placards (on nights that events are NOT in
progress) will be assumed to be from outside the neighborhood, and may be subject to towing. CAMS
can be reached at: (803) 732-9644

Social Committee: Mark your calendars because on Saturday, May 25, at 3:00pm (Memorial Day
weekend) The Social Committee will be hosting a Nerf War! This event is for all ages and will be held in
the great field across from the clubhouse.

Don’t have a Nerf gun? No problem! The Social Committee has hired a professional Nerf War party
business, which will be providing all equipment for this fun filled day!

**Please leave your personal Nerf guns and equipment at home so it will not become confused with the
commercial equipment. If you have any questions, please contact the social committee via the CHP
website at:


Hiking Trail: There was a concern that the pooling water on the trail between the tennis courts and the
great field might have been due to damage caused by the beavers, however a recent examination of the
area shows that it was caused instead by recent heavy rains. That area is now in the process of drying out.

Reminder: neighborhood trails are only for foot traffic and pedal bicycles. Golf carts, motorcycles,
ATVs, and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails. Motorized vehicles not only destroy the
paths, they also interrupt the peacefulness of the woods, which is enjoyed by many.

Finally, the Trails Committee is pleased to announce that Ward Squires is now the new head of the Trail
Committee. Congratulations Ward!

Pool Updates: Pool repairs and resurfacing are going well. This past Thursday the concrete deck
foundation was poured, and is now ready for the deck surfacing to be installed. The new deck surface
will be gray in color, and should be cooler underfoot. Once the repairs and renovations are finished, the
new pool contractor will come in and do a pre-season deep clean of the facility, ready the water, and set
all the furniture in place. The Board and new Pool Committee anticipate that the pool will open on May
18th, as previously scheduled.

Last year, there were complaints of odors coming from the pool restrooms. Jan reports that plumbers
were at the clubhouse today, and that the lift station (pump in the septic tank) was replaced with a stronger
pump. After today’s repairs, there should be no more smelly bathrooms!

The pool pump is running well despite its age, and does not need replacing at this time. The new pool
company assures us that in the future, if a new pump is needed, it should fit into our existing space which
avoids the need for costly expansion.

The second gate for the pool area has been ordered, and the materials to install it have arrived. The board
is hoping to have the second gate in place before the pool season opens. This gate will prevent access to
the pool deck when the pool is closed, thus allowing residents using the playground and tennis courts to
access bathrooms (using their fobs at the first gate) at the pool center. The second gate will always be
open during swim hours. Decisions about new rules for use of the bathrooms during the off-season, as
well as decisions regarding maintenance for the same, will be discussed at a later date.


After requests from numerous residents, the Pool Committee voted to extend the pool season – which
usually closes September 15th – to September 29th. After reviewing costs, the committee discovered that
keeping the pool open for an extra two weeks would not be terribly expensive, however, the extra two
weeks are considered experimental, and not permanent. Residents should be aware that, during this
extension, there will be no pool attendant or lifeguards at the pool (staffing stops after Labor Day). A
pool technician will continue to come in the mornings, but it will be up to residents using the facility to
keep the area neat and clean.

Please Be Advised: The Board and Pool Committee have made the firm decision that the extended pool
season will end immediately if attendees do not clean up after themselves.

This year will see staffing changes at the pool, as follows:

— First thing in the morning a POOL TECHNICIAN will arrive to deep clean the pool area and
bathrooms, restock bathroom supplies, and test and clean the pool water. The pool technician will only be
on-site in the mornings

— A POOL ATTENDANT will be at the pool daily from 10am to 8:30pm. The attendant will monitor
the pool, enforce rules, keep the pool area clean, and check water chemistry throughout the day. The pool
attendant will be responsible for making the decision to close the pool in the event of problems, bad
weather, or emergencies. Residents will still use their key fobs to open the pool gate, and then they will
have to show their fob to the attendant as enter the pool deck. If residents have people following them
into the pool deck area, the attendant will inquire whether or not they are guests of the residents. If
somebody does not follow the rules or they are trespassing, they will be asked to leave.

Please be aware that the pool attendant is NOT a lifeguard and that residents are swimming at their own
risk. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children and assuring their safety.

— LIFEGUARDS will be on duty on Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 8:30pm. Lifeguards are
responsible for guarding the water and maintaining swimmer safety ONLY.
In the past, many of the lifeguards were young – only 15, 16, and 17 years old – and felt uncomfortable
confronting adults when necessary. Because of this, the Board has requested that all attendants and
lifeguards be over the age of 18. The new pool contractor says that they can comply with that request.

Pool hours will be:

5:00am to 8:30am – Adult Swim only

8:30am – 8:30 PM Family Swim (all ages welcome)

8:30pm to 11:00pm – Adult Swim only

Adult swim time will be strictly enforced – no one under 18 years old is allowed in the pool area after

The pool closes nightly at 11 PM. At 11:01pm the gates automatically lock and will not open with the
resident fobs. If you are in the pool area, you will be locked in, and will need to contact the police to be
let out. Please plan accordingly by making sure you are out of the water and packed up with plenty of
time to leave.


The pool committee is in the process of revamping the pool rules. A copy of these rules will be mailed
out to all households by Friday of this week.

Meeting End: 7:19pm


Minutes reviewed and authorized by: Jeremy Catoe, HOA Board Member

Renée Cabaup/Comm. Comm.




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