CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 8/26/2019

Meeting start: 6:39 pm

Board Members in Attendance:  J.J. Gentry, Jeremy Catoe, David Bergeron, and Jan Talkish

Board Members Absent: O’Neill Gilliam


  • Attendees:  1 Resident and David Peterson of CAMS

Monthly Meetings:  A couple members of the Board expressed their frustration regarding attendance to the monthly HOA meetings, and wished this paragraph to be included in the official minutes.  There are over 680 households in the CHP neighborhood, yet, there was only one (1) resident in attendance this evening. Board members find it disheartening that the unofficial Facebook page is full of requests for issues to be addressed, comments about how the neighborhood should be run, and various other complaints, but only a very, very small amount of people actually take the time to attend the meetings (usually about 8-12 regulars, on average). 

Monthly HOA meetings are held to give residents a voice and an opportunity to talk directly to the Board about issues.  Frankly, the Board can (and often does) meet at any time, but the last Monday of each month is put aside for the residents of CHP.  Very few Board members participate on the unofficial Facebook page, so it is NOT the place to expect answers to issues or to speak to the Board as a whole.  

Right now, a very small percentage of residents are taking the time to attend meetings and bring their issues and suggestions to the Board.  Very often, they see results. If you want to see change within the neighborhood, please make the effort to attend the monthly meeting. It is held at 6:30pm, the last Monday of the month, unless a holiday necessitates a change.  Remember: this is YOUR time!

Night Fishing:  The Board would like to remind residents that night time fishing of the ponds and the lake is not allowed in the HOA, due mainly to safety concerns (lack of lighting around those areas).  Residents should wrap up their fishing at dusk, and should not begin fishing prior to first light. This applies only to residents fishing in the common areas – if you are a resident who lives around the lake or one of the residents on Pond Oak with pond shore property, fishing off your property after dark is permitted.

Recently, J.J. Gentry noticed 4-5 cars at the clubhouse, 2 hours past sunset, and discovered a number of individuals night fishing the clubhouse pond.  J.J. notified the Columbia Police Department, and asked that the individuals be informed that they were trespassing.  

If you have questions about night fishing, please contact the Board via the CHP website:      

If you see anyone trespassing or illegally (non-resident) fishing the ponds or lake, please call the Columbia Police (West Division, patrolling CHP) at their non-emergency number:  (803) 252-2911

Clubhouse Area Internet:  A recent check for a fiber optic signal in the clubhouse area came up positive, meaning it is possible that the high speed internet option may be available for use in the clubhouse/pool area.  Board members have made calls to AT&T to discuss high speed internet options for both phones and security cameras, but have been unable to connect with the proper representative for the neighborhood.  David Peterson of CAMS will also make calls and attempt to get a response and get the ball rolling.

Clubhouse:  Jan reports that a number of individuals have lost their security deposits after renting the clubhouse, mainly due to not following rental rules and breaching their contracts.  One major issue has been clubhouse furniture and/or furnishings being removed from the building, which is not allowed. Jan would like to remind residents renting the clubhouse to read all rules and regulations before signing the rental contract, and to reacquaint yourself with said rules prior to your events.  Remember, the clubhouse is for resident use only. If a resident has rented the clubhouse, he/she must be present throughout the event and make sure all rules are followed.

Also, Jan would like to remind residents that the calendar on the CHP website is updated as often as possible to reflect days that the clubhouse is reserved, but dates do change quickly!  The calendar is not written in stone, so if you have a particular date in mind, please contact Jan to make sure the date is available in her books before you begin any party planning. Jan can be reached via the CHP website from the Clubhouse Rental page:

Social Committee:  The recent CHP Movie Night at the clubhouse complex was a success, despite the threat of bad weather and a smaller than usual crowd.  About 150 people came out to enjoy the film, food, and prizes supplied by generous sponsors. A good time was had by all in attendance.

Landscaping:   Residents have reported that a lot of areas – especially around ponds – have not been mowed in the past couple of weeks.  O’Neill is aware of this and is working with the landscaping company to remedy this situation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact him via the Board email form on the CHP website:

Police Patrols:  The Columbia Police Department has been patrolling the neighborhood, and the Board is pleased to say that they have not received any complaints regarding illegal parking since the last HOA meeting.  As always, if you see a car that is parked illegally within the neighborhood (clogging streets, blocking fire hydrants, etc.), please don’t hesitate to contact the Columbia Police Department at their non-emergency number:  (West Division, patrolling CHP) (803) 252-2911

Pool:   In approximately a month, we will be seeing the end of the pool season.  Some of the staff that residents have known throughout the summer have already returned to college, and the new staff is adjusting to their pool assignments.  As of the end of Labor Day weekend, other than a pool technician who will arrive in the morning, there will be no other staff (attendance nor lifeguards) at the pool. Anyone using the pool does so at their own risk, and it will be up to residents to clean up after themselves and keep the pool area clean tidy.   

Normally, the pool closes during the second week of September, however, due to resident’s requests, the pool will remain open until the end of September.  Per the HOA Board: this extended date is tentative, and is based on resident cooperation. If the pool areas are not kept clean and tidy, and/or there are violations of pool rules, pool season will end immediately.

The Board is currently looking into custodial staffing to keep the bathrooms clean and stocked over the fall and spring so that they may be used by individuals visiting the tennis courts, playgrounds, or other areas of the clubhouse complex.  At this time, the Board is not sure if the bathrooms will remain open during the winter months, as the question of possible freezing pipes comes to mind.

Pool Use Violation:  The Board has become aware that this past Saturday, during CHP movie night, some individuals using the pool during adult time got a little risqué and engaged in topless swimming.  Most unfortunately, this behavior was witnessed by children who were playing near the pool, and reported the nudity to their parents. 

The Board is looking into the incident, and would like to remind residents that proper attire is required at all times when using the pool.  Individuals who do not follow the proper attire rule will lose their pool privileges.  It is the opinion of the Board that discrete skinny dipping may be fine in a personal pool on one’s property, but it is completely improper in the neighborhood shared pool.

CAMS:   The Board reported last month that they had been contacted by a number of residents who stated that they were experiencing difficulties with the automatic payment process for their HOA dues.  Other residents reported either being over-charged or under-charged on their bill. David Peterson of CAMS states tonight that that he has not heard from anyone who has been experiencing an issue. If you are still having a problem with your HOA dues payment, please contact CAMS to make them aware of the fact, so they can solve the issue.  David recommends either calling or stopping by to speak to him or Sage. CAMS can be reached at: 803-732-9644  or their email at: 

Architectural Review:   The Board would like to remind residents that they must go through the architectural review process if they would like to make changes to their house or property.  This includes: adding on to your house; changing your driveway (or adding additional parking); installing fences, sheds, or solar panels; the removal of trees larger than 4 inches in circumference; major landscaping, etc.  All the relevant information for the architectural review process can be found in the covenants given to you when you purchased your home. If you are not sure if your home project needs approval, feel free to contact CAMS to discuss your plans:  803-732-9644   Otherwise, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution and send in the architectural review paperwork.

Be advised:  any resident that makes changes to their home or property without proper approval will be subject to the cost of reversing the changes.  

Annual Budget:  The CHP budget year will be ending on December 31, and the Board is getting ready to begin the budget planning for the upcoming year.  If there is something that you would like to see funded within the neighborhood, please contact the Board to let them know. The annual neighborhood budget meeting will take place in a few months, and residents will receive notice of the time and date.  The Board looks forward to your attendance and your input. The Board may reach via the CHP website at:      

Lien Notices:  The Board was recently notified by residents of lien notices, found in a couple of the common areas.  Board members immediately contacted the City of Columbia as well as CAMS Services, and discovered that the city had CAMS’s old address in their system for the land parcels in question.  Because of this address error, CAMS did not receive the tax bills for these properties. David Peterson reports that the address issue has been corrected with the city, and that checks for payment of the taxes have been mailed.  The Board would like to thank residents for bringing this issue to their attention.

Conservation Areas:  The Board would like to remind residents that trails, wooded areas, the boat ramp area along Broad River, and other spots within the neighborhood are considered conservation areas, and cannot be changed without specific permission from the state of South Carolina.  Residents are asked to please not cut down trees, make new paths, etc. All requests to do so must first be brought to the Board.  Failure to contact the Board could result in repercussions for the neighborhood from the state of South Carolina. If you have questions about a change to a conservation area, please contact the board at:      

Trail Rule:  The Board would once again like to remind residents that motorized vehicles – ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, motor bikes, etc.- are NOT allowed on any of the hiking trails, and cannot be driven on the sidewalks or on the grassy common areas.  Motorized vehicles on the trails not only destroy the trail itself, but pose a danger to individuals and pets who are hiking them. The driving of motorized vehicles on the sidewalks also poses a danger to people and pets. Using motorized vehicles on the grassy lawns around the clubhouse and throughout the neighborhood ruins the lawns.  Remember – the money to make repairs comes out of all of our HOA dues.  

Meeting End:  7:34pm

Minutes reviewed and authorized by:  David Bergeron, HOA Board Member

Renée Cabaup/Comm. Comm.

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