CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 07/27/2020

Due to the recent COVID-19, all attendees practiced social distancing and the use of masks.

Meeting start: 6:30 pm


Board Members in Attendance:  David Bergeron, O’Neil Gilliam, J.J. Gentry, and Jan Talkish

Board Members Absent: 0

Attendees:  4 residents and David Peterson of CAMS Residential Services


Communications Committee:   The Comm. Comm is in the process of gathering new information and material for the CHP website.  Recently, copies of old hiking and fishing rules were given to Renée Cabaup, of the Comm., for publication.  Upon retyping the original fishing rules copy (which was stained and in some spots barely legible) it was found that some of the rules were extremely vague, possibly problematic, and/or outdated.  A clean typed copy was submitted to the Board, along with possible revisions, for consideration.   The problematic sections were discussed during meeting time.  J.J. Gentry will be looking over the rules, making necessary updates and changes, and then will provide a final copy for publication on the website.

Board Purchase:  During the upcoming tax free shopping weekend, the Board would like to purchase a laminating system, to be used to seal notices, signs, posters, etc., within the community.  Currently, the Board spends quite a bit of money having items professionally laminated, and O’Neil feels that owning a machine for Board use would be a huge savings in the long run.  A vote was taken among Board members and passed unanimously.  O’Neill will pick up a system at Costco.

Clubhouse:  Jan Talkish reports that people have been booking the clubhouse, but usually end up canceling their reservation as the Covid restrictions drag on.  One major problem regarding renting is the current DHEC mandate that people not congregate in groups of more than 20, which puts a damper on usually large celebrations such as weddings and baby showers.  Currently, the most consistent renter is the CHP Book Club, which pays a newly instituted ‘Covid cleaning fee’ following the use of the space.  A discussion was raised during the meeting of instituting a new Covid-related cancellation policy during these uncertain times.  Jan will review the current cancellation policy and get back to the rest of the Board on the matter.

CAMS:  David Peterson reports that inspection letters have been going out, and requests to speak to the Board members in executive session (Board members only), following tonight’s meeting.  Such meeting will be held.

Pool:   J.J. will be setting up a Pool Committee meeting in the near future to discuss current Covid-related rules.  The Board has received numerous requests from residents asking if restrictions regarding toys and floats at the pool could be loosened.

Due to a fecal accident, the baby pool had to be closed down this past week.  Palmetto Pools has since cleaned and shocked the baby pool, and it is again open.

Thanks to the camera system at the pool, Board members were able to identify a couple of individuals who have been breaking into the pool during off hours.  The police have been notified, and these individuals will be charged with trespassing.  The Board would like to remind people that cameras operate 24 hours a day, and include audio.

Clubhouse Complex Sign:  As mentioned last month, the sign at the entrance of the clubhouse complex need to be replaced due to fading.  J.J. has rewritten the existing rules and drawn up new suggestions to be added.  Captain Yates – of our local Columbia Police Department precinct – suggested that the sign include an identifying address, emphasize the no trespassing rule, and also highlight parking rules.

Captain Yates also strongly suggested that the sign clearly state opening and closing times for the clubhouse area.  She apparently stated that her officers are unable to properly police the area when they have no clear idea of when the clubhouse complex is supposed to be completely closed to visitors.  This started a very spirited discussion among Board members, Jan (the Clubhouse Chair) and resident attendees. 

The playground, hiking trails, large field, river access road, and fishing the ponds all close at dusk.  The pool and tennis courts have a definitive closing time of 11pm, however, the clubhouse has no specific event ending time.  Some events stop at 11pm, some after midnight, and some – such as group sleepovers – last all night.  While Jan emphasizes that there is no absolute closing time that can be added to the sign due to the nature of events, J.J. worries that trespassers will get away with their illegal activities because the police will not be able to differentiate them from clubhouse guests.  It is generally agreed by all in attendance that – on clubhouse event nights – wily trespassers may not be apprehended due to the difficulty of differentiating them from legitimate guests.

After much discussion, it was agreed that 11pm would be a reasonable time to state on the sign (since the pool and tennis courts close at those times), but, police officers patrolling the complex need to know that clubhouse events often surpass that time. 


Clubhouse Complex Gate:   J.J. states that he is still looking into the possibility of placing an electric gate at the entrance to the clubhouse road.  J.J hopes to have 3 quotes from possible vendors soon, and would like to see this budgeted for next year.  A gate would eliminate a great deal of the trespassing traffic as well as illegal activities that take place at the clubhouse, especially after dark. 

Landscaping:   O’Neil states that the well across from the clubhouse road is currently out of service, due to a damaged pump.  He is in the process of getting this repaired; however, it is taking some time to coordinate with both the well company and the Richland County maintenance department.  In the meantime, residents will notice that the water levels in the ponds seem a bit low.


Meeting End:  7:29pm



Minutes reviewed and authorized by: David Bergeron, HOA Board Member



Renée Cabaup / Comm. Comm.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212