CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 7/30/2018

CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 7/30/2018

Meeting start: 6:39pm

Board Members in Attendance: Jeremy Catoe, Jan Talkish,

Board Members Absent:  J.J. Gentry, O’Neil Gilliam, Larry Newton

Attendees:  8 Residents

Upcoming Road work –  The City of Columbia has informed the Board that it will be hosting a meeting soon (place to be announced) to discuss the upcoming road repairs and repaving within the neighborhood.  This meeting will be open to all residents.  Information, when available, will be posted on the CHP Website and the unofficial Facebook page.

Streetlights –  SCE&G is moving forward with their plan to install street lights on the Lost Creek Drive hill, between Gauley Drive and Grove Hall Lane.  The area has been surveyed, and location markings are in place.  A date for installation has not yet been received.

Neighbors who live on Coxfield Court report that their cul-de-sac still has no street lights, despite earlier calls to SCE&G.  The Board will contact the utility company and find out why the issue has not been addressed.

Grove Pond –  The Board has ordered a survey to be done at the properties bordering the small pond off Grove Hall Lane.  As discussed at a previous HOA meeting, the pond is a popular fishing spot, but there is a question as to whether access to the pond is on common or private property.  The survey will determine the property lines in the area of the pond, and whether or not a special access path will need to be made from Lost Creek Drive.  Details about the findings will be announced at a future HOA meeting.

Pool Updates –  The kiddie pool has been closed recently due to a broken chlorine pump – Carolina Pool Management is aware of the problem and is working on it.

Pool repairs are slated to begin in the fall, after the pool season ends.  The Board and Carolina Pools are currently getting bids for the costs.  The pool requires resurfacing and an extension of the concrete surface on one side in order to meet DHEC safety standards.  All repairs should be finished before the opening of the 2019 pool season.

Reminder:  Once school begins (August 22), lifeguard hours will change until the remainder of the pool season.  New hours will be:
* Mon – Fri 4pm to 8pm.  Please be aware that if there is no lifeguard is on duty, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed in pool area unless accompanied by an adult (DHEC safety rules).
*Regular weekend hours will still be observed.
The pool will close for the season on Sunday September 16th at 11pm.

Fireworks in the Neighborhood –  Extended fireworks usage in the neighborhood, following the 4th of July holiday, has been a hot topic of late in the neighborhood.  There has been a lot of confusion about fireworks laws in Columbia, and contacting different officials resulted in conflicting answers as to what was legal and what was not.  The Board reached out to the local division of the City of Columbia Police Department, and requested that a police officer attend tonight’s meeting, in hopes of shedding some light on the actual laws and regulations.  Unfortunately – after being told an officer would attend – the officer was a no show.  A short discussion was held among attendees, with both sides of the issue being heard.

Given the lack of definitive information regarding legalities, and the current HOA Covenants, the Board worries that establishing new rules or guidelines within the community regarding fireworks would:
(1) entice further extended use in reprisal (as seen this year)
(2) place board members in a position of chasing down offenders, with little recourse
(3) further exasperate negative emotions between neighbors

Thus said, at this time – and unless definitive ordinances are found or passed to the contrary – the HOA will defer to the fireworks ordinances of Richland County and the State in regards to individual use of fireworks by residents/homeowners.  Residents are reminded to please use fireworks safely and responsibly – especially during times of drought – to avoid damage to surrounding property and/or injury to others.

Residents who would like to see changes to the City of Columbia ordinances are encouraged to write to their local representative – Sam Davis – and other city officials.

In regards to common areas within the community and fireworks – the fireworks at the Summer Celebration (just prior to the 4th) were a huge success, especially since those in attendance helped with the clean up effort.  However, in the days following the 4th of July holiday, others used the clubhouse area to discharge fireworks and did not clean up the debris.  If this continues to be a problem, the Board will have the right to make common areas in the community ‘fireworks prohibited’ zones.  Please help keep our community clean and user friendly for all.

The Board made clear that they do understand the comments, concerns, and complaints of those on both sides of the issue, and remind everyone that the enjoyment of fireworks and respect for neighbors can go hand in hand.

Communications Committee –  The Comm. Comm is pleased to announce increased website traffic from both residents and non-residents.  Our blog ‘CHP Talks’ is up and running, with a few articles available and more to come.  Also, our webmaster has secured a shorter, much easier to type web address: .  The website can also still be accessed at the original web address: .  As always, all interested residents are welcome to attend the Communications Committee meetings.

Social Committee –  The Social committee is hard at work planning for the upcoming Family Movie Night, to be held on September 8th, at the courtyard of the clubhouse.  They would love your input regarding family movie selections!  Suggestions may be made by contacting them on either the website (general contact form), or the unofficial Facebook page.  As always, all interested residents are welcome to attend the Social Committee meetings.

Highland Creek Lane –   Following a break in a water main on Highland Creek lane, a rather large hole developed.  After fixing the main, the City of Columbia maintenance crews filled the hole with loose asphalt, however, the recent heavy rains have not only washed that filling away, but made the hole bigger.  Traffic cones have been placed to mark the area, and the city will be called to make a permanent repair.  In the meantime, there is room for only one car to pass at a time, so please exercise caution.

AT&T Cable Update –   Neighbors on Sandalwood Lane reported a few months ago that AT&T left an underground cable exposed and running across several yards and driveways.  Tonight, a resident reported that AT&T had recently come out to inspect the cable and to make arrangements to have it buried.

AT&T has also notified the Board that it will soon begin laying more fiber optic cable within the neighborhood, but gave no specifics as to when or which streets – more info will be provided when available.

Also, it was recently discovered that the Internet line going to the clubhouse and pool area is damaged (no idea what happened), resulting in spotty Internet access, and delaying the installation of cameras.  AT&T is aware and will be making repairs.

Landscaping –   O’Neil has been busy dealing with US Lawns over current problems within the neighborhood, such as scalping of the common area lawns, weed control issues, gates left open, etc.  Our thanks to neighbors who reached out to make the Board aware of the problems.  If you see a common area landscaping issue, please contact the Board via the website:

O’Neil has also been talking to an electrician about fixing the step and side walkway lights at the clubhouse.  Jan will check with O’Neil about the progress of these repairs, as residents are concerned somebody may trip on the dark steps, get hurt, and sue the HOA.

Gauley Drive –   A few residents on Gauley Drive have reached out to the Board via the website regarding trash cans clogging the road on trash day.  Jeremy was not sure if cans were clogging the road because they were placed on the road prior to pick up, or after being emptied and carelessly dropped by the trash truck.  When putting trash out, he recommends putting cans on the edge of the lawn or driveway if possible (some homes cannot due to sloping or highly pitched yards or driveways), and taking cans in as soon as possible after collection.

Parking Questions –  Another resident reached out to the Board via the website to find out if they had the right to call the police or parking services about cars parked on roads after the parking curfew (2am to 6am), and have them towed.  Residents DO have that right, especially if the parked cars are making it difficult to pass on that road, difficult to get in and out of driveways, or blocking driveways.  The Board would like to remind residents that this only applies to cars parked on City of Columbia streets.

Residents CANNOT call the police or parking services about cars parked illegally in the clubhouse complex or at other common areas (the lake, the boat ramp, etc.).   Residents CANNOT authorize the towing of cars from common areas** – these vehicles will be dealt with by the Board.

** Unless your own car has broken down in a common area, and you are having it towed late at night/early morning for repairs.

Antenna Ruling –   A resident with a Ham Radio license advised the Board that the laws regarding the erection of amateur (ham) radio antennas in HOAs are currently changing at a Federal level.  Most HOAs do not allow the tall structures, but there is a possibility in the future that that may change, especially given the role amateur radios can play during times of emergency when traditional means of communication may fail.  According to the bill going through Congress now, an HOA would not be able to say no to the erec

tion of ham radio antenna, but the structure would require prior approval.  More info to come as available.


Meeting ended 7:25opm

rmc/Comm. Comm.


Approved JC 8418

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