Monthly Meeting

​Meeting Start: 6:30pm

This month’s meeting was cancelled due to illness and family issues.
Some decisions were made by text among the board members.

  • A tennis clinic for CHP children was approved by four votes (one member did not vote). It will be held by Lollie Haselden on July 17-19.
  • A motion to change our collections attorney to McCabe Trotter and Beverly was approved unanimously. Other collections policies remain unchanged.
  • A motion was made and seconded to approve $650 to replace the wind screens on the tennis courts.
    • Discussion: We’ve budgeted $500 for tennis courts this year.
    • This is a better price (from a member of the Tennis Committee) than David found on his own.
    • Motion passed by four votes (one member did not vote).
  • Realtor Sarah Lewis has asked to have Sonnie’s Lemonade Stand at the clubhouse Sunday Sept 3 (Labor day weekend) 2-4pm giving our free lemonade. This will promote Sonnie’s and Sara.
    • The board unanimously approved
  • A motion was made and seconded to get an electrician to look at the wiring for the septic tank at the pool.
    • Discussion: The GFI powering the septic pump frequently trips. The tank overflows until a board member is told about it, comes out to reset it.
    • If the GFI was in the breaker box rather than at the tank it would be easier to reset.
    • Maybe an electrician can make the whole system more stable so it doesn’t trip as much.
    • This could cost a few hundred dollars.
    • Motion passed by three votes (two members did not vote).

Next HOA meeting July 31


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