CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 6/25/2018

CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 6/25/2018

Meeting start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance:  Jeremy Catoe , J.J. Gentry, O’Neill Gilian, Larry Newton

Board Members Absent:  Jan Talkish,

Attendees:  29 Residents

Communication Committee –  The new community website has been up and running for over a month now, and continues to grow!  Information is updated often, and we will be adding more content over time.  The website may be reached via 2 addresses: or the new (shorter!) address of  Residents are encouraged to check the website often for updated information about events, clubhouse rentals, or forms.

The HOA Board members would like residents to know that the website is the best way to contact the Board members if you have a concern, complaint, or issue that needs attention. The Board requests that residents not post Board questions to the unofficial Facebook page, as Board members are not on it often enough, or may miss the question in the general conversations. The Board also asks that residents please NOT send anonymous emails, as they have no way of following up on the issue or discussing it with the emailing resident.  All emails to the Board are confidential.  If you have a complaint, please provide as much information as possible so the Board may rectify the situation.

Summer Celebration:  The Social Committee is pleased to announce that the Summer Celebration will take place this coming Saturday, June 30, at the Clubhouse Complex, from 4pm to 6pm.  The celebration will feature a BBQ dinner (prepared by volunteers, who will start cooking the night before) that includes slow-cooked BBQ, sides, and other goodies at $10.00 per plate.  Neighbors are welcome to purchase dinner, or may being their own picnic and drinks.  The fun includes games, a cotton candy machine, a slip & slide behind the clubhouse, and a neighbor run fireworks display after dark.  The event is free to residents, unless you opt to purchase a BBQ dinner.  For more information, please see the community website at: or

Landscaping –  O’Neill reports that there have been concerns with the landscaping company getting their work finished on their neighborhood day (Thursday).  O’Neill has discovered that Thursday is the landscaping company’s payday – and thus, workers are anxious to leave for the day.  Our new landscaping day is Tuesday, which will allow for Wednesday and Thursday to fix any issues.

Other landscaping news:  invasive plants within the community are being removed and replaced.  Some progress is being made with the decisions about the irrigation issues on Gauley Drive – we are going to explore adding a meter to run the irrigation off of the city water supply.

The crepe myrtle trees at the Gauley Drive common area (transplanted from the pool area) are having a hard time this season between the cold winter and the recent very hot weather.  O’Neill is keeping an eye on them to insure their survival and a resident next door to the common are is keeping them well watered.

A resident posed a question about the maintenance of the grassy land (easement) between his and a neighbor’s house, leading to one of the ponds.  This neighbor has been mowing the land because the landscaping company does not, and is questioning why it is ignored.  O’Neill will address the area with the landscapers to make sure they are aware it needs to be maintained.

Two issues regarding the pond at the end of Grove Hall Lane:  the Board has recently discovered that access to the pond from the Grove Hall Lane cul-de-sac has changed because the access point apparently crosses private property.  The Board has decided to have the area resurveyed to find the actual property lines, and see if public access can be maintained.  Currently, the only public access way to the pond is to walk uphill through the woods from Lost Creek Drive.   If the new survey confirms that the prior access point IS all private property – and residents do not want to allow public access – then the Board will look into creating a path, through the woods, from Lost Creek Drive.  The other issue with the Grove Hall Lane pond is that kids have built an artificial dam at the pond, blocking the natural flow of replenishing water into the pond.  Currently, the pond is drying up, and neighbors do not wish that to happen.  The Board will investigate.

Resident requests – trees are scheduled to be removed from the sewer pump area on Lost Creek Drive.  Residents ask that some fragrant bushes be planted in the area to mask the odors that come from the spot, as it is very noticeable to those walking down Lost Creek Drive.

Resident request – visibility issues exist at the corner of Lost Creek Drive and Hawk’s Nest Court, due to tall bushes in the center lane landscaping.  The resident demonstrated – via photos – that when taking a left turn into Hawk’s Nest, the taller plants – along with the up-rise on Lost Creek Drive and the twist of the road as vehicles come from the clubhouse area – cause cars to disappear from site until they are practically in the intersection.  This visibility issue has contributed to auto accidents in the past, and makes turning into Hawk’s Nest difficult.  O’Neill says the landscapers have been told to keep the landscaping low in that area, but he will reevaluate the site to see if taller plants need to be removed completely to increase the visibility.

Community Signs –  Subdivision signs need cleaning as most are dirty and some have developed mold.  Signs are not made of wood, but of foam, and thus, need special cleaning.  JJ is still trying to find out the best way to clean and service them, but they may need to be cleaned by hand.

Community Damage/Wear and Tear –  Some signs within the community – like the clubhouse sign – need to be replaced, and the HOA is working on that.  The Board asks that residents report any broken or knocked down signs, broken street lights, etc., to the Board, via the website: or  Please be specific when reporting the problem and provide an exact location.  If reporting a broken CHP street light (the white ones), please provide the pole number (found on a plaque on the pole). Please don’t assume something has been reported – the Board would rather get a few emails about the same problem, than no emails at all.  The HOA employs a general maintenance crew, which does some of the repairs in the community, and in the past week, they have been spotted fixing some of the previously damaged street lights.

Clubhouse – the clubhouse continues to be booked often, especially on the weekends.  If you would like to rent the clubhouse, please check the calendar on the website to see if it is available on the date you are seeking.  Jan Talkish, who handles all clubhouse reservations, can also be contacted via the website: or

Dirt bikes – Dirtbikes and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on the fields, sidewalks, or public areas as they tear up the lawns and are a danger to pedestrians.  During tonight’s meeting, a resident pointed out to the Board that a dirt bike rider was – at the moment – riding across the lawns behind the clubhouse.  Jeremy Catoe briefly left the meeting, hoping to stop the rider and address the issue with him.

Pool –  Inspection visit to the pool today by DHEC (Department of Health and Environment Control).  The needed extension to the pool deck has not been done due to budgeting and cost concerns, and DHEC was understanding of this, however, they have said it must be done by next year’s pool season, or they will have to close the pool down.  Otherwise, DHEC was pleased with the management and condition of the pool in general.  The Board has spoken to a couple of resurfacing companies, who recommend doing the work during the off-season, as it will not necessitate the closing of the pool to the public, and the cost will be greatly reduced.  The Board will get quotes for the work this fall, and commence with the needed extension work over the winter/spring months.

Since the opening of the pool, there have been some homeowner complaints about the lifeguards not being attentive while working (on cell phones, chatting too much, not giving good coverage to the entire pool, etc.).  JJ has spoken to the head lifeguard and the pool manager, and these issues will be addressed.  Thus far, it has been a quieter pool season with few problems.  One resident praised the lifeguards, stating that he felt they were doing a better job than in previous years, and was surprised by the complaints.  JJ explained that the complaints stemmed from one particular day at the pool, and that – because more than one homeowner complained that day of the lifeguards not doing their job – he had to address the issue.

Residents in attendance brought up a few issues in regard to the pool. One resident asked if the lifeguards were responsible for keeping the pool area clean.  Lifeguards are responsible for making sure tables, pool deck, etc., are in order for the start of the day, and cleaning up messes that may have been left behind by residents.  On that note, it is requested by the Board that residents be good neighbors and remember to clean up after themselves when they are at the pool.  The lifeguards’ primary job is guarding the safety of residents in and out of the water, and not being custodians.

A request was made for additional umbrellas – both table style and freestanding.  Another resident asks that people please remember to close umbrellas when they are done with them, as they catch in the wind and either break or go sailing (which can cause injuries).

The Board stated that they had received an email from a resident, complaining about improper bathing apparel – a thong – at the pool.  The Board recognizes that thongs and Brazilian cut bathing suits are popular this year, and that no specific dress code exists for the CHP pool.  The Board has also researched the state and city laws, and found no ordinance or laws that make such suits illegal.  At this time, the Board is NOT GOING TO IMPLIMENT A DRESS CODE.  Residents who may question the appropriateness of a bathing suit are advised to check with the lifeguards, who will make the determination as to what is considered appropriate or not.  The Board would like to remind residents that during the day, the pool is a family environment, and they ask residents to keep that in mind when dressing to go swimming or sun-bathing.  FYI – people in attendance wondered what the difference was between a thong, a string bikini, and a Brazilian bathing-suit – see the examples below:






It has come to the Board’s attention that multiple people are being ‘swiped in’ to the pool by residents, and that the people being swiped in are either residents trying to get into the pool without pool fobs, or multiple guests of other residents.

Each household in good standing (all dues paid and current) is allowed up to 5 guests per household at the pool.  If more than 5 guests at a time are entering the pool, lifeguards will address the issue, and contact the Board if necessary.

Households NOT in good standing will have their pool fobs turned off until they are current on dues.  Also, sometimes people from outside the community will try to use the pool.  The Board asks residents attending the pool to NOT open the gate for individuals who loitering and asking if you can swipe them in.  If you are not comfortable telling the loitering individual you cannot let them in, please have a lifeguard handle the situation

The Board would like to remind residents that many of the lifeguards employed by Carolina Pools (the pool management company) are high school and college students (adult life guards are not the norm, and hard to find).  Due to their age, lifeguards may be hesitant to confront guests who are breaking rules, so the Board requests that you keep this in mind if a lifeguard lets something slide (like 6 guests instead of 5).  Also, the Board asks that residents support our lifeguards – if a lifeguard is having a hard time with a problem resident, please speak up and support the lifeguards.  Sometimes, the combined support of adults will help deter a problem.

A neighbor has requested that the family hours for the pool be extended beyond the 8:30pm time limit.  Many other residents had voiced opinions both in favor and opposition to this request on the unofficial Facebook page, so it was decided that a separate meeting would be held following the HOA Board meeting to hear both sides of the issue.  Meeting notes will follow at the end of the HOA Board Meeting minutes.

Security Cameras – Following last month’s meeting (where we had a safety discussion with one of the local Columbia police officers) JJ contacted Captain Yates at our local precinct to discuss issues regarding after hours trespassers at the clubhouse and illegally parked cars within the community.  JJ inquired as to whether or not CHP qualified to get City of Columbia traffic cameras installed at the entrances of the neighborhood to assist with identifying suspicious vehicles and individuals.  Since the request, a 4-5 way camera has been installed by the neighborhood entrance by the clubhouse, on Lost Creek Drive.  JJ has requested an additional camera for the entrance at Hollingshed Road, as well as the two unmarked entrances into the community (Pasa Fino Drive and River Run Road).  These cameras are only accessible by the Columbia Police Department, and can capture license plates and a picture of the person driving the vehicle.

The Board has decided to use wireless cameras at the Clubhouse Complex because the system will be easier to relocate if needed and less expensive than a hard wired system.  Currently the clubhouse modem runs on DSL, which will supply just enough wifi to run the cameras.  The Board has spoken to Time Warner Cable/Spectrum about running cable to the clubhouse from Lost Creek Drive, but that is apparently not a possibility.  The Board is talking with TWC about possibly running the cable from Pond Oak Drive.  A resident suggests using an AT&T wifi system and using the AT&T tower located across the river, but admits that signal is weak as well.  The Board is also looking into getting a stronger modem for the clubhouse to make the cameras work more efficiently.

The question arose of who would have access to the camera feed?  The Board states that only Board members will have access to the camera footage taken from the clubhouse area.  One neighbor suggested a live feed, so neighbors could be part of a ’24 hour watch’ type program, but that idea was denied by the Board.

Parking Issues –  A resident new to the community posed the question about additional parking at homes.  She, like others, has more than 4 cars at her home, especially when family is visiting.  Parking on the street is prohibited, so what can she do?  JJ informed all in attendance that many residents have solved that problem by extending their driveways to the left or right of their existing driveway.  JJ also reminded people that parking on lawns is prohibited, and could result in a fine.  Another resident passed along the suggestion of ‘driveway sharing’ with a neighbor who has available space, or may be away during that time.

A Gauley Drive resident brought up the problem of people parking on Gauley in the ‘no parking’ area near the common area.  The Board was informed of this fact earlier in the week, and has spoken to the individual(s) who has been parking illegally.

Neighbor Complaint – A resident from the Bluff raised a concern about another Bluff resident who calls the police constantly on his/her neighbors.  The most recent calls regarded a neighbor allowing ‘trespassers’ to use the dock on the lake behind their house.  The Board pointed out that the dock is on private waterfront property, and that the residents are allowed to invite guests on their private property to use their dock.  The concerned resident would like the Board to address the individual who is making all the false phone calls to the police, as this person has become a neighborhood nuisance.  The Board states that they are limited in what they can say to the neighbor, and are leaving the discussion about being a nuisance and making false calls up to the police.

Utilities Issue – a resident of Sandlewood Lane reports that AT&T did work in the area a while back, and left an unburied cable which is laying exposed across a few people’s lawns and driveways.  The cable is a nuisance because residents have to back over it, and move it out of the way to mow their lawns.  AT&T has been called numerous times, and has stated that they will be up to take care of the cable, but nobody ever arrives.  Residents are frustrated. The Board states that they will try to reach somebody at AT&T or the Utilities Commission to see if they can get the problem solved.  Resident recommendations include posting negative reviews to social media to get AT&T’s attention, or calling SC-811 (SC’s ‘Call Before You Dig’ program, which works with local utility companies) to see if they can help.

CAMS Issues – a number of residents reported problems with CAMS.  One resident reports she would like to get a boat ramp gate key, but stated that the policy of having to go to the office – which is only open during normal work hours – is inconvenient for those who work during the day.  She further stated that she did take time off from work one day, only to find the CAMS office closed for some reason during regular office hours.  Other residents report trying to get keys, only to be told by the CAMS office that it would be a 1-2 week wait.  Jeremy stated that he looked into the problems, and was told that the office was closed because the owner was out for a while after a family death.  As far as a wait for boat ramp keys – apparently the office staff accidently gave away the master key, and was waiting to hear back from the locksmith to have more copies (and a new master) made.  Jeremy partially solved the problem by lending CAMS his boat ramp key so copies could be made.

Other continued CAMS problems included nobody answering the phones at the office, residents not receiving bills for dues, and office staff who don’t know how to do their jobs.  CAMS has stated they are going through a ‘transition.’  Residents questioned why the CHP has not chosen a new management company, and JJ explained that the HOA is currently under contract to CAMS, but that the contract ends the end of December.  At a recent meeting between  CAMS and the Board, the Board members made it clear that CAMS was ‘on notice’ about the HOA beginning talks with other management companies.  Given the continued issues, the Board will start exploring other management companies this Fall.

Residents in attendance requested that a representative from CAMS start attending the monthly meetings, to answer for their lack of service.  JJ pointed out that CAMS issues don’t always come up in the monthly meetings, and suggested that a special CAMS and resident meeting be set up instead.  This way, residents could address issues directly to CAMS and voice their displeasure.

A new resident questioned whether or not dues had to be paid bi-annually, or if there were other options.  O’Neill explained that dues can be paid once a year in full, bi-annually, or monthly by dividing the yearly total by 12.  As long as the total yearly amount for dues are paid, CAMS is happy.


No other or new issues were brought to the Monthly Meeting.


Meeting Ended at approximately 8:00pm.

All individuals wishing to discuss the changing of family/adult pool hours were invited to stay behind for a short meeting on the subject.  Notes to follow.


rmc/Comm. Comm.



CHP HOA Special Meeting – Changing of Family/Adult Pool Hours


Board Members in Attendance:  Jeremy Catoe , J.J. Gentry


As stated in the above HOA meeting minutes, a special meeting was called regarding this subject as it had been widely discussed on the unofficial Facebook page, with residents both in favor and opposed.  JJ felt it would be important to discuss why some people wanted family hours extended, and why others did not want to lose adult scheduled time.  There were approximately a dozen residents in attendance.

For general information and clarity of the discussion, pool hours are as follows:

Monday – Saturday:

6:00-8:00 a.m. Morning Swim for Adults Only
8:00-9:00 a.m. Morning Swim for Adults and Supervised Children Only
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Lifeguard Hours
8:00-8:30 p.m. Evening Swim for Adults and Supervised Children Only
8:30-11:00 p.m. Evening Swim for Adults Only


6:00-8:00 a.m. Morning Swim for Adults Only
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Morning Swim for Adults and Supervised Children Only
12:00-8:00 p.m. Lifeguard Hours
8:00-8:30 p.m. Evening Swim for Adults and Supervised Children Only
8:30-11:00 p.m. Evening Swim for Adults Only


Proposed reasons for changing hours

(A )……One resident is in attendance to lobby for extended family hours.  As a mother who works full time, she states that during the week, people need to get home to take care of family, cook meals, etc., then have to hustle to make the current family hours that end at 8:30pm.  She also brings up the fact that it is sometimes just too hot during the daytime hours to attend the pool, and that going as the sun goes down is far more pleasant.  She understands that adults like their own time in the pool, and would be very happy if extended family hours applied only to the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights), and was pushed back to 9pm.  A couple of residents were opposed to losing some of the adult time, and a couple of residents stated that the adult swim time was a major factor in their choosing to move into the community. However, most in attendance agree that this is not an excessive request, and voiced no opposition to the 30 extra minutes, weekend only proposal.

It was pointed out that the lifeguards end their day at 8pm, and that from 8pm to 8:30pm (and the proposed 9pm time) parents would be completely responsible for the supervision of their child(ren).  While the mother present is very responsible and has been observed by other residents keeping a close eye on her children while at and in the pool, unfortunately, some parents are not as responsible.  Some residents in attendance, who are trained lifesaving instructors, EMTs, and nurses, voiced their concern about parents who may not watch their children closely.  While none would hesitate to help out in an emergency situation, they also do not want to become ‘unintentional babysitters’ for children who are not being supervised.

(B)……Other residents would like to see the pool open until at least midnight for adult swim.  They question why 11pm is the cutoff time, and propose that the longer adults are using the pool, they can keep an eye on the parking lot for mischief or cars that don’t belong there.

(C)……Another attendee lobbied for extended adult hours.  She works unusual hours, and would like to see the pool open for adults from 11pm until 2am, or possibly open earlier, at 5am.


Board responses –

(A)……Over the years, the pool times have changed, due to resident requests.  Originally, the pool used to close at 10pm, and then it was extended to 11pm.  Family swim used to end at 8pm, and then was changed (due to residents requests) to 8:30pm.  The hours carry over from year to year, but they can be changed if certain DHEC (Department of Health and Environment Control) rules are followed.

Currently, DHEC has stated that no minors can be in the pool after ‘dark’ for safety reasons.  As the sunset time varies over the summer, the Board averaged the time of darkness over the summer months, and found that 8:30 was the mean.   Because our pool lighting is classified as ‘mood lighting’ and not safety lighting, and the pool area is fairly dark even with the lights on, DHEC will only allow adult swimming once the lights are on.  The Board – and residents in attendance – had no issue with extending weekend (Friday and Saturday) night pool hours for families BUT the Board must first speak to DHEC and get assurances from DHEC that the pool will not be shut down if minors are present and under the express supervision of their parents during that time.

(B)…..The curfew at the clubhouse complex is 11pm, and thus, the pool curfew was set to the same time, as the Board (years ago) felt that 8:30pm to 11pm allowed ample time for adults to enjoy the pool.  Nobody should be at the clubhouse complex after this time UNLESS they are attending an event at the clubhouse itself.  Also, the 11pm curfew for the pool exists to allow the residents of Pond Oak Lane some quiet from the pool noise.  The Board worries that extending the pool curfew after midnight (until 2am) may invite noise problems, especially if people decide to have an adult pool party.  The Board has agreed to discuss the possibility of keeping the pool open until midnight, most likely on the weekends, if they extend family time.

The 11pm curfew time was also chosen because most of the trespassing and problems that happen at the clubhouse complex take place between 11pm and 2am.  Having a consistent curfew time makes it easier for the police to know when somebody should NOT be in the clubhouse parking lot (events at the clubhouse not included).

(C)…..Having stated their opinion against keeping the pool open until 2am, the Board sees no issue with allowing the pool to open at 5am for adult swim.  The Board will immediately look into changing the access on the pool gate so adults may begin swimming at 5am.

Additional comments –

The question was raised about adding additional lights to the pool area at the time of the DHEC ordered deck expansion, however, many residents stated that additional lights would also bring additional bugs and added expenses.

Some residents asked if lifeguard hours could be extended if the family hours were extended.  The Board would have to speak to Carolina Pools, as all lifeguards are employed by their company.

First step in making changes – the Board will speak to DHEC to see if additional family time is allowable, given the time of day, sun-setting, pool lighting, and parental supervision.  Information will be made to the community as soon as an answer is received.

Meeting ended at approximately 8:30pm

rmc/Comm. Comm.

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