CHP HOA Meeting

Meeting start: 6:32
Board Members in Attendance: JJ, Jan, John, David, Karen
Board Members Absent:

Sage Ingerson, CAMS representative
O’Neil Gilliam, landscape contractor

Attendees: Seven residents


  • Activity is picking up for spring.
  • Looks like they’ve solved the problem of pine straw in the street at JJs house.
    • JJ pointed out we accidentally put a few feet of the wall and sod on his property. He isn’t asking us to take it up again, but wants it on record that he is not ceding any of his property to the HOA.
    • The Board asked O’Neil to do something similar at The Grove sign, where pinestraw and mud have covered part of the sidewalk.
  • Wells are working. Had to replace a filter system.
  • About to check the irrigation.


  • CAMS is ready to take over clubhouse rental duties. They need a contract and suggested a liability waiver be included. Based on other contracts I have written a new one. It includes all the original rules and the liability waiver. If the board will approve it we can have CAMS take over starting tomorrow.
    • JJ had some concerns over the wording. Discussion was tabled until executive session.
  • Still don’t have more estimates for the exterior stain.


  • Shrubs are out by the fence. Waiting for quote from Mike for the new fence.
    • The board agreed that we don’t have to have all the work done before pool opening. If we can save money by waiting, we’ll do that. The old fence can remain until the new fence is installed.
  • News on the storage shed: The area is in the new flood plain. The City won’t give us a permit until we get a “no impact study.” This will cost $3500-7000.
    • Discussion: There’s no way around it. If we want to proceed (as required by DHEC), we have to do it. Expense approved.
  • The pool management company will handle fixing the broken water fountain.
  • When the electrician comes to fix the neighborhood lighting (April 3), he will take care of the “do not touch” switch as well.
  • Discussion of pool opening date. Agreed to try to open May 13.

Lake boat ramp:

  • Can get curb ramps for about $325. Just need to get them installed.
    • The board approved the expense. David will order and see if neighbors will lend the tools and skill to get them installed.

Rules and Architecture:

  • New resident asked to put a “catio” in her back yard.
    • The board approved
  • We’ve issued our first fines for a car on the grass and trash cans in the street 24/7. It’s a rental so we’ll see if it has any impact.
    • Neighbor suggested we call Richland County. They want the tax revenue so they might care about an unregistered vehicle.
  • We’ve had some kids on dirt bikes on the street. At least two different kids on different bikes. Police were asked to talk to one of them but we don’t know what happened. Haven’t identified the other yet but he knows he’s wrong; when filmed to stopped and walked the bike out of sight.
  • Neighbor reported that they had the police out to talk to kids from Raintree riding on our common areas. Police declined to warn them about trespassing, saying our “no trespassing” signs weren’t large enough.
    • JJ has an appointment with the police Chief and Capitan to discuss what we perceive as officers’ unwillingness to enforce the law.
    • Neighbors should know we are doing what we can about the situation.


  • Seven areas have been cleared on the dark hill. Haven’t heard anything for a while. The developer has been reminded to talk to Dominion about the street lights.
  • Anyone fill us in on the other development where clearing has just started?
    • Neighbor reported that boundary markers are in and they expect clearing to get goin in earnest any day.


  • Easter egg hunt by Ashley McKee was rained out. Any objections to her doing it this Sunday April 2?
    • The board approved, but remind her she doesn’t have clubhouse access that day.
  • Next event is Crappie Tournament by Trina Winde on Saturday April 29. About to announce registration for that.
  • The following week is Movie Night by the HOA. The Social Committee is meeting about that tomorrow. The committee will talk about buying a screen but doesn’t have the money for a projector.
    • Neighbor suggested we look at the Richland County Library of Things.


  • JJ has talked to Linda about moving the Little Library to the Clubhouse grounds. She’s all for it, but it really needs to be replaced rather than moved. It should be bigger and weather-proof.
    • Boy Scout leader Eric Martin was present. He would be willing to present this as an Eagle Scout project.
  • Ward reports that the trails are in bloom. This is a great time to appreciate them.
  • A neighbor asked who owns the dirt portion of Paso Fino. On the one hand it would be nice to get it paved to stop the dust. On the other hand when it gets graded smooth, cars speed dangerously through there. What if we blocked it off?
    • JJ explained some history. Part of we the HOA owns. The rest is private property, held by the estate of the man who used to live there (not in CHP). If we and the family paved it (at great expense), we would then be responsible for maintenance.
    • Years ago the HOA tried to get the County and the City to take is over under eminent domain and pave it. Neither really wanted the responsibility and the plan fell through.
    • We don’t want to block it because it can be used as emergency access. During the 2015 Flood, it was the only way in and out of CHP. For months after the Flood, until Lost Creek was fixed, it was a commuter route for half the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned.

Next HOA meeting Apr 24.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212