CHP HOA Meeting Agenda


Meeting start: 6:40

Board Members in Attendance: David, JJ, John, Karen, Jan
Board Members Absent: 
David Peterson from CAMS unable to attend

Attendees: Five residents

Social: The chili cook-off got great reviews. We saw people we don’t see at every event so we’re reaching more residents.

The next Social Committee event is splash day on July 2. This will probably be mostly some games at the pool.

Discussion was had about encouraging the community to do its group fireworks in the parking lot on Saturday the 2nd instead of Monday the 4th, and forbid the use of the parking lot on the 4th. The usual group does a good job cleaning up after themselves but then others usually come later and leave a mess. If we forbid use on the 4th and have the police enforce this, we may avoid the mess.

The next community event (put on by Jeremy Catoe and David Peterson) if the crappie tournament April 30. We have put it on the signs and Facebook to register by April 8. Jeremy has been told to coordinate with Jan to make use all participants are in good standing.

Clubhouse: Only four rentals in March. Every weekend in April is booked. We’re looking forward to wedding and graduation season.

Landscape: Winter projects are wrapping up, spring projects are getting started. All is going fine at the moment. O’Neil will get us a quote on repairing the pump house as soon as he has it.

Pool: We’ve told the management company we’ll pretty much do what we did last year, including the number of attendants. We might drop an attendant later in the summer as usage declines. We’ll have to make sure our bill drops as well.

We’ll have a Pool Committee meeting in April and have the 2022 rules for the Board to consider at the next HOA meeting.

David asked for a written set of guidelines / timeline to make it easy for someone else to take over in the future.

Rules: David reported that the Richland County Register of Deeds sent back the submitted rules. The web site specified original signatures but now they say it should have been notarized. CAMS notarized and re-submitted.

Collections: David P reported by email that collections are about on track for this year so far. This above led to a discussion of homeowners who are late on dues. Jan has a list and said there seem to be a lot of $250 and $500 items. JJ suggested it could be a problem with the processor taking payments but applying them to the wrong HOA; he has had this happen more than once. We encourage homeowners to mail a check with the invoice directly to the address in Las Vegas, or take it to CAMS in person and get a receipt.

Security: At the last meeting, David P had reported that Lance was ready to install the new light poles at the clubhouse. They are not in yet. David P reported by email that Lance is waiting for a trenching contractor, because they have to bore beneath the parking lot to get to the middle lights. He says all the materials are ready and as soon as the trenching can be done he will get started. Jan asked if that was included in the original quote and was assured that it was.

Other: A long-time homeowner asked if it was true that townhomes were to be built here. We reviewed the facts: the original Planned Urban Development (PUD) agreement between the developer and the City called for one tract of just over 300 townhomes in the area we call Stable Ridge, above the little jut of road off Lost Creek that goes nowhere. There is a developer interested in that land who has proposed about 160 townhomes. They have invested in surveys and studies, and have a contract on the land. Originally they thought they would start in December 2021, now it looks more like December 2022. However, they will not close on the property until they are sure they will be able to build and make a profit. The HOA can’t stop the development but is involved with the developer and the City to minimize the impact on the community.

The same homeowner asked about stocking the ponds. JJ explained that we no longer stock the ponds around the clubhouse because every time it floods, we lose our fish to the river and river fish come in. We are still treating them to keep algae down and keep the fish we have as healthy as possible. However, we do sometimes stock the lake. Right now he is catching large crappie and large bass. He said that once the fish get that big, they eat the smaller fish until the food chain collapses. At that point we will re-stock and the cycle will start over.

John reported that he is talking to the police captain and the traffic division to try to get some stop sign enforcement. He says conditions are getting dangerous again.

JJ asked when the tennis court work will be done. There is no answer: David will look into it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

Next HOA meeting April 25.


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212