Monthly Meeting

Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: JJ, John, David, Karen
Board members absent: Jan

Other attendees: Daniel Bennett, CAMS Community Manager
O’Neil Gilliam, Landscape Contractor
About 11 homeowners and family members


  • John asked Daniel to have the exterminators check the clubhouse for a wasp nest.

Tennis Courts:

  • The missing padlock has been replaced.
  • The wind screens are in pretty bad shape. In the past we’ve bought replacements and the Tennis Committee has installed them. David will talk to
  • Keith about removing or replacing them.


  • O’Neil and Richard reported that the construction contractors at The Point have been good stewards of the property. They’ve fixed damage to the irrigation as son as O’Neil has pointed it out; they’ve moved gravel & stone around to keep sidewalks open and erosion minimized; they even had a street sweeper out to try to keep Lost Creek clean. David reported that Dawson at the developer’s office also seemed responsive and conscientious.
  • There is a rumor that the emergency access road may not be needed. The developer has sent us a request for easement. We have a lawyer reviewing it, and will hold off signing until we have more information on this rumor.
  • We have an easement request from Spectrum for the strip of land across from The Point. We don’t have confirmation that this has to do with The Point but it’s pretty standard stuff. The board approved it and signed it after the meeting.


  • Movie night was well attended. Everything went well.
    • One family took it upon themselves to pick up trash in the whole area while everyone was leaving. We commend the spirit of community.
    • We’re still toying with the idea of buying our own equipment but it doesn’t seem like it will save us much money in the next few years.
  • Next event is Summer Splash at the pool July 1.
    • There will be children’s and adult games with prizes, a food truck, and we’re looking at getting the giant Slip-n-Slide again.

Sign Repairs:

  • The message board at Hollingshed gets full sun, and the felt board inside where the letters stick needs replacing.
    • The board approved about $540 for a new insert and some letters.


  • We haven’t gotten the engineer’s report of no impact. Daniel will follow up.
  • We’re holding off on the new fencing until the storage shed gets done. May need to move supplies or equipment across the fence and we don’t want to damage the new one.
  • We need more umbrellas. The board asked Karen to order them.
  • Several of the chairs need work. John is looking at two options, and had board approval to get that done at a reasonable price.
  • John has a quote for bathroom service that he will present to the board in executive session.
    • Note: in executive session, board approved weekly cleaning and monthly scrub and sanitize for about $400/month just for the pool season.
  • JJ noticed that the pool trash cans have been out most of the last two weeks, and people have been filling them up.
    • The last people to use the clubhouse are being charged for not taking their trash.
    • David will call the Department of Solid Waste again to make sure the trash is getting picked up each week.
    • Karen will call a contact she knows to get the bulk trash picked up next Monday. This will take care of broken chairs and umbrellas from last pool season.
    • John will talk to the pool company about putting the cans out on Tuesday mornings and bringing them back in Wednesday morning.
  • The pool gate is closing so slowly that people can slip in behind others, and sometimes doesn’t close at all.
    We’ll look at getting that fixed. Few places work with these gates any more.

New Cameras:

  • JJ thought that since we already have a relationship with Sonitrol for the pool gate, he would see what they could do for the new camera system. Turns out that was a good option.
    • We’re getting a camera system with on-site storage for about what we budgeted for.
    • We’re upgrading the gate system so board members can see a list of fob usage, remotely lock and unlock the gate for vendors, and turn fobs on and off.
    • The monitoring fee for all of this will be less than we’re paying now just for the gate.
  • We’re currently installing nine cameras with enough storage for 30 days of 24 hr overage for all nine cameras.
    • 2 cameras at the entrance. Will see cars coming in on Lost Creek, as well as cars entering and leaving the clubhouse area.
    • One camera at clubhouse entrance, one inside.
    • 3 cameras covering the pool area and gate.
    • 3 cameras covering the parking lot.
  • We can expand as needed.
  • Residents asked about having cameras at all entrances to record license plates of every vehicle entering the neighborhood.
    • This would mean 8 more cameras, much more storage, and some issues with power and wireless connections. We’ll keep it in mind if it seems like it will be a great asset in the future.

Covenant Enforcement:

  • We introduced Daniel, our new Community Manager from CAMS.
  • JJ and Daniel toured the community this month. Daniel got familiar with the area, and they discussed what we want to focus on for enforcement.
  • Patrols and violation letters will begin soon. Anything against the Covenants or other published rules may result in a violation, but here’s what we’re concentrating on to begin with:
    • Basketball goals on or by the road.
    • Overgrown yards
    • Stains and algae on houses
    • Cars parked on non-paved areas
    • Trash cans out after Tuesdays.
  • We will remind the community on both Facebook pages.
  • Enforcement policy:
    • Courtesy notice
    • If not corrected in 20 days: $25 fine
    • If still not corrected in next 20 days: $50 fine
    • Continuing or repeated violations can result in continuing fines.


  • A homeowner asked about some plants that are blocking the light from one of the neighborhood signs.
    • We’ll see about trimming them.
  • A homeowner asked to have the bushes at the Chestnut Woods sign trimmed. Can’t see around them to make a safe turn onto Lost Creek.
    • O’Neil said he has already asked for that to be done. He will make sure it happens ASAP.
  • JJ noticed many cars in the parking lot without placards; several came in together to fish, some parked in a corner together. He suspects there are many trespassers frequenting our property.
    • We’ll remind homeowners to be aware of this and report when they see it.
    • We’ll see about more and bigger No Trespassing signs, but we realize signs are useless without enforcement.

Next HOA meeting June 26


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212