CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 11/25/2019

Meeting start: 6:30 pm


Board Members in Attendance:  J.J. Gentry, Jan Talkish, Jeremy Catoe, O’Neil Gilliam, and David Bergeron

Board Members Absent: 0

Attendees:  6 Residents

Pool  Updates:   Currently, David Peterson is in the process of getting bids for the construction of a second storage shed, which will be used primarily to store all the pool furniture in the off season.  The concrete pad is already laid for the new shed, having been done when the pool deck was renovated.  The existing shed cost approximately $10-$15,000, which gives the Board an approximation for budgeting.  The Board has voted that, once the bids are in, the new shed will be built ASAP.  Extra storage space will also allow for the indoor storage of pool chemicals.

At the moment, the existing shed is empty, which has allowed pool maintenance workers access to the pump system.  It is being checked out and any necessary repairs are being made.  Also, the sand has been replaced in the filter system – this will help with clarity of the pool water.

The Board has decided to suspend the open pool area bathroom idea for a while due to low temperatures and worries about freezing pipes.  For now, until a plumber can be consulted, the bathrooms may possibly be closed December through February.  It is possible that the bathrooms will be available to those using the tennis courts, playground, etc., come March.


Clubhouse Lighting:  The Board will be meeting with the electrician soon to discuss new lighting and wiring along the pathway going into the clubhouse.  As previously reported, the old wiring – which is 25+ years old – is either inaccessible or outdated, and the electrician recommends replacement.  The electrician has also recommended overhead lighting in the area, as opposed to the pillar lighting currently in place, which continually gets broken.  The Board will be looking at installing a completely new system; however, the Board wants to make sure that they are installing the right system.  The Board members will be meeting with the electrician an upcoming evening, after dark, so that he can see the area and they can better determine the needs for the walkway.  In the meantime, the Board may be putting up temporary solar lights for the safety of all using the clubhouse.


Street Lights:   The proposed Lost Creek Drive streetlights, which were due to be erected on the hill between the Grove and Grove 3, have still not come to fruition.  J.J. has contacted the city, and a meeting is going to be set up to determine why the progress of the streetlights has stalled.  Originally, the city stated that it would be installing streetlights immediately following the completion of the road work within the neighborhood – as of today’s HOA meeting, we still have no set date for the installation to begin.  We will keep residents advised of the situation.


Landscaping:   Currently, all major landscaping work for the year has been completed, and landscaping crews are keeping busy pruning trees and overgrown shrubs.  If you have any questions about landscaping, or need to let O’Neill know of an area that has been overlooked, please do not hesitate to contact him via the Board email form on the CHP website:


Trails:  The Board is looking into renting a piece of landscaping equipment that will clean up the existing trails in a wide, uniform path. The Board is also planning to create a new trail along the river that will include scenic vistas, and renting such equipment will be helpful in creating these new spaces.  The equipment is not very expensive to rent, and, depending upon how much clearing it is able to do, the Board may look into possibly purchasing a similar piece of equipment for our exclusive use on the HOA trails.

A volunteer weekend will be set up soon to clear and clean up the trails, including along the waterfront. Ward, who heads up the Trail Committee, will be marking areas for clearing.  To prevent erosion along the riverbank, no trees or root shrub structures will be removed.  Since football season is coming to an end, and everybody will have more free time, it is hoped that we have a strong volunteer turnout.


Section Signs:  David Peterson of CAMS has spoken to the contractors about repainting the section signs for The Bluff and Chestnut Woods, both of which have water mineral damage from the sprinklers. These signs may be removed at any time, so if you see them missing, do not worry.

Communications Committee:  The Communications Committee has submitted a budgetary request to the Board for two permanent-post information signs, similar to those found at the trailheads.  The desired signs are made of recycled plastic, green in color to complement the surrounding landscaping, and have a locking plexiglass cover to protect the interior from bad weather. This particular model is made so that the plexiglass can be easily replaced with a piece from Home Depot or Lowes, should it become damaged.  The request also includes the purchase of two sets of 2 -3 inch track letters.  The requested signs do not light up, as the pre-lit versions were substantially more expensive.  If necessary, electric or solar lighting can be installed at a later date at a more reasonable cost.

The Comm Comm would like to place one sign at each entrance to the neighborhood, in order to provide a quick reminders and other relevant information to neighbors. The Comm Comm will be responsible for maintaining the signs.

Holiday Decorations:
  Unfortunately, the HOA’s outdoor holiday decorations were ruined during last year’s road work, so following the end of the road construction, the Board authorized the purchase of new decorations for the entrance signs as well as all the section signs.  Now that all signs are equipped with outlets, we will be able to have not only greenery, but also Christmas lights.  Jan will oversee the decorating process, and will be calling for volunteers to assist with getting the neighborhood ready for the holidays.

For all residents who will be having holiday parties at the clubhouse: the Christmas tree is up, and the interior of the clubhouse is completely decorated for the holidays. The Board asks that you enjoy the hard work of the volunteers who did the decorating, and please not move or rearrange any of the decorations.


Clubhouse/Pool Internet:  J.J .has confirmed with AT&T that we do indeed have fiber optic network running into the clubhouse.  Currently, the equipment that we have is causing problems, and despite J.J.’s best efforts, it continues to send out an error message.   An AT&T technician will be brought in to troubleshoot our equipment.  J.J .is not sure if the fiber optic wiring was extended directly to the pool, as there is no current Internet access at the pool.

David Peterson of CAMS is in the process of getting a quote from Verizon – he is checking to see if they offer a similar plan at a better rate.


Clubhouse:  Jan has ordered new dining tables and chairs for the clubhouse – these will arrive after the New Year.  Also, the upholstered chairs are due to be recovered, and new lamps have been ordered.

The fireplace within the clubhouse is a working wood fireplace, and may be used by individuals who are renting the facility.  While some people bring in firewood, the majority of renters use Duraflame logs.  For further information about rules for using the fireplace, please refer to your clubhouse rental agreement.  The Board will be calling a local chimney sweep to inspect the fireplace and service it if needed.

Jan would also like to remind everyone that since the busy holiday season is upon us, the clubhouse is pretty much booked through December.


Annual Budget Meeting:  The Annual HOA Budget Meeting will take place on Monday, December 16, starting at 6:30 PM.  By this time, all Chestnut Hill Plantation residents should have received a written notice sent via the Postal Service from CAMS.  Light refreshments will be served during the meeting. The Board looks forward to your attendance.

The HOA Board recently met for about 5 to 6 hours to go over a final budget using last year’s numbers as a guideline.  The new budget incorporates needed items, things that must be done to maintain the neighborhood, and leaves a little wiggle room for some of the wish list items.  The Board has been very careful over the past year as far as not overspending the budget, and has managed to continue building up the reserves (which are used for emergencies).  The Board does not anticipate getting very deep into the wish list, however, some items will be possible.  Also, the Board does not anticipate that there will be any increase in HOA dues this coming year.

If there is something that you would like to see funded within the neighborhood, final submissions will be accepted by the Board no later than December 6.

The Board would like to remind residents that this is a financial/budget meeting only.  Please do not bring up issues pertaining to the neighborhood or neighbors.  Please save those issues for the next HOA monthly meeting, or contact the Board via the CHP website with your concerns:


December Monthly HOA Meeting:  Due to the Annual Budget Meeting, there will be no regular monthly HOA meeting in December.

Regular monthly HOA meetings will resume on January 27, 2020, at 6:30 PM.  If you have an issue that cannot wait until that date, please contact the Board at:


Social Committee:  The Social Committee will be hosting a Holiday Drop-In on Saturday, December 7 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the clubhouse.  This seasonal celebration will include crafts for adults and kids, as well as refreshments (including mimosas for adults!).  Santa will be in attendance to discuss Christmas wishes with children and to pose for family pictures.


Parking:  There have been complaints of people parking half in the road and half on the sidewalk, both on Lost Creek Drive and in the various neighborhood sections.  When sidewalks are blocked – even partially – it makes them difficult to be accessed by pedestrians and bicyclists.  The Board would like to remind residents that parking on sidewalks (even partially) is illegal.  If you need to report a car that is parked in such a manner, please call the city of Columbia Police Department’s non-emergency line at:  (803) 252-2911. They will send an officer out to either ticket or arrange to have the car towed.

Residents are reminded that since our roads are owned by the City of Columbia, the Police Department – not the HOA Board – must handle such issues.


Suspected Poaching:   It is come to the attention of the Board that there has been hunting and poaching in the wooded areas of CHP.  Hunting is not allowed anywhere within the neighborhood, including the conservation lands, to which we have access.  The Department of Natural Resources has been in and out of the neighborhood responding to reports of gunfire as well as reports of tree stands being found within the conservation area – major offenses, according to the DNR.  The DNR asks that you please notify them immediately if you should see hunters on CHP property (information below).

The cooler, fall weather has brought more hikers to the walking trails within the neighborhood.  Due to the above activity, the Board asked that residents be very cautious when hiking the trails.  If possible, please wear bright colors, like orange or yellow, when hiking.  If you should happen to see anyone acting suspiciously in the woods, or hunting while you are hiking, please contact the DNR immediately.

The DNR can be reached at:


hotline:  1-800-922-5431

Anonymous online tip submission site:

Mobile phone text tip line:  Text tips to keyword SCDNR along with your tip to 847411(tip411)

 The SC DNR also has a free smart phone app, available from iTunes or Google Play.

When submitting a tip – Be prepared to give the fullest possible account of the incident including the name, address, age and description of the suspect, vehicle description, direction of travel, license number, type of violation and when and where it occurred.  You do not have to give your name.


Sewer Leakage:  A resident recently reported a strong sewerage smell near his house, and took the initiative to immediately call the City of Columbia.  It was discovered that a house within the Raintree neighborhood had an outdoor sewage leak, which was moving toward our resident’s home and one of the CHP creeks.  The Richland County water/sewer crews immediately responded, and began repairing the issue.  At this time, it appears to be solved, and none of our HOA waterways has been affected.


Meeting End:  7:27pm



Minutes reviewed and authorized by:  David Bergeron, HOA Board Member



Renée Cabaup / Comm. Comm.

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