CHP HOA Meeting Minutes – 10/28/2019

Meeting start: 6:34 pm

Board Members in Attendance:  J.J. Gentry, David Bergeron, and Jan Talkish

Board Members Absent: O’Neill Gilliam, Jeremy Catoe


  • Attendees:  4 Resident and David Peterson of CAMS


Recap Last Meetings:  As J.J. was absent from the last meeting, he requested a quick recap of events, and after receiving such, asked if there were any questions he could answer.  The only question regarded the pool furniture, and why it was still out on the pool deck and not put away in the storage unit for winter. J.J. states that he will have Jeremy check with the pool company.  He suspects – as they are new to working with our neighborhood – that they may not be aware that storing the pool furniture is part of their job. There was brief discussion of the cost to build another storage shed to accommodate all the furniture, and a suggestion was made to just stack all the furniture under the gazebo, then have the whole structure wrapped professionally by a boat company.  This could be a good, inexpensive option for this winter until something more permanent can be constructed next year. The Board will look into the possibility.

Clubhouse:   The busy holiday season for the clubhouse is upon us – available days are limited.  Jan states that she continues to have a hard time getting people to follow the rental contract rules.  

J.J. stated that he has replaced a number of burnt out light bulbs outside of the building, improving the lighting on the patio and doorway areas.  In the front of the clubhouse, some stair and pillar lights are still not working, and this is due to problems with the existing wiring. The electrician who has been looking into the issue has recommended scrapping the old system and starting over with new wiring.  He also suggests adding overhead post lightning down the walkway as opposed to fixing the current close-to-the-ground and easily breakable pillar and stair lighting. The existing wiring and circuits are 25+ years old, with much of it buried underground or encased within the concrete walls and pillars.  The electrician has told the Board that the labor costs alone just to locate the wiring and circuits will be exorbitant. Starting fresh with new wiring and light fixtures is the best and least expensive option. The Board needs to discuss further with the electrician and get a written cost proposal for the project.

Light Posts:   J.J. is still waiting to hear back from the city regarding the street lights that were to be erected on Lost Creek Drive following the completion of paving.  As J.J. has heard nothing further, he will make inquiries in the coming week.

Social Committee:  Despite the rainy weather, the recent Oyster Roast was a huge success!  There was a great turnout, and everyone in attendance enjoyed good food and good company.  Not only were the oysters a big hit, but so was the vegetarian chili that was entered in the Chili Contest!   The event was such a good time that residents are asking that it be held again next year.

Landscaping:   O’Neill, who was not in attendance this evening, left word with J.J. that all upcoming fall and winter landscaping maintenance and preparation has been scheduled.   New pine straw has been placed in the common areas and looks good. The landscaping company has also taken care of fall fertilizing. If you have any questions about landscaping, or need to let O’Neill know of an area that has been overlooked, please do not hesitate to contact him via the Board email form on the CHP website:

Trails:  More people are using the trails now that the warmer weather is over.  Currently there are no trail cleanup event events planned as Ward is waiting for cooler weather and fewer mosquitoes, and then he will get something scheduled.  Information will be posted on the unofficial Facebook page at that time. J.J. asked about the status of creating a new trail along the river, going from the boat ramp to the creek.  This proposed trail would weave along the river and include a few scenic vistas closer to the water. J.J. feels that not only would the proposed trail allow people to better enjoy the beauty of the river, it would be a good selling point for the HOA, as we are one of a few neighborhoods in Columbia with direct access to the river. 

Ward also proposed naming the various trails and providing signs and printed maps to make hiking easier and more accessible for residents.  As Ward is the head of the Trails Committee, and has spent countless volunteer hours creating and maintaining the trail system, it was proposed by a resident in attendance that one of the longer trails, or one of Ward’s favorite trails, be named ‘Ward’s Way.’

Section Signs:  David Peterson from CAMS has been speaking with a contractor about painting the neighborhood section signs, and the contractor will be giving him a bid this week.  Aside from the Bluff and Chestnut Woods signs, the Board pointed out that the Chestnut Hill Plantation sign on Hollingshed Road may need painting as well, as it is beginning to fade from constantly being in the sun.

Halloween:   Halloween will take place on Thursday, October 31, from 6 PM to 9 PM.  If you would like to participate, please leave your porch lights on and decorate.  Otherwise, turn your lights off if you do not wish to be disturbed. There is a 40% chance of rain that evening; however that has not deterred trick-or-treaters.

Annual Budget:  The budget process for next year has already started.  If there is something that you would like to see funded within the neighborhood, or if you have any questions, ideas for improvements, concerns, etc., please, contact the Board prior to the November HOA meeting, which will be held on Monday, November 25 (just prior to Thanksgiving).  

The final budget will be presented in December at the Annual Meeting (time and date to be announced) and the new budget will go into effect January 1, 2020.  The Board looks forward to your attendance and your input. The Board may reach via the CHP website at:

Benches:   Residents in attendance asked about a bench that has been placed by another resident at a school bus stop, on the common area.  While the intention to provide a resting spot was a good one, the residents wonder about the legal ramifications (should somebody gets hurt using it) and if the placement of a non-HOA bench is allowed in the first place?  The Board was unaware of the existence of the bench, and stated that – unless express permission was granted by the Board – no benches should be placed by residents on common spaces.

The question also arose about benches placed on private property by homeowners, but placed close to the sidewalks/streets where others could use them.   The Board agreed that putting benches on one’s own personal property is okay, but if the benches are placed so they may be used by the general public, the homeowner needs to understand that THEY are liable for any injuries that may occur.

J.J. added that the HOA plans to eventually put additional benches along the Parkway, and around clubhouse pond for all to enjoy.

Personal Signs:  The question was raised about residents placing signs – political or otherwise – on their front lawns.  J.J. stated that because people are entitled to Freedom of Speech, residents are allowed to place signs on their property, however, those signs cannot be discriminatory or offensive in nature. 

Political Signs – with the upcoming political campaigns, residents are allowed to put up one sign per candidate in their yard, and sign should be taken down the day after the election.  Any political signs that exceed the number allowed, or signs not removed immediately after the election, will be removed by Board members and not returned to residents or political representatives. No signs may be placed on common areas. They will be removed and not returned.

Yard Sale Signs – are allowed to be posted on common areas no earlier than the Thursday before the sale, and must be taken down the day after the sale. 

Open House Signs – are allowed to be placed in common areas the day of the event, but must be removed immediately after the open house closes. 

No signs of any type should be attached to the Chestnut Hill Plantation entrance signs or any of the neighborhood section signs.

The HOA Board reserves the right to ask for any sign to be removed.

If you feel that a sign is offensive, or if you have questions about any signs, please call CAMS at: 
803- 732-9644

Meeting End:  7:30pm

Minutes reviewed and authorized by:  David Bergeron, HOA Board Member

Renée Cabaup / Comm. Comm.

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