CHP HOA Meeting 9/30/2019

Meeting Starting Time: 6:34pm
Board Members in Attendance: Jeremy Catoe, David Bergeron, Jan Talkish, O’Neil Gilliam
Absent: J.J Gentry
Attendees: David Peterson of CAMS
7 residents in attendance.

Thanks to Cynthia Giles for taking the minutes this month.


Issues with irrigation system, pulling mud from ponds in the line is pretty bad. The company we use to do maintenance on the system suggest to wait until the end of the season. Worst is Pasa Fina and Lost Creek; this will be where we start. Planning for Fall, Winter and Spring already to keep landscapers busy.

The worst trees have been trimmed. We will do more tree trimming in the winter months.


Still having trouble with people following the rules. We can see through the cameras so we have taken a few deposits. Most common problems: removing furniture from the clubhouse (not allowed even if you put it back), putting tape on the walls, and leaving the grassy areas messy.

The calendar on the web site can never be fully up to date. We are all volunteers, please be kind and understand we try to keep it up to date as best as possible.

Motor bikes and ATVs are not allowed on lawns or trails. Now a cable gate blocking the trails behind the tennis courts to prevent illicit rides on the trails.

Social Committee:

Oyster Roast Oct 19th. See the official web site or the unofficial facebook page to register.
Next Event is Dec 7th for holiday event.


Pool is officially closed. Gates are locked, chairs stacked and trash being taken out. In shut down mode. Meeting with pool company about pros and cons and what we want to see next year went well. We talked through shut down and which direction we want to go, we have some numbers. Company usually suggests we keep pool running all winter long as it is easier to get ready in the spring and helps the lining last a little longer. However, it does cost more. We have some repairs to do this winter, including service on the filter which requires shutting it down anyway, so we might be better off shutting down the system and covering the pool as usual. Final decision will be made shortly. Board voted to approve the maintenance at a cost of about $4,000, will discuss covering or not for winter later.

Please do not jump the fence. Pool is closed and not being maintained for safe swimming.

New Internal Gate is locked so key fob gate is left functioning so people can use the restroom. We need to discuss the janitorial services. David Peterson has a referral that is $425 to $500 a month depending on how often we clean. Board will research other options, and decide how often and how long to maintain the bathrooms. We will have to shut the water off at some point to prevent the plumbing freezing.

Open conversation:

When are we starting letters about home maintenance: Lawn issues, mildew on homes, cars parked on grass. We will be sending a letter to community announcing start date with main issues we are looking for. David P says that when communities address a core list of infractions, the entire community tends to benefit in short order. Every neighborhood hits a tipping point once it hits a certain age. We do not want a super strict HOA, but we do want to make sure we keep property value and appearance to the standards we are known for. Board needs to get together and discuss CC&R so we can meet new state law so we can enforce these rules. We know this is time sensitive, and it high on the priority list, but again, please be patient, we are all volunteers.

Issues with Customer Service at CAMS. Facebook posts with complaints about being closed during normal business hours. No one answering phone calls after days or ever. Can this be addressed? A question posted to David. David stated they sometimes close early on Fridays for post office, usually around 4:45pm. Jeremy asked David to ensure staff knows to return calls within 24 hours.

What are we doing about visitor placard for pool visitors? Jeremy explained we need to discuss how to do that again. There is a pretty good solution involving placards with addresses on them, but we need to work out cost and logistics.

Jeremy announces his resignation from the board effective Dec 31st 2019. He was proud to do it. He will still be involved and be the snake catcher. We all thank him for his time.

Thanks to everyone for coming.

Meeting ends. 7:13pm.

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