Monthly Meeting


Board Members in Attendance: JJ, David, Karen, Jan
Board members absent: John
Other attendees: Daniel Bennett, CAMS Community Manager
About 6 homeowners and family members


  • Last time we talked about keeping the rafters clean.
    • Here are two options for extendable dusters. Do we need 30 or 36 feet?
    • Decided on the longer one. David will order
  • The UPS in the office has failed. We should have the cameras and network on backup at least.
    • A replacement will be about $240.
    • I can replace the battery for about $60 and make it last a few more years.
    • Decided on the battery. David will order.


  • Septic has been fixed. Turns out we never had it done last year so we had to pay for a new pump.
  • We’ve filed more information with the City for permits for the new extension. Awaiting the next step.
  • Pool is closed.
  • The season wasn’t bad. There were three groups that caused some trouble, but once their access was turned off things quieted down.
  • Bathroom and other cleaning could be better.
    • The daily pool guy said “not my job.”
    • The attendants said “not my job.”
    • The Pool Committee will talk to other pool management companies and make a recommendation for next year


  • Improper late fees have been removed
  • Three months to go, three months of expenses left. Right on budget for expenses. Income more than expected due to more assertive collections processes.
    • However, we put off one big project we had intended to do this year.
  • Still lots of projects we need to get done before they get worse. Need to start looking at next year’s budget.
  • David will put out a post to the community for wish list items for next year.

Rules and Covenant Enforcement:

  • The Rules Committee has met three times now. We’re making progress on understanding the covenants, and soon will start talking about codifying rules that are not in the covenants.

Projects and News:

  • JJ and David talked about the sidewalk lights. We can replace the bulbs ourselves, or have a supply of bulbs on hand for an electrician to use. This way they’ll all be the same brightness and color.
    • David take a bulb out tonight to see if I can duplicate it.
    • Do we need the sidewalk lights to be much brighter? –YES–
  • JJ and David talked about the pool and parking lot lights. Apparently some years ago the sidewalk lights were changed to take screw-in bulbs, but the pool lights were not.
  • We should have that done. Then we can select the bulbs we want.
  • Bulbs are available as bright as 6000 lumens, about five times as bright as what’s there now. That should take care of the DHEC night rules situation


  • O’Neil is talking to the landscapers about the quality of the work done in August and September. He will cut their pay since they didn’t do what they agreed to do.
  • Two homeowners sent pictures that made this easier to document. Thanks for the input.


  • What about lighting on the Dark Hill where new houses are going in?
    • We’re in touch with that developer and Dominion to get street lights.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Next HOA meeting Oct 30


851 Lost Creek Dr, Columbia, SC 29212