Let’s Be Careful Out There

By David Bergeron Comm Comm

In a close, comfortable and safe neighborhood such as ours, it’s wonderful that we can walk on
sidewalks, bike on roads and paths, and that the pool, clubhouse and our neighbors are all close
enough to get to by golf cart. Golf carts are convenient and let’s face it, just plain fun! We’ve
seen them decorated for Christmas, decked out for Independence Day, and even used for
Halloween. But we’ve also seen them overloaded with passengers and gear, and operated on the
edge of safety. Let’s remember some safety tips.

Like any vehicle, a misused golf cart can be dangerous. No seat belts means if you have to
swerve to miss something, your gear or passengers could easily fall onto the pavement. It’s even
more dangerous to hold your child on your lap in an open vehicle than in a car. Golf carts can be
hard for cars to see and avoid. And even the most responsible teenager can become careless
when with a group and enjoying the wind in their hair.

A trip to the hospital or the police station can spoil an entire summer. Let’s keep the fun in the
neighborhood, and keep every family safe, by remembering some state laws about golf carts:

  • Golf carts must have a DMV permit (insurance required)
  • May be operated during daylight hours only (even if they have lights)
  • Driver must be 16 years old and hold a valid driver’s license
  • Driver must have their license, golf cart permit, and proof of insurance with them when
    driving the cart
  • DUI and Open Container laws, as well as all rules of the road (stop signs, lane usage,
    etc), apply to golf carts just like they do to cars