AT&T Fiber Is Coming To The Hood

But that means they will be doing some work in our area for few weeks. Here is what they have sent us so far.

Important To Note:

Before you blow up the UNOFFICIAL Facebook Page with questions about cost, speed and if your yard will be dug up, please note YOU know what we know. AT&T sent these letters to CAMS and they sent them to the the HOA Board.

As a friendly, local website design in the hood, I was just as curious about the speed and cost as some of you may be. I did Google “AT&T State-of-the-art Fiber” and this is the link AT&T directs us too.. Can we say I am hopeful? 1000Mbps for $80! Is that 1000Mbps up and down? Is this even what we are getting? Oh, the saga begins. ~Until the next event, Cynthia