It’s That Time Of Year That Kids Dread And Parents Celebrate


Here Are A Few Things That You Can Do To Make The Transition From Summer Time Fun To Returning To School A Little Less Challenging:
*Start sending your child to bed 5-10 minutes earlier every night starting NOW, before school starts. Going from no set bedtime to an earlier bedtime for school nights is too extreme. Five to ten minutes earlier each night until you reach the school year bedtime is less noticeable to the child and it is easier for the body to get used to the earlier time. If your children have been sleeping in, start waking them up at the time they’ll need to get up for school.

*Let your child select an outfit for the next day the night before so it is all ready to go in the morning. Select 2 acceptable outfits for your child to choose from. There will be fewer arguments if the child feels somewhat in control of the choice.

*Pack what you can for lunches the night before. You can even pack portions of many things the weekend before to make the week easier.

*A healthy breakfast containing protein is essential for optimal performance. Prep breakfasts the night before. You can leave bowls and cereal boxes on the table the night before. If cooking breakfast, leave out items you will use in the morning, except those that have to be refrigerated, of course. If your family eats in the car while heading to school, try breakfast wraps.

*Make sure your child has a designated homework station with extra supplies such as paper and pencils. Have a scheduled homework time.

*Know your designated bus stop and pick up and drop off times. Here’s a link to where you can find the appropriate bus schedule according to where you live; Practice walking to the stop to know how long you will need to get there. If your child is not a bus rider, make yourself familiar with the school’s drop off and pick up lines and procedures. Find out where your child will be picked up if he/she will be taken from the school by a child care facility. Show him/her this location.

*Have a “dry run” of the first day of school morning before the actual day, including walking to the bus top. Your child will be more confident for the actual event.
These things may be old hat to seasoned parents, but hopefully this advice will help ease the anxiety of new students and parents new to the process.

For any further questions or concerns, you can visit the Lexington School District 5 homepage at