Taking Advantage Of Our Amenities

By David Bergeron Comm Comm

CHP is a great place to live. For an average HOA fee, we enjoy an uncommon array of neighborhood amenities. Why not take full advantage of them?

Our most popular feature, the pool is undergoing a number of upgrades, and should be open from mid-May to mid-September. Check here for details. Please be familiar with the rules and be courteous to everyone by cleaning up after yourself.

The clubhouse seats 40, and is a great place for birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, meetings and occasions of all sort. Kitchen and fireplace are included, as well as use of the green space around the clubhouse. Click here for more information.

Near the pool there is a child friendly playground, including a picnic table. Please supervise your children and clean up after yourself.

The tennis courts are available to all residents. If you can’t find the gate code you got in the mail, contact CAMS. We have a tennis club if you want some friendly competition, but you can come and go as you please for fun and exercise. Please remember to lock up after yourself.

Do you fish? There are three ponds near the clubhouse open to fishing by residents without a license. Click here for common fish in the ponds and catch limits. Bring home a few fish for supper, or catch-and-release all day!

The lake is also open for fishing as well as boating. Contact CAMS for a gate key if you want to put in a small boat, or you can park in the turn-out and carry a canoe or kayak past the locked gate. Please remember the lake and ponds are private, available only to CHP residents and accompanied guests.

Have a small motor boat? Are you a strong kayaker? Take advantage of our river access! Contact CAMS for a gate key and rules. We also have a deal with Riverside Golf and Recreation for shuttles and rentals. Tell them you’re a CHP resident. Remember, a fishing license is required to fish in the river, even if you’re standing on the bank.

For calmer recreation, CHP has almost eight miles of paved sidewalk, with plenty of grass around for your furry family members (remember the leash J ). Most of it is lighted at night, and we’re working with SCE&G to light the rest. There are even pet stations to make cleaning up after Fido easy and convenient.

Thanks to our diligent trails committee, there are also plenty of rustic walking trails in the woods (trail map coming soon). Please restrict your wood hikes to daylight hours, and remember: walkers have right-of-way over bicycles, and no motorized vehicles of any kind.

Finally, let’s not forget our wonderful green spaces. Picnic on the areas around the ponds and visit with the fishermen. Put your inflatable boat in the big clubhouse pond and just float around. Or take advantage of the flat green area by the tennis courts! Fly a kite, play croquet, bocce or badminton, watch the hawks and eagles soar, or just lie there and see the shapes in the clouds. Bring the birthday party for a spirited game of tag, or make up your own use. Please remember to clean up after yourself, and no wheels on the green spaces: feet only please!